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64 N HIS EYES from Jekyll & Hyde Words by LESLIE BRICUSSE. Rubato Musi by FRANK WILDHORN cn chen T sitand watch the rain and see my tears run down the window pane. cm Gbm sit andwatchthe sky, and I canhear itheave a sigh bo SS |S Gm Dm 2 Bb ¥ how we And when I think of him, then Tre - wo “o BoE Fr Br Bb(add2) Cm This is an ensemble piece in the show = Copy © 1035 stage & Seren Musi, Lx. (MD, Clery Lane Music Pushing Company, ne, (ASCAP) ‘BronmWorks Songs SCAN) Lee Eos De a Mique [ASCAP) and Searamangs Sta Ine ASCAP) "Workin hts or Stage & Sreen Musi Li Adinsered by Cherry fiver Muse Co. Wort igs for Dreamers Songs, Les Eales Oe a Menus Scaramangs Misi, "minted by Cnet Lane Me Pabst Company ne International Copyigt Secured Al RightsReserved 65 cm7bsBb Bb(add2) EbIBb FIA Bb(add2) Gin see my heart Gm Gor Ebmaj9 cms Bb(add2VF EbOF his eyes, 1 see a tts glow; and that's cm7bsiF Gm GmiF —Em7bs 3_Ebmai7 in his arms, BA __ Bo(ada2) Gm Ebmaj? ous bE lose_ 10 his heart; Dut don’t know quite where to star Feb Bb(add2) BIG cm Ebmaj7 his eyes, will T see be-yond Baus? bE Bb Bb(add2) FIG. Gm By look-ing his eyes, will T see be - yond Ebma Bsus F Eb(add2) Bbsus2/D Bb that I feel? Will his eyes re - veal to me Eb(add2) Bbsus27D Eb(add2) Dm? BhD_ Cat CmTbSiF F? promis - ¢s or lies? But he can't con-ceal from me the love er Gmibs Gbmaj? ono eyes! They're like an 0-pen book. know their ev-"ry_ look, and most of all the look that EDF FT EbIF CmiliF FIBE Bb(add2) BG Gm(add2) Tm wise, a tempo Ebmaj9 Feus(add2) cmv PBB Bb(ad2) lad ——— But sadly, Pm not wise les FIG Gm(ada2) Ebmaj9 ous F hard to talk a- way that you prize! 68 Eb(add2) Bb(add2yD BoD Eb(add2) Bb(add2yD. Eb(add2) Dml_Bb/D Love is worth for- giv-ing for! Ev-"ry-thing worth liv cmt bE Gm BIC CT Eb(add2) Dm? BbD there in his eyes! Love is worth for - giv-ing for! ‘tempo. ; Eb(adu2) Bb(add2yD Eb(add2) Dm? cm? EDF F(add2) Now 1 re - al ize, Ev-‘ry-thing worth liveing for is ‘motto rit Fast ; : Bb Bbsus20D eb Bbsus2D Eb(add2) Ebr Bb ee 2 =