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Fieldbus Manufacturer Product Name Product Model or Series Product Revision Conductor Size / Number of Pairs Application Type Cable Ratings or Listings / Standard Optional Characteristics Registration Number Registration Program Manufacturer Test Report Number Date Issued Authorized Mark FouNoaTion H1 Cable Registration Conduferes Industria e Comércio de Condutores Elétricos Ltda. Estrada do Capuava, 6530 Cotia, Sao Paulo Brasil Foundation Fieldbus Cable CB FER-FB 1L-CUA-TS-A 18 AWG 300V CIL NIA : 18 AWG or 0.81 mm? / 4 STP Trunk and Spur Instrument Tray Cable (ITC) Instrument and Control Cable Power Limited Tray Cable (PLTC) Exposed Run (ER) Armored Oil Resistant UV Resistant Flame Retardant Capacitance and inductance per km (for FISCO use) Overall cable roundness CL/088400/1 FF-534-1.1 FF-845-1.3-2 2013-05-28 =e, resin Cie core cat Pens Foundation: $208 Moan gene, Roe Bang St 20 Aun, Tent TATED USA S12 784 BD fr St a. ino r wm lbp