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 The Section 20 of Republic Act No. 10742 under the Sanggunian Kabataan Reform Act of 2015
governs provision regarding sports development.
 Furthermore, both the Comprehensive Barangay Youth Development Plan and Annual Barangay
Investment Program shall give priority to programs, projects and activities that will promote and ensure
the equitable access to quality education, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, disaster
risk reduction and resiliency, youth employment and livelihood, health and anti-drug abuse, gender
sensitivity, sports development, and capability building which emphasizes leadership training

 In connection therewith, all Local Chief Executives are hereby encouraged to initiate youth
activities in observance sports development. In the absence of the Pederasyon ng mga
Sangguniang Kabataan, the appointed or designated Local Youth Development Officer may be
tasked to lead the planning and conduct of the activities.

 Develop and share among members and others education, information, and leadership skills.
 Encourage members to promote the active participation by all youth in fun and healthy physical
activities according to their interests and abilities.
 Promote universal recognition that organized youth sports can develop positive attributes
including healthier lifestyles, self-esteem, fair play and good citizenship.

METHODOLOGY ( Ilahad ang mga pamamaraan ng gagawin upang matagumpay na maisakatuparan

ang aktibidad)

Stage 1: Planning / Strategize

 Invitation to the Schools
 Equipments to Use
 Manpower / Facilitators
 Preparation for First Aid and Security
 Confirmation of Guests
Stage 2 : Preparation
Satge 3 : Execution
Stage 4 : Evaluation


Planning Preparation Execution Evaluation forms
shall be distrubuted
The SK council shall The SK Council shall The celebration is a to the participants
support the prepare the week-long event to further improve
program regarding materials needed that will cover the skills and
sports and the manpower. youth development capabilities of
development. in sports. youth.

Organizers : Sangguniang Kabataan Council
Facilitators : Sangguniang Kabataan Council, Referees, Sports Coordinator
Participants : Youth Participants/Katipunan ng Kabataan Members


Various Venues


Budget :
Source : SK Funds – Sports Development
Cost Estimates:
MONITORING AND EVALUATION : Ilahad kung sinu ang mga mag gagawa ng dokumentasyon ng
gaganaping aktibidad at kung kanino ito ipapasa. Gumawa at ilakip rin ang pag-aaral kung nakamit ba
ang layunin ng aktibidad .

Prepared by:

Hon. Alfonzo D. Nacpil

SK Chairperson, Barangay Dau

Reviewed by:

Arnel S. Dungca Mary Carmen Y. Fortit

Secretary, Barangay Dau Treasurer, Barangay Dau

Approved by:

Hon. Glenn Derrick A. Llanos Dee

Barangay Captain, Barangay Dau