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cc aa) Cua Ete ep RU) a Ader eas LIBRETTO VOCAL BooK Matilda Book by Music & Lyrics by Dennis Kelly Tim Minchin MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg All music, lyrics and dialogue contained in this book are the property of the Authors and are fully protected by copyright Your organization's performance license prohibits making any changes of any kind to the Play, including changes of music, lyrics, dialogue, sequence of songs and/or scenes, time period, setting, characters or characterizations or gender of characters in the Play, including interpolating new material (such as songs from any other version of the Play) and/or omitting existing material. 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Book © 2010 Dennis Kelly (Last Revised — September 2018) ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg Characters Mauda Wormwood Miss Agatha ‘runchbull Miss Honey Mr. Wormwood Mrs, Wormwood Michael Wormwood Mrs. Phelps Bruce Lavender ENSEMBLE The Escapologist Amanda Cook Nigel Sergei Eric Henchman 1 Alice Henchman 2 Hortensia Henchman 3 Tommy The Acrobat Parents Doctor Children’s Entertainer Rudolpho ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Musical Numbers Act | 1. Miracle. KIDS, PARENTS, MATILDA, ENSEMBLE a. Intro To Naughty 2. Naughty MATILDA 2a, Green Hair 2b. Hear a Song 2c. Good Luck With The Tolstoy 3. Acrobat Story I ACROBAT, ESCAPOLOGIST 4, School Song, KIDS 4a, Matilda's Books Pathetic Intro 5. Pathetic MISS HONEY Sa, Trunchbull Office 6. ‘The Hammer TRUNCHBULL, KIDS 6a, Hammer To Wormwoods. 7. Naughty Reprise (Superglue). MATILDA, 8. Chokey Chant KIDS 8a, Amanda Thripp / Pigtails 8b. Mechanics 9. Loud MRS WORMWOOD, RUDOLPH, ENSEMBLE 10, This Little Girl MISS HONEY 11. Acrobat Story I a, Library Into Classroom. ib. Biggest Hug, Me. Burp Sequence 12, Bruce KIDS Iwrenmssion. 13, All Know MR WORMWOOD 42 44 44 45 46 52 ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Act? 14, Telly Oif & Lavender’s Newt 15. When I Grow Up KIDS, MISS HONEY, MATILDA 16, Acrobat Story IIL 16a. I'm So Clever MR WORMWOOD 16b. Bookworm 17, Acrobat Story IV (I'm Here) ESCAPOLOGIST, MATILDA 17a. What Are You Doing With Those Books 18, The Smell of Rebellion, TRUNCHBULL, KIDS, MATILDA, MISS HONEY 18a, Newt | 18, Newt I. 19, Quiet MATILDA, 19a. Newt Ill / 2nd Glass Tipping, 19, Walk To Miss Honey’s 20, My House MISS HONEY, ESCAPOLOGIST The Trunchbull Revelation 20b, Nigel’s Cat 20¢, Chalk Writing 21, Revolting Children KIDS A Few Days Later We're Going To Spain 2i¢, Arrival Of The Russians 21d. Backwards 22, Priyatna Paznakomitsa, SERGEL 23. ‘Thay Had Found Each Other 24. Bows COMPANY APPENDIX (19) The Trus #19—"Quiet’ chbull’s unheard monologue under 60 69 70 89 90 91 92 93 95 ipad Coen) ipad Raa Cua Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Marios -1- ERIC MY MUMMY SAYS I'MA MIRACLE! TOMMY MY DADDY SAYS I'M HIS SPECIAL LITTLE GUY’ AMANDA LAMA PRINCESS BRUCE AND | AM A PRINCE ALL GIRLS MUM SAYS I'M AN ANGEL SENT DOWN FROM THE SKY BRUCE, ERIC, TOMMY & NIGEL MY DADDY SAYS I'M HIS SPECIAL LITTLE SOLDIER NO-ONE IS AS HANDSOME, STRONG AS ME BRUCE I'S TRUE HE INDULGES MY TENDENCY TO BULGE BRUCE, ERIC, TOMMY & NIGEL BUT I’M HIS LITTLE SOLDIER, HUP TWO FOUR FREE! ALICE & HORTENSIA MY MUMMY SAYS I'MA MIRACLE ONE LOOK AT MY FACE AND IT'S PLAIN TO SEE EVER SINCE THE DAY DOC CHOPPED THE UMBILICAL CORD 11'S BEEN CLEAR THERE'S NO PEER FOR A MIRACLE LIKE ME NIGEL & TOMMY MY DADDY SAYS I’M HIS SPECIAL LITTLESOLDIER NO ONE ISAS BOLD OR TOUGH AS ME HAS MY DADDY TOLD YA, ONE DAY WHEN I'M OLDER ICAN BE A SOLDIER ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Maritpa NIGEL AND SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE! CHILDREN’S ENTERTAINER ONE CAN HARDLY MOVE FOR BEAUTY AND BRILLIANCE THESE DAYS I SEEMS THAT THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THESE ONE-IN-A-MILLIONS THESE DAYS ‘SPECIALNESS" IS DE-RIGUEUR ABOVE AVERAGE IS AVERAGE, GO FIGUEUR, IS IT SOME MODERN MIRACLE OF CALCULUS THAT'SUCH FREQUENT MIRACLES DON'T RENDER EACH ONE UNMIRACULOUS? ALL KIDS MY MUMMY SAYS I'MA MIRACLE ONE LOOK AT MY FACE AND IT'S PLAIN TO SEE EVER SINCE THE DAY DOC CHOPPED THE UMBILICAL CORD I'S BEEN CLEAR THERE'S NO PEER FOR A MIRACLE LIKE ME LAVENDER MY MUMMY SAYS IM A PRECIOUS BARRELINA SHE HAS NEVER SEEN A PRETTIER BARRELINA SHE SAYS IF I'M KEEN I HAVE TO CUT DOWN ON THE CREAM BUT I'M A BARRELINA SO GIVE ME MORE CAKE! DAD1 TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE OF OUR ANGEL FROM THIS ANGLE OVER HERE MUM1 SHE IS CLEARLY MORE EMOTIONALLY DEVELOPED THAN HER PEERS DAD 1 & MUM1 WHAT A DEAR MUM 2 NEY, LOOK AT MUMMY, DAD2 DON’T PUT HONEY ON YOUR BROTHER MUM 2 SMILE FOR MUMMY, SMILE FOR MOTHER DAD2 I THINK SHE BLINKED ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Marios -3- MUM 2 WELL TAKE ANOTHER DAD3 HAVE YOU SEEN THIS SCHOOL REPORT? HE GOT A C IN HIS REPORT OTHER PARENTS WHat? DAD3 WE'LL HAVE TO CHANGE HIS SCHOOL, THE TEACHER'S CLEARLY FALLING SHORT MUM4 HE'S JUST DELIGHTFUL DAD4 50 HILARIOUS: DAD 4 & MUM 4 AND INSIGHTRUL DADS MIGHT SHE BE A LITTLE BRIGHTER THAN HER CLASS? MUMS, OH YES SHE'S DEFINITELY ADVANCED CHILDREN (same time as PARENTS) MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A MIRACLE ONE LOOK AT MY FACE AND IT'S PLAIN TO SEE EVER SINCE THE DAY DOC CHOPPED THE UMBILICAL CORD IT'S BEEN CLEAR THERE'S NO PEER FOR A MIRACLE LIKE ME MY MUMMY SAYS I'MA MIRACLE THAT I’M AS TINY AND AS SHINY AS A MIRROR BAL YOU CAN BE ALL CYNICAL BUT IT'S A TRUTH EMPIRICAL THERE'S NEVER BEEN A MIRACLE A MIRACLE AS MIRACLE AS ME. PARENTS (came time a CHILDREN) TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE OF OUR ANGEL, SHE LOOKS LOVELY IN THIS LIGHT ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg - Maritpa (PARENTS) I KNOW I OUGHTN’T SAY THIS BUT SHE IS THE CUTEST HERE AM 1 RIGHT? I THINK YOU'RE RIGHT! COME HERE HONEY, NEXT TO MUMMY, DON’T PUT HONEY ON YOUR BROTHER, SMILE FOR MUMMY, SMILE FOR MOTHER! I THINK SHE/HE BLINKED, WELL, TAKE ANOTHER, MIRACLE! MIRROR BALL! YOU CAN BE ALL CYNICAL BUT IT'S A TRUTH EMPIRICAL THERE'S NEVER BEEN A MIRACLE AMIRACLE= The Doctor's MRS WORMWOOD is shind a screen MRS WORMWOOD Look, is this going to take much longer, Doctor, I've got a plane to catch at three, I'm competing in the bi-annual international a Championships in Paris. iateur Salsa and Ballroom Dancing DOCTOR You're getting on a plane, Mrs Wormwood? MRS WORMWOOD, Of course Lam! I always compete, doctor. And this time I have a secret weapon: Rudolpho. He's part Italian, you know. Very supple. And he has incredible upper body strength DOCTOR L.. think we should have a talk MRS WORMWOOD appears. She is very hewwily pregnant. MRS WORMWOOD, it? What's wrong with me? DOCTOR Mrs Wormwood, do you really have no idea? ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Marios -5- MRS WORMWOOD, (beat) Wind? DOCTOR Mrs Wormwood, I want you to think very carefully; what do you think might be the cause of. this? Pause, Suddenly SHE sags, SHE sighs, MRS WORMWOOD Am... am L., Look, am Ifat? pocror Mrs Wormwood, you're pregnant. SHE stares at him. MRS WORMWOOD What!?! DOCTOR You're going to have a baby MRS WORMWOOD But I've got a baby! I don’t want another one, Isn’t there something you can do..? pocTor You're nine months’ pregnant MRS WORMWOOD antibiotics, or., Oh my good lord! What about the bi-annual international amateur Salsa and Ballroom Dancing Championship? DOCTOR A baby, Mrs Wormwood! A child, the most precious gift that the natural world can bestow upon us has been handed to you! A brand new human being, a life, a person, a wonderful new person is about to come into your life to bring love and magic and happiness and wonder! MRS WORMWOOD, Oh... bloody hell! DOCTOR EVERY LIFE 1 BRING INTO THIS WORLD RESTORES MY FAITH IN HUMANKIND Ne Push, Mrs Wormwood, push! ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Maritpa MRS WORMWOOD, Til push you in a minute! DOCTOR EACH NEWBORN LIFE A CANVAS YET UNPAINTED. r STILL UNBROKEN SKIN THIS UNCORRUPTED MIND. DOCTOR EVERY LIFE IS UNBELIEVABLY UNLIKELY THE CHANCES OF EXISTENCE ALMOST INFINITELY SMALL ENSEMBLE EVERY LIFE, UNBELIEVABLY UNLIKELY CHANCES OF EXISTENCE INFINITELY SMALL THE MOST COMMON THING NLIFEIS LIFE LIFE The baby is born, cries. AND YET EVERY SINGLE LIFE EVERY BRAND NEW LIFE EVERY NEW LIFE IS A MIRACLE MIRACLE! MRS WORMWOOD has just given birth, the baby in the Doctor MIRACLE MIRACLE! MR WORMWOOD comes rushing int, elgarette in mouth. MR WORMWOOD Where is he? Where's my son? DOCTOR Mr Wormwood, are you... are you smoking a cigarette? MR WORMWOOD What? Oh, of course! I’m sorry doctor, what am I thinking? HE stubs out the cigarette, HE pulls out a massive cigar. This calls for a proper smoke. HE takes the child Looks at it Oh my word, he’s an ugly little thing, DOCTOR This is one of the most beautiful children I've ever seen! MR WORMWOOD, (auadenly secing something) Oh my good lord! Where's his thingy? ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Marios -7- pocror His what? MR WORMWOOD His thingy, his whaijamacalit, his doodah; what have you done with his thingy? pocror This child doesn’t have a... thingy, because — MR WORMWOOD What? A boy with no thingy? (to his wife) Look what you've done, you stupid woman, this boy’s got no thingy! DOCTOR Mr Wormwood, this child is a girl, A beautiful, beautiful litle girl MRS WORMWOOD. Is there still time for the bi-annual. inter-championship... amateur sausage and ballroom dancing ~ MR WORMWOOD Competition’s finished, you missed it! (to the doctor, pulling out a wad of cash) I don’t suppose we could exchange it for a boy, could we? MRS WORMWOOD (taring at the ceiling) This is the worst day of my life OH, MY UNDERCARRIAGE DOESN'T FEEL QUITE NORMAL MY SKIN LOOKS JUST REVOLTING IN THIS FOUL FLUORESCENT LIGHT AND THIS GOWN IS NOTHING LIKE THE SEML-FORMAL SEMISPANISH GOWN ISHOULD BE WEARING IN THE SEMI-FINALS TONIGHT ISHOULD BE DANCING THE TARENTELLA QUI MON FELLA ITALIANO. NOT DRESSED IN HOSPITAL COTTON WITH A OUCHING RONT- BOTTOM AND THIS DOCTOR & ENSEMBLE MR & MRS WORMWOOD MIRACLE HORRIBLE, A MIRACLE SMELLY LITTLE BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE HORRIBLE ANIMAL, IHAVE EVER SEEN I HAVE EVER SEEN ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg ase Maritpa MR WORMWOOD, ICAN’T FIND HIS FRANK AND BEANS DOCTOR ENSEMBLE EVERY LIFE IS UNBELIEVABLY UNLIKELY EVERY LIFE... UNBELIEVABLY UNLIKELY KIDS MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A MIRACLE DOCTOR THE CHANCES OF EXISTENCE THE CHANCES OF EXISTENCE ALMOST INFINITELY SMALL INFINITELY SMALL KIDS MY DADDY SAYS I'M HISSPECIAL LITTLE GUY DOCTOR THE MOST COMMON THING IN LIFE IS LIFE AMANDA, LAVENDER, BRUCE, TOMMY HUP TWO FOUR FREE! DOCTOR AND YET EVERY SINGLE LIFE EVERY BRAND NEW LIFE EVERY NEW LIFE IS A MIRACLE, MIRACLE MIRACLE, MIRACLE MIRACLE! MIRACLE ALL MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A MIRACLE ONE LOOK AT MY FACE AND IT’S PLAIN 10 SEE EVER SINCE THE DAY DOC CHOPPED THE UMBILICAL CORD IT'S BEEN CLEAR THERE'S NO PEER FOR A MIRACLE LIKE ME MY MUMMY SAYS I'MA MIRACLE THAT I’M AS TINY AND AS SHINY AS A MIRROR BALL, YOU CAN BE ALL CYNICAL BUT IT'S ATRUTH EMPIRICAL THERE'S NEVER BEEN A MIRACLE AMIRACLE AS MIRACLE AS As everything clears, MATILDA steps forward, alone MATILDA MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A LOUSY LITTLE WORM, ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg Marios =o (MATILDA) MY DADDY SAYS I'MA BORE MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A JUMPED-UP LITTLE GERM THAT KIDS LIKE ME SHOULD BE AGAINST THE LAW, MY DADDY SAYS I SHOULD LEARN TO SHUT MY PIE HOLE NO-ONE LIKES A SMART-MOUTHED GIRL LIKE ME MUM SAYS I'M A GOOD CASE FOR POPULATION CONTROL, DAD SAYS I SHOULD WATCH MORE TV MR WORMWOOD bursts in, pushing past Matilda The Wormwood's Living Room MR WORMWOOD Yes, sit, That's right, si. One hundred and filty five brand new luxury cars, sir (listens) ‘Are they good runners’? Let's putit this way... you wouldn't beat them in a race. HE laughs hugely at his funny joke, But there is silence from the other end of the line He stops laughing, immediately. No, sit, yes, sit, they are good runners sit, yes sit, indeed, sir, So, erm... how much exactly =? Suddenly there is a scream, HE panies, nearly drops the phone, turns around. MRS WORMWOOD (the source of the scream) stands horrified, staring at MATILDA, who sits reading « book MRS WORMWOOD Harry! MR WORMWOOD, Hang on= MRS WORMWOOD. Look at this, she’s reading a book. That's not normal fora five year old. I think she might be an idiot MATILDA Listen to this—‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom" Her MOTHER screams, covers her ears. MR WORMWOOD Stop scaring your mother with that book. boy! MATILDA I'ma gil ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Sane Mariipa MRS WORMWOOD And she keeps trying to tell me stories, Harry. Stories? Who wants stories? | mean it’s not normal for a girl to be all thinking. MR WORMWOOD (into the phone) I'm gonna call you straight back hangs up, turning to his wife) Would you please shut up! I’m trying to pull off the biggest business deal of my life and I have to listen to this, SHE is shocked, but HE persists I's your fault; you spend us into trouble and you expect me to get us out. What am 1, a flaming escapologist? MRS WORMWOOD, Escapologist he says! What about me then? I've got a whole house to look after— dinners don’t microwave themselves you know! If you're an escapologist I must be an acrobat to balance that lot~the world’s greatest acrobat. Iam off to bleach my roots and I shan’t be talking to you for the rest of the evening, you... horrid little man! MR WORMWOOD But I'm going to make us rich! MRS WORMWOOD (stops) Rich? (turns) How rich? MR WORMWOOD Very rich. Russian businessmen. Very, very stupid. Your genius husband is going to sell them one hundred and fifty five knackered old bangers as... brand new luxury cars! MATILDA But that’s not fair! ‘The cars will break down, what about the Russians? MR WORMWOOD Fair? Listen to the boy! MATILDA Y'ma girl. MR WORMWOOD Fair does not get you anywhere, y heavens Michael has inherited his old man’s brains, eh son? uu thick-headed twitbrain! All Ican say is thank ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Marios -11- MICHAEL Mi-chael, MRS WORMWOOD. Hmm. Well, shall take the money when you earnit. And I shall spend it. But 1 shan’t enjoy it be, tonight. use of the despicable way in which you have spoken to me SHE leaves, Beat, HE rounds on Matilda. MR WORMWOOD, This is your fault! With your stupid books and your stupid reading! MATILDA What? But I didn’t do anything! That's not right! MR WORMWOOD, Right! Right! | tell you something; you're off to school in a few days time and you won't be getting ‘right’ there. Oh no, I know your headmistress Agatha Trunchbull—and I've told her all about you and your smarty pants ideas (coming closer) Great big strong scary woman she is, used to compete in the Olympics, throwing the hammer. Imagine what she’s going to do to a horrible, squeaky litle goblin like you, boy. MATILDA I'ma girl MR WORMWOOD Now get off to bed you litle... bookworm! MATILDA goes to her room, Alone. Picks up a book MATILDA JACK AND JILL WENT UP THE HILL TO FETCH A PAIL OF WATER, SO THEY SAY THE SUBSEQUENT FALL WAS INEVITABLE, THEY NEVER STOOD A CHANCE —THEY WERE WRITTEN THAT WAY. INNOCENT VICTIMS OF THEIR STORY. LIKE ROMEO AND JULIET, ipad ce Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas -12- Maritpa (MATILDA) TWAS WRITTEN IN THE STARS BEFORE THEY EVEN MET THAT LOVE AND FATE AND A TOUCH OF STUPIDITY WOULD ROB THEM OF THEIR HOPE OF LIVING HAPPILY, THE ENDINGS ARE OFTEN A LITTLE BIT GORY I WONDER WHY THEY DIDN’T JUST CHANGE THEIR STORY? WE'RE TOLD WE HAVE TO DO WHAT WE'RE TOLD, BUT SURELY SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BE A LITTLE BIT NAUGHTY, JUST BECAUSE YOU FIND THAT LIFES NOT FAIR, 17 DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU JUST HAVE TO GRIN AND BEAR IT IF YOU ALWAYS TAKE IT ON THE CHIN AND WEARIT NOTHING WILL CHANGE EVEN IF YOU'RE LITTLE, YOU CAN DO ALOT, YOU MUSTN'T LET ALITTLE THING LIKE LITTLE STOP YOU If YOU SIT AROUND AND LET THEM GET ON TOP, YOU MIGHT AS WELL BEING SAYING YOU THINK THAT ITS OK AN’ THAT'S NOT RIGHT. AND IF IT'S NOT RIGHT, YOU HAVE TO FUT IT RIGHT During the song MATILDA sneaks out of her room, into the bathroom, opens the cabinet, taking out the bottle of peroxide her mother has just used. (reading) ‘Platinum Blonde Hair Dye—Extra Strong. Keep out of reach of children’, Hmmmn, SHE picks up another bottle (reading) ‘Oil of Violets Hair Tonic, ForMen! Yep. SHE opens the bottle of hair tonic, and pours a shed-load of bleach into it. She gives ita litle shake, then replaces them both as ifnothing happened. IN THE SLIP OF A BOLT THERE'S A TINY REVOLT THE SEED OF A WAR IN THE CREAK OF A FLOORBOARD ASTORM CAN BEGIN WITH THE FLAP OF A WINC THE TINIEST MITE PACKS THE MIGHTIEST STING EVERY DAY STARTS WITH THE TICK OF A CLOCK ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg Marios = 13 - (MATILDA) ALL FSCAPES START WITH THE CLICK OF A LOCK IF YOU'RE STUCK IN YOUR STORY AND WANT TO GET OUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO CRY YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHOUT! Heading back to her room, triumphant. COS IF YOU'RE LITTLE, YOU CAN DO A LOT, YOU MUSIN’T LET A LITTLE THING LIKE LITTLE STOP YOU, IF YOU SIT AROUND AND LET THEM GET ON TOP, YOU WON'T CHANGE A THING, JUST BECAUSE YOU FIND THAT LIFE'S NOT FAIR, IT DOESN’T MEAN THAT YOU JUST HAVE TO GI IN AND BEAR IT IF YOU ALWAYS TAKE IT ON THE CHIN AND WEAR IT MIGHT AS WELL BEING SAYING YOU THINK THAT IT'S OK AND THAT'S NOT RIGHT AND IF I1’S NOT RIGHT, YOU HAVE TO PUT IT RIGHT BUT NOBODY ELSE IS GOING TO PUT IT RIGHT FOR ME NOBODY BUT ME IS GONNA CHANGE MY STORY SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO BE A LITTLE BIT NAUGHTY. MR WORMWOOD enters the bathroom, MICHAEL trailing MR WORMWOOD. In business, son, a man’s hair is his greatest asset. Good hair means a good brain. Now the secret to my success in business is— MICHAEL Secrets MR WORMWOOD, Yes. Yes, secret, the secret to my success is. (brandishing the hair tonic) this: ‘Oil of Violets Hair Tonic For Men. ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg = 14 Mariipa (MR WORMWOOD) Stand back son, your old man’s going to work HE bends over, head into the sink, backside in the air. He massages away with great satisfaction. Oh yeah, that’s the stuff. Ohhh, yeah! That's where bananas, right there satalright, That's the HE straightens up. His hair is bright green, Let me tell you something son: a man in business simply cannot fail to get noticed, when he looks like this, HE walks out of the bathroom, MICHAEL follows. MICHAEL Secrets MR WORMWOOD walks almost smack into his wife on her way into the loo, SHE sees him and screams (MATILDA comes out 00) MRS WORMWOOD Your. hait! It’s... I's... green! MR WORMWOOD Good lord, woman, have you started already, it's not even eight thirty! SHE shows him his reflection in her compact. HE screams. My hair’s green! MRS WORMWOOD, What on earth did you do that for? Why do you want green hair? MR WORMWOOD Idon’t want green hair, Ididn't do anything! MATILDA Maybe you used some of mummy's peroxide by mistake? MRS WORMWOOD, That's exactly what you've done, you stupid man! MR WORMWOOD My hair! My lovely hair? (suiden thought) Oh my good lord: I've got my deal today! The Russians... what am I going to do? MATILDA I know! I know what you can do, ipad ce Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Marios = 15 = MR WORMWOOD What, whatis it? What can I do? MATILDA You could pretend you're an elf. MR WORMWOOD Yes! That's it, could pretend I'm a (realises the stupidity of it) What are you talking about you fool? ‘The boy's a loony! re HE le ated, MRS WORMWOOD starts to get on with her day, MATILDA thinks, goes up to her MATILDA Mum, would you like to hear a story? MRS WORMWOOD Don't be disgusting! Go on, creep on back to that library of yours or something. ‘The sooner you're locked up in school the better. MATILDA turns up at the Library, MRS PHELPS Matilda! What a pleasure to see you: here in the library again, are we? MATILDA Yes. I mean, my Mum wanted me to stay at home with her, She hates it when I go out, She misses meso much. Dad too, he loves haying me around Beat. But | think it’s good for grownups to have their own space. MRS PHELPS Your parents must be so proud to have a girl as clever as you. And do you tell them lots of stories like you do with me? Oh, | love your stories, Matilda Beat. And that's nota hint, by the way. But if you did happen to have a story you wanted to tell me~ MISS HONEY is leaving the library. MISS HONEY Goodbye Mrs Phelps. See you next week. ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg = 16 = Mariipa MRS PHELPS. Goodbye Miss Honey. And good luck with the Tolstoy. MISS HONEY almost bumps into Matilda, A moment. Leaves ‘As Lwas saying, Matilda, I'm not hinting, butif you did happen to have a story you wanted to tell me, [could MATILDA Who was that lady? MRS PHELPS That lady? That was Miss Honey, She's going to be your teacher: MATILDA That lady... that lady is my...? MRS PHELPS Yes your teacher, Now look, are you going to tell mea story or not? MATILDA (stil far away) (Once upon a time MRS PHELPS gives a squeak of delight. Runs to get some chairs for them to sit on a large one for her a small one for Matilda, but MATILDA leaps up on the big one to tell the story. With ne other option MRS PHELPS sit on the sma! one Once upon a time the two greatest circus performers in the world ~an escapologist, who could escape from any lock that was ever invented, and an acrobat, who was s0 skilled it soomed as if she could actually fly —fell in love and gat married They performed some of the most incredible feats together anyone has ever seen and people would come from miles around: Kings, Queens, Celebrities and Astronauts, And not just to see their skill, but also to see their love for each other, which was so deep that it was said that cats would purr as they passed them and dogs would weep with joy They moved into a beautiful, old house on the edge of town and in the evenings they would walk and take the air. And each night the children of the town would wait in anticipation, hoping for a glimpse of the shiny white scarf that the acrobat always wore—for then they knew they had only to cry ‘ tricks, tricks’ and the great ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Marios - 17 - (MATILDA) performers would instantly oblige, with the most spectacular show, just for them. But, although they loved each other, although they were famous, and everyone loved them, they were sad, ACROBAT WE HAVE EVERYTHING MATILDA We have everything thatthe world has to ofr’ said the wife ESCAPOLOGIST WE HAVE EVERYTHING, MATILDA But we do not have the one thing in the world we want most FSCAPOLOG T & ACROBAT BUT THE ONE THINC MATILDA We do not have a child SCAPOLO} PATIENCE, MY LOVE ATILDA Patience, my love’ the husband replied ‘time is on our side, Even time loves us’ MRS PHELPS. Oh Matilda! MATILDA But time is the one thing no-one is master of. And as time passed they grew quite old and still they had no child. At night they listened to the silence of their big ‘empty house and they would imagine how beautiful it would be if it was filled with the sounds of a child playing. MRS PHELPS. Matilda, this is very sad. MATILDA Do you want me to stop? MRS PHELPS Don't you dare! MATILDA ‘Their sadness overwhelmed them and drew them on to ever more dangerous feats, as their work became the only place they could escape the inescapable tragedy of ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg = 18 = Mariipa (MATILDA) their lives. And so it was they decided to perform the most dangerous feat ever known to man MATILDA & ESCAPOLOGIST (OFF) It is calle! MATILDA said the husband, announcing the event to the world’s press who had gathered to listen with bated breath, MATILDA & ESCAPOLOGIST (OFF) The Burning Woman Hurling Torough The Air With Dynamite In Her Hair Over Sharks And Spiky Objects, Caught By The Men Locked In The Cage. AND... itis the most dangerous feat ever known to man’ Applause, cheers, fanfare, Pause MATILDA & ACROBAT (OFF) It is our destiny, MATILDA said his wife smiling sadly and slipping her hand into his MATILDA & ACROBAT (OFF) it is where the loneliness of tfe has led us’ MRS PHELPS gasps. Silence MRS PHELF Well? What happened? MATILDA L..Idon’tknow. Not yet, anyway. MRS PHELPS. What? Bat L.. isn’t there some more, I mean just a little bit. Isn't there a little bit MATILDA gets up to go. MRS PHELPS gets a grip, stands. Well, I suppose your mother will be waiting for you. Is she here? I'd love to meet her actually, maybe I could — MATILDA Bye, Mrs Phelps. 1'll see you tomorrow. MRS PHELPS After your first day at school. The school gates. Sound of a kiaxon. SMALL KIDS come on, shaking, seared, looking around. ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg Marios = 19 - NIGEL MY MUMMY SAYS I'M A MIRACLE TOMMY MY DADDY SAYS I'M HIS SPECIAL LITTLE GUY. LAVENDER TAM A PRINCESS, ERIC AND | AMA PRINCE AMANDA MUM SAYS I'M AN ANGEL ALICE MUM SAYS I'M AN ANGEL NIGEL MUM SAYSI'M AN ANGEL BIG KIDS burst in, through the gates, terrifying. BIG KIDS AND SO YOU THINK YOU'RE ABLE TO SURVIVE THIS MESS BY BEING A PRINCE OR PRINCESS, YOU WILL SOON SEE THERE'S NO ESCAPING TRAGEDY AND EVEN IF YOU PUT IN HEAPS OF EFFORT, YOU'RE JUST WASTING ENERGY COS YOUR LIFE AS YOu KNOW IT IS ANCIENT HISTORY 1 HAVE BEEN TRAPPED INSIDE THIS CAGE FOR AGES, AVE SUFFERED IN THIS GAOL THIS LIVING ‘ELL, BUT IF I TRY | CAN REMEMBER, BACK BEFORE MY LIFE HAD ENDED, BEFORE MY HAPPY DAYS WERE OVER, BEFORE | FIRST HEARD THE ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg = 20 - Mariipa (BIG KIDS) PEALING OF THE BELL ISEX: Schoo Bell] LIKE YOU I WAS CURIOUS, SO INNOCENT, I ASKED A THOUSAND QUESTIONS, BUT UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUFFER, LISTEN UP ANDI WILL TEACH YOU A THING OR TWO YOU LISTEN HERE, MY DEAR, YOU'LL BE PUNISHED SO SEVERELY IF YOU STEP OUT OF LINE AND IF YOU CRY IT WILL BE DOUBLE YOU SHOULD STAY OUT OF TROUBLE AND REMEMBER TO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL NIGEL way? BIG KIDS wuy SCARY KID Why? Why? Did you hear what he said? BIG KIDS JUST YOU WAIT FOR PHYS-ED! ALL LITTLE KIDS WHAT'S PHYS-ED? BIG KIDS YSICAL EDUCATION! SCARY BIG KID It's Trunchbulls speciality ALICE MY MUMMY SAY VM A MIRACLE BRUCE MY DADDY SAID I WOULD BE THE TEACHER'S PET LAVENDER SCHOOL IS REALLY FUN ACCORDING TO MY MUM ERIC & AMANDA DAD SAID ’D LEARN THE ALPHABET. ipad ce Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Marios -21- SCARY BIG KID The alphabet? You've got to learn to listen, kid. THEY sing the son; contained within the words in bold (A for ‘able’, B for ‘being’, C for ‘see’, D in ‘tragedy’ etc.) again, but this time producing letters that correspond to the letters ALL KIDS AND SO YOU THINK YOU'RE ABLE TO SURVIVE THIS MESS BY BEING A PRINCE OR PRINCESS, YOU WILL SOON SEE THERE'S NO ESCAPING TRAGEDY AND EVEN IF YOU PUT IN HEAPS OF EFFORT, YOU'RE JUST WASTING ENERGY COS YOUR LIFE AS YOU KNOW IT IS. ANCIENT HISTORY 1 HAVE SUFFERED IN THIS GAOL HAVE BEEN TRAPPED INSIDE TH! CAGE FOR AGES, THIS LIVING ‘ELL BUT IF I/TRY [CAN REMEMBER BACK BEFORE MY LIFE HAD ENDED, BEFORE MY HAPPY DAYS WERE OVER, BEFORE 1 FIRST HEARD THE PEALING OF THE BELL ISFX: School Bell] LIKE YOU 1 WAS CURIOUS, SO INNOCENT, I ASKED A THOUSAND QUESTIONS, BUT UNLESS YOU WANT TO SUFFER, LISTEN UP ANDI WILL'TEACH YOU A YOU LISTEN HERE, MY DEAR, YOU'LL BE PUNISHED SO SEVERELY IF YOU, STEP OUT OF LINE AND IF YOU CRY IT WILL BE DOUBLE, YOU SHOULD STAY OUT OF TROUBLE, AND REMEMBER TO BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL ERIC Why? BIG KIDS Why? ipad ce Coen) Trem ler emg = 22 Mariipa SCARY KID Why? Why? Didn't you hear what we said? BIG KIDS JUST YOU WAIT FOR PHYS-ED JUST YOU WAIT FOR PHYS-ED! BIG & LITTLE KIDS ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX LITTLE KIDS WHY, WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? ALL KIDS JUST YOU WAIT FOR PHYS-ZEDI THEY scramble avay, the YOUNG ONES forming a class. MISS HONEY comes on. MISS HONEY Good morning children, My name is Miss Honey. And today your first day at school. Now, do any of you know any of your two times tables? MATILDA'S hand goes up. 8 a very special day’ Wonderful! Matilda, isn't it? Please stand and do as much as you can, MAt LDA (standing) One times two is two, two times two is four, three times two is six, four times two is eight, five times two is ten, six times two is twelve, seven times two is fourteen, eight times two is sixteen, nine times two is eighteen, ten times two is twenty, eleven times two is twenty two, twelve times two is twenty four MISS HONEY Well, my word that is very — MATILDA Thirteen times two is twenty six, fourteen times two is twenty eight, fifteen times two is thirty, sixteen times two is— MISS HONEY Stop, stop! Good heavens, how far can you go? MATILDA Tdon’t know. Quite a long way I think MISS HONEY (beat) Do you think you could tell me what two times twenty eight is? ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg Marios = 23 - MATILDA Fifty six MISS HONEY Fit. well, yes that's very How about this: now this is much harder so don’t worry if you don’t get it, but two times four hundred and eighty seven, if you took your time do you think you could — MATILDA Nine hundred and seventy four MISS HONEY takes a step backword, shocked. MISS HONEY Twelve sevens. MATILDA Fighty four. CHILDREN No way! The CHILDREN chatter, amazed. MISS HONEY regains control, goes to the board, underlines ‘Lean now read words’ MISS HONEY Let's leave maths for the time being and look at reading, Can anyone read this? NIGEL, MATILDA and LAVENDER put up their hands. NIGEL Me, me, me, oooh, oooh, me, pick me Miss, I can, mememememe— MISS HONEY Very well, Nigel NIGEL tries to read the sentence. He opens his mouth to speak, but nothing comes out He stares, screwing up his fice, willing the marks on the board to make sense. He starts to hyperventiae, his face goes red and beads of stweat break out on his forehead. . think we'd better le vessel on your first day. it there, Nigel, we don’t want you to burst a blood HE collapses Lavender? LAVENDER Is the first word... tomato? MISS HONEY Er, no. But tomato is a very good word, ipad Coen) ce Trem ler emg -24- Maritpa LAVENDER Yessss! MISS HONEY ( Tal (ne can hardly moe” for Benn) and ell = ance these days seme tat thre te mi-ioos of hese on in-a-mill- Wom ewe days Specca-nes™ iy de ingeur, chee average is a= tage; Go figeuar, Is spokenifreely (not at all this exact rhythm) somemotemmr-a-cle of clewlus —thatsuch freauentmivacls do'trnder cachoneurmira ~ cil? all quite short #1-Miracle ipad Coen) 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 101 = Ee versincethe diy doe cpp te um ed ifsbecn cleathae's90 poe foe a [a] rni-ru-cle tke me weioubar-re= Wi ashe has ne-nerseen a My — mummy says Tn a Potter barrel ma, Showy i tkeen | faves citdown.on the ram, Bat na barte-th- an 10 GIVE MEMORE CAKE Take a= m-ther plete of our an gi fom this She is leary more e-morionIy de - velopedthan er peas. Wintade!Y00 hoo! ho-ny!Look at angle 0-ver her ‘Whats dst #1-Miracle ipad 3:56 PM Coen) Tre ase eae = 102 = Maritpa Sileformum my ailefor mot be Wal takea - no her! Dowtpao neyonyour brother ink shen Haverouscentisehcolre Alstom emo) bam es jut destin ore got a C ontisre-prt. Wellhweto change hs chook Be teachers larly Ling shut whi © " » in-sigh u (Oh you's ery ad ance lar-ousand insightful Mt she be a W-tebrighrthanter as? My mumnysiys Tim a misracle, Onclonk at ay fice anliteplan to Tokea-no er peture of our an-gestelooks lovey im thi ight. now 1 oop saythis bursbe i the Tnkea-no er pleture of our ap-gestelooks lovey in thi ih. #1-Miracle ipad 3:56 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa Esvesinge the day doecoppad theum-bi-lical cont ifsbsen clariberesno peer fe a ct et herea 1 sght? Comehere bo neyeato mum Sai formu mysilfor 1 hikari Don puto neyon your brother, rmicrucle the me My —mumenysays tava mista ab oer Wal ake a = no-thet mista - ce sir- ror tall You ca heal gy wi cal, at Tatlin as enyand as ny oa iS 8 wah en - po al Tes i= ror tall You ca heal gy nical, #1-Miracle Hs a uh em p= eh al Tews ipad 3:56 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 104 = Maritpa 16 eserbeen a micticle, a mien de as mistace as me neverbeen a micticle, a msi se Gi] vame Mr WO, bloody ll K ws tu [Danan] we we Ove —————— Ove vty 1 being in 0° this world Re-sores my faith in Nurse: Push, Nes Wormwood! Push! ‘Mrs W: push you ins minute takin Each new-born Hie a cn-vae_ yet pained, This an-bro-en #1-Miracle ipad 3:56 PM Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Maripa = 105 = Eevee un = bie a hin This uncorrupted mind Eevecny— Me is un bedevs ae Bh un o relaved TS acy ante. y chanceof e-em, infinite ~ sma ably un-thea Iy chanees a - stance in-fiite = Wy sma hey Thechancesof = is-ence almost in fi-nite fy smu. Themost common thing in We is, And st ipad 3:56 PM Coen) = 106 = Maritpa By. ty band new misao miracle By ty bean new ita vy ingle Me, Evry new Me mien mbtaccle— SAFETY Ou wy P 9-2 Hee 2s. tempo eet es . ‘gown is noth-ing like the se - mi = for=mal, se - mi-Span-ih gown [ Shouldbe wear-ing in the se - mi- fi - mkt ~ nigh F should be dan cig the Ta = en #1-Miracle ipad Coen) 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 107 = RJ colla voce ‘Half-time tempo, asm, Not dese im bast eatton ——withan — Font ba-tom, And th, ie W ipo) A Ms W owe hor He Smelly He orsi-blea-abaal 1 hive e= ver sen! Tawt Mistcde— a micrade eabti-ful misearde 1 have = yer seen! Mise miracle beautiful mrad T hwe e- yer seen! Mistede— a miracle beatiful mira T have = yer seen! a Nigel, Tonmny (ona) & other i aaa findhistank ben Mymumny ays Pa mi-neete Every ie unbelie ~ why unlike. I, clancesaf ex Every it unbelie ~ ww by un-thke. I, caneesaf ex #1-Miracle ipad Coen) 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 107 = RJ colla voce ‘Half-time tempo, asm, Not dese im hss-pstl cotton ——withan — Font ba-tom, And this ie W ipo) A Ms Wow hort Me Smelly He orsi-ble a-abaul 1 hive e- ver sen! Tant Mistde— a micrade beatiful misearde 1 have = ver seen! Misti 8 miracle beautiful mrad Chie e-¥er seen! Mistede— 8 miracle beatiful mira 1 have = yer seen! i Nigel, Tonmny (ona) & other i oa findhistank bean, Mymumny ays Pa mi-neete Even ie wunbelie ~ ww y un -Hke. I, ctansesal ex ery ie, unbelie — eb un-tke. I, caneesal ex #1-Miracle ipad 3:56 PM Coen) = 108 = Maritpa Trem ler emg Mydaddy says Thiel te gy. iene infinite = Yo smal inves inctinite = ly small UP Amara, Alc, Laven, ovina, SOPRANOS Nigel Bruce, Tommy, ALTOS, AP ad lib #1-Miracle arcs, Tommy 10 primo [Ais Howse, Npal] up e¥0 four feet te Me We Inveme almatin-ieitely smal hemos com mnthinginileis mace. mice Aadyet ipad Coen) 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 109 = [a] cemerees 2 ow * My mummy ays (im 4 micrccle Onelokat my fae adits plain to see, Eversinthe Ay dbechuppedthe um = bi Weal cord its been ceatihere'st0 peel for a ni-mecle te me Youean My mumysays Hx a miracle, Tham as th ny ands shiny) as a ror bl My mumaysays Ux a misgacle, Thain ry and as say My mum-mysays Tim a mk rascl, Way at a hieny meorbal My mumemysays tm a mk ravcl, That mas tie ny ata ito al #1-Miracle ipad Coen) = 110 = 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Mariipa ifs atuhem.pissical There's re-ver been a i Yuen uth em =p == eal ths mind as wi Youeam be all eyeabea Youoan be all a aa 7" My manny says Tim a lousy he worm them = p= oaths micrle at mortck a cycnbeal, but iG a wuthem =p =f cal this mista as mceacle a. My diddy sy tm a My minty sy ta ampeap t-te gem, That ids thee shuld wit Theme Num says tim a good cae for po-puI-ton con - tl Ww Russian tempo (0 Dadsaye {shoud watch mre #1-Miracle Maripa - 111 = Intro to Naughty TACET #1a—Intro to Naughty 3:56 PM Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas 112 = Mariipa Naughty ‘written that vay, IRs nowem victims of theie so = ry the ove and file anda tach of stupidity woud rob them of their ape of tv -ing happy. The Po. cet cubings ue of-ten atte bit go my 1 wonder whythey didn't jut = 2 (L234) a » change their sto - Were told we have to do whatvere tod but sue ipad Coen) 3:56 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 113 - y Just becca you find that Wes mat fit relaxed Nothing wi change Ever i ye li-te you can do a You mat = nit let a it hinge te stop you. you st asrondand latbem get on tp, You Ight as wollbe saying you thinkthat iy OK ANY ths aati Aad i W's not ight Youhae to put it Ta theslp of abot thac'sa i - ay revolt Theseed fa war in the creak of a floor OAV ys ee mT Td tee bord: Astom can be - gin withthe flap of a wing #2—Naughty ipad 3:56 PM Coen) Trem ler emg - 114 = Maritpa sting Ev'ry day sttswithibe sek, of a cock. AM! escapes startwiththe click of a lock, = Myowrestuck inyour sto-ry andvan-aa get out Youdonthaeto ery youdothwe shout = Coe yout, youean do fat You mint = at Mt a Ue ingtke —I-tle op yu, you sit astoundand ket than get on top. You wontehange a thing. Just because you fad tha Hes not fi, docs mean hat you usthne 1 grinanl ew it relaxed Pept And if W's oot ah, sig. But ebe__ is gonna put itright for me, Nosboody bt me is gunna change my stom Sometimes you ve to be a it=de it maugh - #2—Naughty ipad 3:56 PM. (Gin as ROALD DAHL'S MATILDATHE MUSIC: Maripa = 115 = Green Hair TACET Hear A Story TACET Good Luck With The Tolstoy TACET #2c—Good Luck With The Tolstoy ipad 3:56 PM Coen) = 116 = Maritpa Acrobat Story I n — a secrecy s__s SS [A] Abitmore: “Wa have enerthing thatthe word ‘has tof aid te wie, We have ev ry = hing We bine “It edo ot have the one hing Inthe world we want moat 2 ing. wt . “Pains, my beth hasan repli eat wot have wc “ue on our de. Even hme love a? “ J VAMP Pactence,ny lve — #3—Acrobat Story I ipad 3:56 PM Coen) Maripa - 117 = School Song Martial 2 - steady rit, Nervous 4 My mum-ny sys Pa male My dat dy yy Pm he &) speci Mt! fama pin = ces and 1 ama pie Num says man an = gel Musas im an an = gel, Moderato (2100) Mum sayy rm oman = ash fed ro you thnk youre Acble —tosurvivetis mes ty Bring aprince oa princess yeu willsoon See there's es-cping tage ty And E-ven ifyouputineaps of E-on, youre just wasting ener -ay Cosyourlfeasou kno its ac 40-1 1 navesurferedie ms goo, Mave bmen app in-sieis Cagetor ages, This #4—School Song ipad Raa Coen) Tre ase eae = 118 = Maritpa FE] _tupper harmony some mes ad ib) eu - 00 So M90. kad 8 has Ue oHK Hut ah YOU Want Yo SULLA pand tw teach you thing oF Wo, You ttn here, my de, yout be pied 30 fe = vere-ly if youStep aut of taeand € youcry wil be doe Voushould say out of tou-bl, And remember 10 be ie ws Seay eid Why? Why? je [ictatiev ney} O90 i extreme) care fl wnt Why Scary ig Ki Truncals speciality Astyou sat fr Phys = Ed Whats Pys- Ea? Phyei-cal Bw cstin! Ny musty says Tm a Mi-ra-cle My dad-dy said I wouldbe the teacher's et #4—School Song ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 119 = Scary Big Kh: The alphaba? ‘Youve ot eam se, id. > Séhoxtis ea fun according omy un alsa Hearne a-parbet 7) ll . eS oo; P.O Pao I op ese ili pte TD ITY Andsoyouthinkyoute Ache tosursivethismes by Benga prime oF aprin-cexsyou wi son See thes no esocapng t= ge = dy And F--ven A ysuput in heaps of Xtc, yeuejustwasting ener = gy Cosyourile asyou now te ikem ik 10-1 1 ve ster in hls pol. Mavebeentappedin-side is Cage for a= gs, This Ting pease =. 7 =o * SS - ‘i BHC Lay. can remember, Backbefore my Ife hal ended, Beforemy happy dayswere E Pe errr © SSS SS #4—School Song ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg = 120 = Maritpa each you 2 thing oe 9 You listen tre, my dea, youl be punished so verely if youStp outline and if yucry i wilbe dow-be Youshould sty out cou: Andre memer 10 be ig as Ab lis EAC> Me exememe Thy ef wy? wy Just you wit for Phys = E iy wa Phys ow i LaNo RoRS TUY wPODERGHITKLNNO RQOKRS TUG WOK ‘ht you wa foe Phy-ZED! Ju you wat er Phy-7ED! #4—School Song Maripa = 121 = Makildo's Books - Pathetic Intro #4a—Matilda’s Books — Pathetic Intro ipad Raa bliin ire Ney Gee a ee) eee = 122 = Maritpa Pathetic Kneokontte door, Jenny, Ssthnoskon the dor, Do'ibe pa thet, Kooak onthe oor, a.m, to fen Yate eing pa - thee jit door, Yarveseen nee fore. ust Kock “othe ne ok at you tying Sund-ing utile The principals elie ” 2 = tating, Handshabing. ——Youshouldbecm-arrase YouYent a te-te_ itl 1 just. pa ; = 7 | : = == # Z aan] 2 ~_ < SST Kockon te doo, Jn-my. White young G2 Just ack 90 ic ‘hon rall, Fast? oy o_o Perhaps 1 wil waits’ probably having a #5 — Pathetic ipad Raa Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Maripa = 123 - ‘tons i sensi be One should 2 void con-fen = ta ton wherepor i= He. IM comebuck te the. Slow & free D> a this We de gi « “ « Tempo primo Kock onthe (she knocks) Trunehbul er This wh ts = de oo, JE, St hiodkon the doot, Dowribe p= the tt #5 — Pathetic = 124 = Maritpa Trunchbull Office TACET #5a—Trunchbull Office ipad Raa Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas Maripa = 125 - The Hammer [| “Tranchbll An exception? (CO) iris, nottoo fat “Trunchbul: To the rules? Inmy school? SS What do yorthik took 10 te-come Eng - lsh HammerThrowsiag Champion Nine = teen = si = ty = ine Bo you think in that mo= ment wen my cass ual dis = is? wat UKE HELL! to the c-cedid Hohangemy plan? mm? What? Aneta alms did wave ay hands? 1 did ot As T saath my spin dd 1 bok at the #6—The Hammer ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg = 126 = Maritpa ew? Did I daft offand deam for a minute or 10?Doyouthink 1 fazed of a-menied my 10-ta- to? Doyou think { atereday in tended 6 le- va son? Ae the mmertook olf, did Tohange my ‘punt fromthe grunt 1 had pasted for mary — 8 mhNe a jal Not a dk dil I sty fromthe Not e-venvhenthe hamner eft ay hinds anda igh up, op actowe the and iL ty at a ib Dsimpty coat Yeu have to ay inside the cir = ole a the time We you vant make the team you dont nea #6—The Hammer ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Maripa - 117 - zg in - side te tne, » ou 4 | [cto cae Kae], you wav to thw the ham = mer ft your count = ry You Top: Adui Ki Tenor, 150 (hard Gy Ifyou wa wo thow the ham = mer, Bom bea am at mag = tm, * [Botiom: Adult Kids: 2 Sops, 1 Baritone] tte ce oe iF youwant to tach sac - eos, youdo't use sympathy or um = der ~ mess. Youre 10 FTop Lavenier, Fr, Brace, Horst |Adut Kids:2 Tenor, 1 Sop #6—The Hammer ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg - 128 - Marios Tama Sig. ny poe is babes = aE rrr =e 7 =a) Ri, Ada] toe oe |= Mis Honey IW youwantiothrow the ham ner foryourcoun = ty You IW youwantothrow the ham - we aw.bina tum! Ham-bisa-tun! Gloria magl- tn! Ihave 1 stay in-sile their = ae Sty in-sde the ce = de Cie © cash at De = sl Deas! By jst one simple 0 ham-mershow-ing. fe and scoot Lies a bill 50 kam Grow it Find the bal - ty Trunchbult Now get out! [BUTTON] line andiow it, And all wayshoep your fet inside the ine #6—The Hammer Maripa = 119 = Hammer to Wormwoods TACET #6a—Hammer to Wormwoods ipad Coen) Mariipa Naughty Reprise Guperglue) [Mr Wormwood: Here's what I think of your bvely! [GO] Frantic 2 2 Freely, each bar dictated "Matia Do we have any supeg? Mew loses Ande eat ‘why det you sk st tid bok to our stupid had! A whe sy satya MI hk Cotta vor, swung Just be-caueyoutnd tht Hles— not fai; doveatmvanthat you juthave to gtinand tear tempo Full "Naugh you d-waystake ton the lin and wear Nothing wil change Even ifyovtelitle yousan doa Iota You mun kt a Htte thing ike t-te pou, a sgh as well be sing you thik that's O-K HF you st aourdand fethem get on top, You #7—Naughty Reprise (Superglue) ipad Coen) Maripa = 131 - In 4 swung ‘Bright (faster than #4) Non all, #7—Naughty Reprise (Superglue) Raa Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas ipad Mariipa Chokey Chant ‘Nigek: They're saying she's. going to put me in Chokey. 4 Jn6.66 Matta: Whats Chey? €6 stary imate of breath, 4th ime ons? PLAY There's @ place you ave seat if you have-nt been good, and ifs made of spikes an wom, and a (miki) [= emt wide cough si, and even Mf you coudthereare nih on the boom 50 oul vsh youd "Psycho" -esque top li stood, When the hin = ges teak and the door is cloud, you can-not see ua, ot the end of your (xa) t When the in = ges eeakh and the door is loed, you can-not see sua, aa it thesountcame out, or if thescram in yourhead _¢-yenseacel your ‘Threateningly - suddenly faster 4 sand when you seen you dunno #8—Chokey Chant ipad Raa (Gin as Crete Ua eter | Maripa = 133 - Amanda Thripp / Pigtails TACET Mechanics TACET #8b —Mechanics ipad Raa Coen) Trem ler emg = 134 = Maritpa [>] Loud [Mrs W: Mind? Her mind? Sie-wibre along te way, my eae, youve male an av = alee -rae Tow een thik the pio = le the po = ple what are cle = ens Po = ple doo tke smart = y = pants wot go round cain = ing tha they Mra W: Now her’ tip oe sah we dont know, What you koow mat - tes Jes than the vol-une withwhichwhat you donthnow’sexpresed. Con tet has ever ata Jess im por tat, so. You have got #9-Loud ipad Coen) Raa Trem ler emg Maripa = 135 - #9-Loud ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Trem ler emg = 136 = Maritpa AC Wt tes Noore'sgon.a tllyouwhento shakeyour sh well you gotta fe dont hile under & bush - ch Nov ~ one's gon-aa ook if you dont stand out 0 onesgon-ma titer if you—don' shout Noo'sgon-na care if you dont cae © ant pt come_highiohs in your hak Coe you #9-Loud ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Tre ase eae Maripa = 137 - #9-Loud ipad 3:58 PM Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas = 138 = Maritpa ress ing ‘he your mum, A t= fe- more bum - ba Bom = bom ba dy = dal Mrs W: "Oh I lok nie... youdon't” Novonesgon-a tell yawhents wiggle your bum - ba, Neorepomna lovey AT you dow know the Pham ~ Evry-bo-dyloves a the somethinger-0° = ti Bux termi san guage is OTTER, oesatiealy ater if you dont haow not, 'S ogaryoudunio Wwika bit of co The #9-Loud ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Trem ler emg Maripa - dumber the ac, the big ger the can-fession.The lest you net show, the bud-er youdres i You Emami] You oct get up and be gotta-get up, You got-tn get up— and be ou Dance Break 8 JUDGE: Your Judges! [G You gutta te #9-Loud ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 140 = Maritpa "You tstening?” i (ue waaay You gotta pveyourslfpemisson to shine, 10 stand up___ and be toug_——— Sand yp— and be #9-Loud ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 141 "Fink your eleva? Whatevval” #9-Loud ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 142 = Maritpa This Little Girl Brightish 4, swung 2) Positively, dictated 3 “ . fee Yeu a pig © mah in tte and peton« pe fo ind mek a: . wo ee oy Jone, Jen, {he moethat you try the moreyou pt Lok Me 4 fo This mot your oI ws wa a tg prob, You've not gut the spine, You ae 8 teacher, jst go. xk to Bi oman Very freely » — thatstesspecial at all An whatson of teacher woul 1 let this t-te git tr To can see this t-te gel eed same-bo = dy eee a Freely again #10—This Little Girl er Ta ROALD DAHL'S MATILDATHE MUSICAL: libr Cen) Acrebat Story II TACET Library Into Classroom TACET 143 (149 of 208) lil. il i tm! ab 111 ipad cera (Gin as Crete Ua eter | = 144 - Maritpa Biggest Hug TACET Burp Sequence TACET #11c— Burp Sequence ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 145 - Bruce Slow & threateningly poss, accel, Bruce: Yes Miss Trunchbul, ‘Alvar VAMP Trunchbul: He should have thought of that before he made a pact with Satan ann decided tosteal my cake 4 yamr 2 ae. ——_——<—— rATM i ‘sin- gle He cn. Mesure-Iy ent ensight explode! #12—Bruce ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 146 = Mariipa B re > =; & =e a == - - - oe se Or eve 0, Be ae een ee at even you, fice, Hive ad Doubterst = Matilda Horteasi, Nigel Doubers2 = Lavender, Amanda axe You ae te man You ete an, Drv! Henge © t esure-ly en He mightex- pi fiop: Doar Botton Dott He'sging to Bow Make him stop, 1 cant wach,| thinkin ef #12—Bruce ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 147 = This mut con frm, rcs, Whtwe all sus - peat toute a fit This smut con = firs Whutwe all sus pet - ed toute a Or may=be yur lanes = ne tke he Tar «on. ieeetbly oem in side te Hesute-ly cane surely cant t ADULTS JOIN HERE {All sing offstage exeupt poco ace ‘Ms Honey, Trunchbull & Mr Wormwood) oP ——— nh #12—Bruce ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Tre ase eae Mariipa ee! ee! 10 ighter 6°13 “ “ Youtlaver aguin besub-jot to abuse Feryourim-merscca-bose. Shellell a Atos, aida, Honea, Youtlaever eatin besubyjxt to acuse —Feryourim-meracea-bose, Shellell a Withey ty smalow you are tightening the woe Were-verthough it was race Withev-'y smaHow you are tihng the aoe Wete-ver thought was be Butter Mi coming Hoe We can fave our cake and eat be Butte i coming Hue We can fave our cake aed cat We can have our cake aed cat he tne has cane 10 fut that tum tum 10 use ew lop. Hamony irish eX) Puce nce Bruce ce Bruce rcs Bruce ce #12—Bruce ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Tre ase eae Maripa = 149 cus, Bre {tout your bel, think you'l wan yourtouser lose ont cus, Bre {out your bel, think you'l want yourtrousr lose. oft Brwe Brake race auce Brace Bruce Bruce Brawe Mortensia/Amandal Other Kids Sul iat Youve almost finished! Youth fe i very do ist don gve it Dont eter wit Sul iat Youve almost finished! YouThAL i ielWhat - e-veryou do jst dot gve al Dot Tet ber wit Brwe Bake Brae bse Brve Bruce Brae Brwe ar on |g ide Sop AT Come on. Brus, te our he = 10 Co-veryour = sel inne = ae frowkide MAK [tow Kis RAT Come on Brie, te our he = 10 Co- veryour = se inches tate Brae ace Bruce Bruce Bruce rue Choc = "ae #12—Bruce ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 150 = Maritpa Bruce: Too much It's just too much! New tempo J=148 Op. Harmony aroigh 08) You'tneser agtin bewbjiet to abuse —foryourim-mancca-toos, Shell a tue, You'lneser agin beab.jet 10 abuse —foryourim-maneca-toos, Shell a tue, Puce Bruce rue Brae Bre Brace Brace Brae #12—Bruce ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Maripa = 151 - Justone mor bite ad youve cam-pete-y conker gose. ——-Wene-vertboughit was poss ble Justone mor bac ad you've cam-pete-y conker gose. ——-Wene-vertboughit was pos-s- ble Bur here ii ik coming tne We can ave our cake and ait Bur bere it it coming tne We can Aave our cake and ait ce ce we xe ave ow cake and a Anthemie (shwer) 84 #12—Bruce ipad Coen) = 152 = Maritpa aS Miss Honey: Go on, Bru! Up-Tempo Chokey Quicker 5 2 #12—Bruce ipad Coen) 3:58 PM Trem ler emg Maripa ALL I Know Mr W: The very reason we bothered evolving oof unicorns in the frat place. Calta ore Somewiere on a show I heard A picture tesa thousand wards So Joly Tempe ma light sing) lel HF youbotberad io take 2 Wok, Is th © Jos of tot Fara fmm t= We you know thing al = read, ba by, You camswitch ibe channel over just Hike tha End = tess ey and end = Jes lah = tet Flhs ning happily ever af = tee AN you neal. t0 ke you whee ten-ty-thiee mints plas ad = ver tine Why would we waste our = tery Tuning paps When -ty On ourtve-Iybump-er-es Watching ant talking and doing st #13—All | Know ipad 3:58 PM Coen) Troy MoD We Ue = 154 = Maritpa the smarter the man You an wll fam ny Ng hy st how cke-ver a fel Tam A 1 taow arnt tom t= yp hat 10 tink and what 10 ta 1 was pret = ty smart a= ready Rat now Hin wally veal smart, Very ve = ry sar find = lest con em, end = fee chan, End = dest chat on) end = Fes pn cs. E 2 = = 9 Why would ve wateour ¢~ ney “Ty ~ ing towork out "UL = see, When wecanst happily Oncurkvely bap-pertes Watching ight ly famouspeo.ple allingtorea-y fa.mouspeo se #13—All | Know ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 155 - You cam tll from my big tl-ty Just how ce-ver a fel-la 1 am Who the Dik = cam is Ches Dick» ens? Na = ey Shi-ley: he sounds ama ae = tte Drones dak mane ete = eh the en = pont = i James Joye, docs ound oie, Te an MesEwsan, (gh) fel tke spew in rs on 108 Easy, Grandia, a Wi = 4 = am Stake = ere, Schil- = am Sctmake-spere, MY = by Dik Kick Line Half Tempo. (swung dof course) [G Audience: TELL AI 1 Sow 1 der fom td ye The ge ger te tel ty, the wy smarver the mn You can tell from my big tly What © ve-ry—ce-ver fe = ta ' #14—Telly Off & Lavender’s Newt = 156 = Maritpa Telly OFF ¢& Lavender's Newk TACET #14—Telly Off & Lavender’s Newt ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 157 = When I Grow Up T wil be tale 0 rech_ the bran = ches That 1 neal 10 teach — © dinb The We you ge 0 lind whenyovregrown up An wien 1 grow gp Til be smart ¢ = nought ans ‘wer all the quest-ions that you nest know. the am And when 1 grow up 1 wil cat weet ov ty day onthe way © wok and wl oe te syn, #15—When I Grow Up ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 158 = Maritpa bo ap ey ‘An! 1 wont care on Ibe all—grown op When grow ap. (Gama Ace Toran Ba) Whar Tow up 1 wil te #15—When I Grow Up ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 159 = strong © = nough wear = fy all the envy things you have 10 haul a - round wh you wham youre 8 grownup #15—When I Grow Up ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 160 = Maritpa [Amanda, Lavendar Alice Nigel Evc Sons Basses 0 fig beneath, the ba 0 fig. beneath, the_ba wave € = nough 10 fg the en - tures TRA you MAE 10 fig__ =e, tebe ZS cach nate ‘And play Twit ne teats ev = ry day And play bi with things tat Mum pre -sends_that mums dont think we fa ARL Twill ake #15—When I Grow Up ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 161 = #15—When I Grow Up ipad 3:59 PM Sa Ete) et ny a cle ed = 162 = Maritpa F]A bit more relaxed Jat be-caseyor find that Me's not fi, it ooea'tmean at youjusthae to grinand bear. iW you alaaystke Ht on the china weir it, thing ilehange Just becuse 1 find myself in ths to = locest meanshat evrything writcn forme. MW thiskthe ening finod—al-read-y 1 ight as well be saying 1 thinkthat a's 0 - K andthats not ight #15—When I Grow Up Maripa = 163 - Acrobat Story III TACET #16 —Acrobat Story III ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg = 164 = Maritpa I'm So Clever Matilda: Oh, yeah. Yeah, they do. They're always saying that, in fact. ‘They my [START] “We'res0 prowl of you Matika. You're like winning the otery” Matilda: Yeah, fl beter go, con moto . Vivo -*e.130 Rubato con moto, rit 2 Me mia? ces vey wht vey ever teat #16a—I'm So Clever Maripa = 165 = Bookworm TACET #16b— Bookworm ipad 3:59 PM Coen) = 166 = Maritpa Acrobat Story Iv (I'm Here) Me Wormwood: You sasty litle. reep! [0] Turbul x B Pia mosso “Matin: Ana she eat bs locked the dooe and wer VAMP. Slightlystower ——[ 2 Ke a 2 2 hrow hort a dink, dark, dusty cela, And when hs heardthe sound of bis daughter's ican heared the door pent! Cea] [D] poco macsiono > he t-te gil Peasedon't ey ry your eyes, Wipe a way your tea, lee ge For give me 1 did-ntmean 6 de set you Boot cy Uitte ih hing can #17—Acrobat Story IV (I'm Here) ipad 3:59 PM bliin ire Ney Gee a ee) eee Maripa = 167 = We sal be together forever E}4 tempo Poco rit. ‘Tempo rall 3 3 Yn tempo Peosedon't ayers It me wipe Duddy — forge me F data w up - se youtlae Daledy, de owt i me T didwtmeas ese you oy MM be al = sight Withyou by my le, T hive nating tf ery ite git thing wil ust you, YouVenathing to fez #17—Acrobat Story IV (I'm Here) ipad 3:59 PM On MATILDA THE MUSICAI ~ 168 = Mariipa poco pl mosso . rubato, 5 woh — Your hee rubato #17—Acrobat Story IV (I'm Here) ipad era (Gin as Crete Ua eter | Maripa = 169 = What Are You Doing With Those Books? TACET #17a—What Are You Doing With Those Books? ipad 3:59 PM Coen) Trem ler emg 170 = Mariipa The Smell OF Rebellion ‘Trunchbull:Look st you. Flabby! Disgusting! Revolting! Revolting! ay! [think it’ high ime we toughened you al up wth a litle "Phys-Ed (bows while) [START] poco rit: a Very freely Thin salof Ine fas started rck-ing, Qu, Marg, when peaking, ao — = e rea et oe See Sa rocking wiamos ds-uthing went, Obythe estnoetissmell | tet NOW Oh_Wo Well, ste = dour of re bel-Hion, ifs the Bousquet of i sent And you may re 1 rp pp ee E Fao oe ° * tet yur itches theatres Findthisfou o=if-eroutnes hotly ol-tu-t0-1i-y ia» sulting ne 0 stop testenshs spread find a session of Phy-Ed sortsite merely rank fom there -vlting. B Light swing 4124-130 Thesmellol re-h - lon comescut in the sweet and Phys - El wil gt you sweating ‘And it won't be long before 1 smelthe pong fai ing and = betting, #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad Coen) 3:59 PM Trem ler emg Maripa - 4171 or—3—, os 2 Oe ok Pays - ee wu sets noma a Read ul of Ye-bel--ous tougus. HOLD! = i * ma HOLE Just ea rotaten eg lous Wo the op of a bucwket of wn - tr, G — —Thesmwltot rebel io, thesenchf re = voll, therick of ia = booed, (km one wo twee fur [Tammany], Teantake i a-ny mee. One wo three four “ « 46 vweed_be-comest0 by and are-dy #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad oT bliin ire Ney Gee a ee) eee = 172 = Maritpa ‘Trunchbull Posiionswo! > > Beore the wormsarts w tum youu srapoll the ditt an spit Fomtbe mud D the wall of anarchy in pro es. One one 90 thee fou. Ele: Please, Mis! Please! ag Lalla voce, strane ° —— @- 174i, Se SS SS eS ‘Once we've exercise de-nomthy shall be too pooped br sche-ning, Some dav-etine dice souk! ‘Trnchbull All sgh, let step up, outline (GO) Double-time, fast & (straight 2) cad lb, top he Ot Fm sting in Lo Rk Discipline, dis thir catering and chitr-ingsbeie @ ‘attr-ingandewiter-ing is tem gerd wih a smattering of dis-C.pime. We musthe-gin in-sisting on ri- #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad Coen) oT Trem ler emg Maripa ‘sue wecan fi Thereis no-myste-ry to mastering the ing andthe spits ingsbe "Mis nel ats sues an on, te stench of r= Thesmellere-be = a olan mistes-ingi's dncilne, dc pln. (es) scp Ductescent plotting, a whifof re sis- tame, thepong of dis~ oll, theresk of pre #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad oT Coen) Trem ler emg - 174 = Maritpa vail calla Zeck A carnival feak who can fol paper has. with is mind, Ande ays Don't let hem seal your har ses Don't kt them take hem a= way. 1 you Poco == we Ss ms find your way trough They waking for you, singing an Neigh. Neigh. Neigh. (molto ad ib) Calla Vove hal Andere, jut the aid, the atin = hy mag = got ream hye Kick line tempo owung 2) 2 —— Essen the agutet- ct, pietecoue mew can ars our wed of atin iene Haney Big pull-up.. ‘everson anything more re - pe- lan? Have you €-versmelt a ~ ny-thng wos than that Smell OF Re ~ #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad oT Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa - M] Takeithome! Ds ci-plne dS - ciple, 80 move whis-per-ing, cil-ren need is - cling cat out thei win per- ng, wit pat stop you ae squaied, se = el = = omnis quad. soiousswenty disciplines wated hs sicleringstech #18—The Smell Of Rebellion ipad 10 PM Coen) Crete Ua eter | = 176 = Maritpa Newk 1 TACET Newt II TACET #18b—Newt II ipad oT Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa - 117 = Quiet ‘Trunchbul: 1 shall crush you, I shall pound you, I shall dissect you madam... Modcratonca0 9 : ‘Matilda: LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! [GO] you everwon-dered wel hae, atauthow when 1 sy. say dt, for example, theresno aay af owing if “el” means the sume hing in yourbead as "afmeassin_ ay head ven someone says "rd"? Andon AC we ae tvehing at al-moe the sped of light and weebol-ing a gh, hat Hit woul sti Iveta wayatrom I the (speed ef igh, whichscemsright ina way, utl'm tying to say Timaot sue, but 1 won-der if in-sie my ead Tmnotjut a Nit dirt fromsome of ny ‘ends These ae-serstatcame in -.9 my mind un = den, ese to-es de -Heered 19 me fa ty witten. Andwheney-1y-one_shousiketheyseem © Ike shouting, Thenose in myhead is in-ore-di-Wy loud #19— Quiet ipad Cora Coen) Trem ler emg = 178 = Maritpa And just wshtheystop, my da and my mum —Andthe 1e-le and stories wouldstap for jist, SS = ee A a aa a eee foe, Anitmsorey Ta notqute ex-ai-ing it sight _Batthismise Becomesn- ger. snd the an = ger is So SS SS ee light, Andthisbun-ngin-side me woul usally fade Bu ent 0-day. Andthe saan the 7 ‘yt ey ting shouting Andy hearts pouring Andy yeare burning andar, [C] | Semptice (meno mosse) Qui Uke silence bute really stent Just that al sort of qu at Like hesound of a page sthatrcekindat qu kee sound when ou ie pide own inyour bel, Justhe #19— Quiet ipad 4:03 PM Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 179 = people a= round me, Theirmouts are sil mov = ing Thewoudsthey are quia Ant Tan warm Like We sailed int the ee ofthe stm. Matilda: ip t.. tip over! et). Double speed ( z molto ral © #19— Quiet ipad 4:03 PM. (Gin as ROALD DAHL'S MATILDATHE MUSIC: = 180 = Maritpa Newk III / 2nd Cup Tip TACET Walk To Miss Honey's TACET #19b— Walk To Miss Honey's 4:03 PM Trem ler emg Maripa = 181 My House Miss Honey: Wel, they dont actually. But am even poorer than most because of ‘ther reson. Suspletondly slow 8 8 6 Sa] Matilda: And thas VAMP Slow & mysterious why you live here. wot heepeme dy when the an fale TW dor hele to beep the cold at ay, jo. Moderate tempo » e 2 On this flor 1 can stad On my own two ft On thschair Tan write my los On this pillow T can dream ay nights away oe ois « “ And this ta be Mh you can tee, Walls per-ct for te, Me ient much Rit e-nough fare ‘Matilda: Bu. Miss Honey, sb's got your father's bows, she's got everything tha's yous. « © “ pochiss. accel. Het mich, But it Ke - ugh #20-My House ipad Cg Coen) Trem ler emg = 182 = Maritpa oy Stightlyquicker ‘Onshesewall Thang wer-der-fal pi-tures, ‘Though this window I can watch the sca ~ sas ! SS Pee NETS = ange, tM amp, Mo a ed ce Andwhen is cl out = side 1 feel mo fear, E We iscntmuch, te = mh fre Fortis is Tr eatmich, tut it e-noh fore This #20—My House ipad Coen) Cg Trem ler emg Maripa = 183 = Atempo Andheri cold and bleak Tfool mo fo, 5 amin tear cet oy lmedon' cry Tam here, tate ge by this sma #20—My House ipad Coen) = 184 = Maritpa Hi ot ouch Mook #20—My House ipad cr Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 185 = The Trunchbull Revelation TACET Nigel's Cat TACET Chalk Writing TACET #20c— Chalk Writing ipad Coen) = 186 = Maritpa Revolking Children Fresly /eolla voce Woah Ne-ter agin wil she get th best of me Very steady -aceel. poco a poco Ti Lavender, Alice, fre [Amanda Fe : 3 Foe the deh 1 be a TH tle bit naugh- 1! Neer = i, atom Hartensia. Nigel, Tunnmy, 2 FE the cg naught Never = in, fought for the ht to be a Mt BM naugh yt Never asgain wil the cho = key doe a ein stan. wil 1 te bul = ida sil 1 dad whan #21—Revolting Children ipad Coen) Cg Trem ler emg Maripa = 187 = Never again! ,, Driving rock J=116 fay mun-my sys im a mi- ra le Ne-ter we Hive be = hil bars ny manny ays TR a mira e Necver-a-gsin wil we live te hind bar ny manny ays TR a mira oe ri | | | Neer again now tht we know we ae Revo «ing cil aon Ling in Re = vat = ing ties sng Yolk = ing hymen, Well Re svt «ing sid = en ‘nt SS + tS + i Revolt = ing yes, Welt be Re = vlt = ing child - ven ‘nl ur Re volt = igs done And we'T have thy Truach = bull toiling. Were ur Re voi = igs dine And well have thy Trunch = bull toll = ng, Wete te #21—Revolting Children ipad Cg Coen) Trem ler emg = 188 = Maritpa volt Ree ole = ing ts, We Re = voll = ing ngs Ww > hyn Be -vlt hi = volt = ing thyme, Well Re -olt = ing child = ron nM ur Re= yO = ings dine Ant well hwo the Trach bull bat = ing, Were te al ing SSS oS SSS OS We wil be-some 1 srcaming hore! The out your ckey sch. and weit as a sword #21—Revolting Children ipad Coen) Cg Trem ler emg Maripa = 189 = — Newer agua will we be ig-emred, Wel fd out where dhe chalk is Sal store! And daw de pc-tars on the board! nt y= aul ing We're RE-VOLT-ING! BI Ase Lavender Ee Wen SP el how we tet [Randa Wowenab, Brace Nigel Tomy Wena of uk are wong, wrong i feyemd NOR. T SY Co were Meee We nah = rig wy Cox were Mele We mah =f vender Er] we teu sty ‘te Mowe diss o- bey ot fhe ume #21—Revolting Children ipad Cg bliin ire Ney Gee a ee) eee = 190 = Maritpa ‘There s not-ing at theTrunch-ball cn ot tins She can tate he han-mer and SH id= 91 tisk you could path uso far Bu theres no po = back vem uc teres no po ig back maw we rene RE-VOL= TING TIMES! SONG! ines! fare rome & tenors move to ower tine va #21—Revolting Children ipad Coen) Cg Trem ler emg * ‘ We we v —— SS —— — . ~ Re. volt - ing songs Ue. ing Re ~ volt ~ ing rhymes. We'll be #21—Revolting Children ipad Cg Sa Ete ep RU) a Ader eas = 192 = Maritpa volt ing children Living (poco ad lib) Wo, a ot #21—Revolting Children ipad Cg Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 193 = {all kids on melody ad ti} ur Revolt = in’ one, RE -WOL-TING Re -VoL-TING Down, down, down, down, We we RE-VOL-TING #21—Revolting Children ipad cr (Gin as ROALD DAHL'S MATILDATHE MUSIC: = 194 Maritpa A Few Days Later TACET We're Going To Spain TACET Arrival Of The Russians TACET Backwards TACET #21d— Backwards Maripa = 195 = NMpuaTHO nNo3HaKOMUTECA [Priyatna Peznakomitsa) Mm ul. a Rhapsodie,in 2 #22—Priyatna Paznakomitsa ipad aN) (Gin as Crete Ua eter | = 196 = Maritpa They Had Found Each Other [Finale] TACET #23 —They Had Found Each Other [Finale] ipad Cg Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 197 = Bows Wie 1 gow op 1 wil be tall €-nough to reach the bran ches Tht 1 mead to reach to cm. The tes — yu etm cimb_ when youre gromn up. #24—Bows ipad Coen) Cg Trem ler emg = 198 = Maritpa Wien I grow up, 1 il be smart + nough wns wer all the gust fom that you need 40 know. the ame = wes tobe = fore you're own up. 1 wil eat weet ov ty day oa the way #24—Bows ipad oT Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 199 = © work, and I wil goto Bed tev yg An Twill wake ben the sun comes up ant Lill watch car « And 1 wont care con IL be wom un = tl my eA go square And wont care cos Ibe all « «(Rit Sop. Bar] « (arowa)_{vte When I grow up, Wher 1 gow un #24—Bows ipad oT bliin ire Ney Gee a ee) eee = 200 = Maritpa A ltt lower ("Naughty") 2139 Even iyuretive,yavan do a lol. YOU must ~ Wt Ie a Hee ge tle stp you Sm. 2 # ato a you st round lt then get on top— You wattchaige hing Fm o. Just te-cawseyourind that Me's not fix, dese meanthatyoujsthae to grinand tear i Just te-caweyoutind that HET not fi —doesattmeanthatyoujsthae to grinand tear i 1 you abvaystke it on fhe chinand wear it You you thikitat W's O-K and 1 you alvaystke it on fhe chinand wear i You mightaswellbesay-ag_ you thinkitat i's O-K and [Everyone excepe a T| #24—Bows ipad oT Coen) Trem ler emg Maripa = 201 = revo _][C except AT Youhae 10 ——— no-bo-dy ese is gen-na a AITABGHS] |Youte to pat it ig mo-bordy eae is gen-na SATE ——$—_— Youhmeto put Hight gon ma pu it ight fore Nobo = dy but me is gon-na change my a0 - 5, Sometimes you hive te ugh #24—Bows ipad Coen) NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark cues or cuts, use © soft black lead pencil only. NOT FOR SALE — DO NOT COPY OR REDISTRIBUTE This bock is rented for the period specified in your contract. Itremains the properly of. MUSIC THEATRE INTERNATIONAL FOR RETURN SHIPPING ADDRESS, PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: