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Coaching Overview Before guiding a Lean Six Sigma practitioner to success i's important to put yourself in the mindset of a coach and ‘mentor. This overview provides mentoring tips, general coaching questions, project selection guidance and a Pre: DMAIC Learner Checklist Project Sourcing Questions: + ls there an opportunity related to the organization's business priorities? * lothere a Scorecard or Dashboard goal that is not being met? + Isthere a failure to meet customer requirements in a specific process? + Which process has an excessive amount of customer complaints? + lsthere an existing process with multiple hand-offs thats taking too long? + Where do defects and rework appear most often? + Where are the costs of rework and "band-aid" solutions? ‘* What concerns have employees and managers raised? ‘What irritates employees most about the processes on which they work? Identify problems assoclated with critical or core processes: + Excessive cycle time Excessive defects High cost of usage Excessive rework ‘Note: Make sure the candidate is familiar with he process. The best projects are based on processes that are part of the candidate's job. Tips for Mentoring: Determine when to be directive, coaching or hands-off + Use your active istening skills + Use the Socratic Method Ask, dont tell * Use the feedback “sandwich ~ Positive qualities first, then opportunities followed by more positive ‘encouragement Challenge learners to think Make sure they select projects with a strong potential for success. + Prepare learners for Tollgates - make sure they ‘show well” Remember that coaches are: helpful, friendly, partnering, and encouraging General Coaching Questions: + What do you see? + What do you recommend? + What do we need to do to improve the + What did you do today to develop others? current condition? + How can we make the abnormal condition + What interrupts our flow? more visible? + What do you think the best approach would be? + What have you learned? + What do we need to do next? + What questions do you have for me? What are your ideas? + How can | help support you?