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Ne STICK CONTROL for the SNARE DRUMMER atirin Lyperiice Price $3.50 By GEORGE LAWRENCE STONE ‘Nationally Known Authority on Rudimental Dremming al af the Stone Drum and Xylophone Sehoel of Boston ‘Drum Ealtor of “The International Mosiclan” PUBLISHED BY George B. Stone & Sen, Inc. P.O. Box 324 Randolph, MA 02368 (U.S.A.) © Copyuight 1996 by George B. Stone & Son, Ine. Copyright renewed 1963 by George B. Stone, Inc. ey aa Ge ee Made in U. A. A PREFACE It scems that there are too many drummers whose work is of a rough-and-ready variety and whose tech- nical proficiency suffers in comparison with that of the players of other instruments. Of course, technical proficiency can como only through continued,well-directed practise. Tho more practise one docs the moro proficiency he acquires. Many concert pianists practise hours and hours every day. They continue practising after they gradu- ate from the student period and enter into the professional field. Violinists, cornetists and tho players of other instruments do likewise. Through regular and systematic practise they“keep in shape.” To the uninitiated, the art of drumming appears easy—so easy in fact that unless the drum studont has had the advantage of expert advice, ho may fail to realizo the importance of the long hours of hard, painstaking practise that must be put in before he is technically prepared to enter the profes- sional field with the confidence that his efforts will measure up to approved musical standards. However, in defence of the drummer, let it be noted that while the pianist and violinist have access to many hundreds of elomentary and advanced text-books, covering every known branch of their art, the drummer’ library is limited to a score or so of instruction books, and not all of these containing the specific type, or generous amount of practise material necessary to the development of that high de- gree of fundamental mechanical dexterity required from the modern drummer. It is in realization of this need and in answer to requosts from drum instructors in all parts of the country that this series of practise-rhythms has been prepared and presented herewith under the title of— “STICK CONTROL- For The Snare Drummer” “STICK CONTROL” is a highly specialized practise-book, dealing with just one branch of the art of drumming. It is an advanced book, consisting of a progressive, highly concentrated collection of rhythms, arranged in calisthenic form, which,if practisod regularly and intelligently, will enable one to acquire control, speed, floxibility, touch, rhythm, lightness, delicacy, power, endurance, preciseness of execution and muscular co-ordination to a degree far in excess of his present ability. “STICK CONTROL” is intended to develop finger, wrist and arm muscles, which to the rudimental drum- mor, playing in exhibition or contest, means speed, power and endurance, and to the orchestral drummer, specializing in lighter types of playing, means clean, erisp execution, precise interpretation and flexibil- ily of control, especially in‘pianissimo” rolls and delicate shading. “STICK CONTROL” contains a wealth of material for the dovelopment of the drummer's weak or awkward hand (which to the right handed individual is his left), thereby enabling him to acquire ambidextority in sufficient degree for smooth, rhythmic hand-to-hand execution. Its stick-work being entirely mechanical in scope, “STICK CONTROL” does not conflict with any of the known “systems” of drumming, therefore any instructor may assign its pages, at his discretion,concurrently with his regular assignment to the pupil. The expert instructor will find in the rhythms of “STICK CONTROL" an abundance of material designed to make his own daily“work-out"more in- teresting and productive. An hour a day with“STICK CONTROL” will work wonders for one, whether he be rudimental ex- hibitionist or concert drummer; student or expert; jazz drummer or symphonist.The only vital r quirement for this book (or, indeed, for any drum instruction book) is regular practise; and, to the student, the author recommends the services of a local export instructor, whenever such services are available. GEORGE LAWRENCE STONE 8-38 HOW TO PRACTISE “STICK CONTROL” It will be noted that the practise-rhythms in‘“STICK CONTROL” are numbered and are without tho customary musical ending. This is so that each rhythm may be practised over and over before proceeding to the next one, which method of practise is the most conducive to quick and satisfactory results. c ‘Tho author recommends that each rhythm be practised 20 TIMES WITHOUT STOPPING. Then go on to the next one. THIS IS IMPORTANT. “STICK CONTROL” cannot serve its purpose as well in any other way. Practise with the metroncme is also recommended, and at several different speeds, varying from ex- tremely slow to extremely fast; and again without the metronome, in the open and closed style, i. e., starting very slowly, gradually accelerating to top speed, then slowing down again, finally ending at the original tempo. Practise at all times with relaxed muscles, stopping at the slightest feeling of tension. Remember, the rhythms in“ STICK CONTROL” are “conditioners.” They are designed to give control. Control begins in muscularly relaxed action. A WORD TO THE ORCHESTRAL DRUMMER:—Do not let the word “rudimontal” frighten you nor prevent you from putting in a normal amount of practise on power, high-hand practise and the open roll. This will not spoil tho light touch, delicate shading or fine-grained effects demanded of you in modern musical interpretation. To the contrary, by giving you a better control of the sticks, it will enable you to produce even finer and more delicate offects than horotofore. LIKEWISE, A WORD TO THE RUDIMENTAL DRUMMER: —Do not hesitate to devote a portion of your practise period to lightness and touch, and especially to the playing of the closed roll, for if your Practise is confined entirely to power and endurance your execution will become “one-sided,” hoavy and clumsy. Strange to says practise in lighter execution will, by giving you a fuller control of the sticks, help your power, endurance and speed. ‘The open roll,” referred to throughout the book (and beginning on page 11), is the rudimental roll of two beats (no more) of each stick, in rhythmic alternation. Tho ‘closed roll;” notated on page 42 and thereafter, is the one commonly used ‘in light orchestral play- ing. It has several rebounds to each stick movement, instead of just one» this being produced bya slight additional pressure, applied to the sticks as the roll is executed. This closed roll is not to be confused with that exaggerated type of roll known as the'‘scratch roll.” produced by digging tho sticks down in- to the drumhead with muscles tenso, at a ridiculously high rate of speod, for which neither the author, nor indeed any musician, has any use, Practise each rhythm 20 TIMES WITHOUT STOPPING. Then go on to the next one. Single Beat Combinations (Read downward) 1 “48 eRERL RURL RLRE RERL TRER LRLR LCRER LRLR RLRL RRLL WOURL BRED RRLL RRLL RELL RAUL ERER LLRR LROER CLE BRER LLRL RRLER LERL REEL BRERL RLRL RRRL RLAL LRLR RLRL LARUE TRLR LLLR LAER LLER 2E 24 THER LRAR LRRR LRRR RRLE RLERR LEAR LRLL gh eae Repeat each exercise 20 times Single Beat Combinations 37 fE RLERR RLRR BRLAR RLAR Single Beat Combinations Soe oe eee 64 yf RLUL LRAR RLLL LRRR LAARL RARAR LRAL RAR RELL RARR LRAR LLLL RRLR RRLR RARLR RRLR RRAL LLERAR RELL RARE LLtR RRLL LRRR LEER RRLR LULR FLRL RRRL RRLR RLRR LRRL RELL WRER ERRR LERL RULE LLRL LRELL RLER LRLR RLLR LEAL ERLE RERL LERL RRRR LLEBL RRAR LRRL ®RLR RLUR LRLB RRRL LEER RRRL LEUR RLER LLLL RRAR LRLL RRARL RLLL RRRL RELL RREL BERR ELLE RRAR ELLER LRRR LLLR LRRR LLRR LRLL RRRR LELL RRRL BRRR LELR LELL RRRR LLRR LRRL RLERL 8 (ead downward) Triplets 3 Z of J, 18 BERL REA LAL RLRL RUB LRL RLRL RRL RRL RLRL RRL RRL 3s iz 2 3 TRLR LRLRLR LRLR URL RLR LER LER BRER LER LLR zg 3g So ee 8 aaa 15 BRDU RUN URL BREL BUR URL BELL RAL AML RELL RRL RRL amy TUNA EBL REN DORR LBL RUB TERR DLNLLB LLRR GER ELR 2 2 ee fees oe ee TERR TRE RUB REL BUR LBL BERR ULELER DREL BAL BRE ss 2 2 sg ee fees ee ee 7 Gaara 16 ToC URL RUB DRRL ROR LAL BUGR DURLLIR LWAL RRL RRL 2 pos RRUR UNL BIR LURE BEB ERE BAER LURLLR LEAL BAL BBL 2 23 8 TERT WEN TRE RAL BUR URE BRRL NEL WR RHEL BRL RRL z 53 pees ee ee 9 TEEW URE REN LELR URL RUB TEER ULB LGR TbGE UEB LLB 3g 2 ee fe er en to pata ail op BEGL BERLAL WELL FER UAL Rind WAL WAL RELL REL REE 3 AL H TERR UAE ALN LRA URL BLP THAR LEN LER DRAB GER LLB 3 3 42 BRAN UAL RER ELLE RUB LBL WHER UUW LUN LLL WEL RAE tn tat tango une top (and vebond forthe fn te Dats of hs tet — s Rat Triplets 3 BERL ALR TRL RURL RLR LBL REAL ALR LRL BLA LRL ALR LAL TROER GRE RLR LALR LERL RLR LRER ERL RUR RL ALR LRL BLE 8 HREE REE LAL RALL RLR LRL WRLL RUR LAL RLR LAL ALR LAL 4 TERE LRL AER FERR ERL ALR LOERR LRL ALR LRU RLBLRL ALR 5 ROGR LNL ALR LRLL BLE LRL RLRR LRL ALR ERL RLRLRL RLR TREL RUR LRE RERR LRL ALR LALL RLR LRL RLR LL RLR LRL RHLLR LHL ALR LRRL BLR LAL RLLR LBL RUA LAL RLR LRL RER ETRRL RER ERLE ALLER URL KER LRRL RER LRL RER URL RLR ERE RARER URL RLR GLRL RLR RL BRLER LAL BLA LBL ALR URL BER TERL RER URL RRLR GAL REA LLRL RL LBL BLN LAL WLR LRL BLLL WLR LRL RELL WLR LHL RELL LB LAL AEA LBL BUR LAL TRRR URE RDR LRA LRL HER FARR LRL RLER LAL RER URE RUR 40 Short Roll Combinations (single Beat Rolls) Utead downward) 7 18 fE SORT OD WAL WERT wn SORE UAT RUAL Wo WUE unr RUB : ey «Pee aelg TEEN GRIF THRTRU UM IALN | UBEW RDN TMD Lun Une UL Pee Se 8 ftw wee tS SEUT MAY ROD TREE Wnt BERL WRU RINE AER WALT BUnL AER polars lane tiara 4 46 # CcRW GW TNT ERS Chon TAD CUWN Une IRL DERN GRR Ua pia sivaaied ,, poitastamnemael pbbbsianrae faa at maa ei 17 cite SURE GMNTRRT RIT SRE MAL NEW URUE EAL ERLE onl num ; olay SETE GAN Lan RET MAE WRT RUDW IRIE URE URRT Bim BUR jae perrrere Perera riers 7 ay 19 SHUR WWE TERT CORE wERD | HRUN UNDE TR) TERU WORD BEB oo SS. CSS sk fate we] O09 GERD GM nDRE WaT MIRE BERL WEE RIAD MEF RWEE GIS BER ST Tn scaeaaae saa of pay danas 9 abe a CELE TMR METEOR ARUN) | TUL® TRUE DAL GEER URL TRL fo SSS ee aa aoa 10 E 22 4 SCE MA SORE REDD SCRE wRE | RUDE WAL RON RUDY WORT BOE 29 [aaa inane ae THEE TRE TMIE THER UMOIRIN | URRW UREN TRL URW UALR URL om. oo 42 oa aaa a aoa le | SeeR he aie TTT Beat maD | WREW UREN TT EDET HRD WOR s * Repeat each exercise 20 times Soon Short Roll Combinations (Double Beat Rolls) Per Aa oe (ee a yo RERL[RRLE RRLL RIERL RRLL RELL | Sotroke open rou, PFS SS RERL|RRLL RRL ‘oizoke open roll Finis 44 HLRL BALL BRL nanny : [pee 14 ERUR LLRR LLRR LAER LLRR LLER aq 15 RRLL RRLL RALL RALL RRLL RALL oS, LLRR LLRR LURK LURR LURR LURR RE Te 5 fae ee eed 47 TRLR LERR LER RRLL RRLL RRL LLRR LLBR LLB peer rirerher erecta ie] TRLR LLRR LLR RRLL RRLL RRL LERR LLRR LLB RLRR LLRR LLRR LRLL RRLL RRLL RLRR LLRR LLR Co FS. URLL RRLL RRL co Por RSS oo oon see seen ee eee eee 15 RLER LLRR LLRR LRRL RRLL RRLL oo SSS OT RLLR LURK LLR fo? Soe. TRRL BALL RRL jane _--=_-! oy fate A 19 RRLR LERR LLRR LLRL RRLL RRLL Pe os ea aaa aaa] 20 RRLER LLRR OLLR LERL RRLL RAL RRRL ARLL RRLL RRWL RRLL RELL oro SS SS. LLOR LLRR LUBA LLLR LLRR LLRR RREL REEL RRL LLLB LLRR LLR Po SS, RREL RAUL RRL ULER LURR LLB So 40 [pennant aaa 22 RLOUL RRLL RRLL ALLL RRLL RRLL BLLEE RRLL RRL RLLL RRLL RRL ) = ay TRRR LLRR LLRR LRRR LLRRLURR es RRRR LLRR LLRR LELL RRLL RRLL gf (S00 poragraph on page Aexpatning open fol”) LRRR LLRR LLB WRRR LLRR LLR LRRR GLRR LER LLLL RRLE RRL 42 Short Roll Combinations 48 RLRL[RURE RL RL REEL RELSL|RERL [RL RL RERE © [petroke elosearal retake sone] : Saaeot eet 416 BERR CREB ERLE RERE RERR LRER ERLE BURL RLL® LRLR LRRL RLRE REL ERLE RRL RUBE RRL LRLR LER L RERL RRLR LRLR LL RL BERL RERL BLRL RRBL RURL RREL REBEL RRRL BURL eee ea ee 10 FE 22 TTS war TTT aE Tree Wie wT eT Pspee = Feet ,, Te Te | LEP rr 412 RRRR LEER LLLL RLRL RRBR LRLR LLL L ERE g° See peragraph on paged oxplaining heeled rel” 413 Review of Short Roll Combinations 4 Po" Fee es A es [abet — aint aia [abner waa RLRL BERL RURL RLERL RLRLBLBL RLRL REAL RERL BURL RLRL RLRL RLRL tah) fi desea ie eee td EE [aaa — ee DRUR LRLRLRLR LR LN ERLRLBLR LRLR LAER URLR REE URER LRLR LRLR » RERL BLAL LR RERL RURAL LR BLRL BURL BUR BURL RLR RLRL ALR aE TRER LRLRLRL LALA LRLR URL LALA GRER URL URL URL LRLN LBL Cc SSS eS eS ee eet Ft a ot — alate ta] 5 RLBL RRLLRRLL REAL RELL BALL RLRL RELL RRLL RRLL RBLL BRLL RRLL pal aaonersnae iy ogo pane eve Gedy esas bade poe aa] aa aa aaa aaa { piaae aia el LRLR LLRRLLAR LAER LLRRLLRR LAER LIRR LLRR LLRR LLRR LLRR LLRR RERL BRLL RRL RORL RALL RRL REEL BREE RRL BALL BRL ARLE RRL LRLR LGRRILR CRLR LLRRLLR LRLR LLRR LER LLRR LLR LLRR LEE RORL BSLAL BERD RERL RLRL REEL RLRL REAL LRER LRER LRLR FRLR FRLR LRER LRLR LRER RLRL BLRL BURL RERL RLRL RLRL RLRL BERL 42 DRLR LRER LRLR LRER LRES LRER LRLR LALR 8 4 Short Rolls and Triplets 2 4 epee es ees po eee oo eee Fawn ee] [ewww nana ee WORL BiMy RUM RUBE ALB LAL HHLL WIND MRL HLL WAHL BBL oo So oe FR Se aaa fied wway 4, | fatale aaa aaa 2 44 H 10 URLR LRLR LALR RLAL REAL ALA URLR LRL RUB 28, 415 RLRL RLR LBL aaa et away LRUR UBER URL oS. TRE LBL RER aos ee, LLBR UALR LHLR LUA LER LLB ieee aa BRLL RURL ALR BRLL RRL RRL TORR URERLAL LLRR LER ELE co Se oe tae 47] aa a al ia i HLRL RRUL RALL RLRL RER URL asa E totaal wae 4g HRLL RRUL RRLL RRLL RRL RRL eae aa we TADR ULAR LLRR URDR URL RLR pat E fanaa amen 40) LER LURR LLAR LLRR LER LOR iia idle RLRD RALL RRL ERER LLRR LER HSI ie foe eee] oy RLRL RLR LBL 38 LRLR URL RUR RALL ARLL RRL RALL REL BRL LLRR LURRLLR LLRR LER LER os oe ee RLBL RBLEL RLRL RLR LAL RRLL RLRL RRLL BRL RRL TRER LRLR TRLR URL RER TERR LAER LLRR CLR LER 12 BERL RURL TRLR LRLR HELRL ALR URE 2 ERER URL RUR RRLL RERL RRLL RRL RRL LERR ERUR LLRR LER LER Short Rolls and Triplets 23 oo 438 TORE UMNLBDN DELL MUR TEL HUG UNLHLMLR THAD REL WAL 23 as PS > =n ee eee oo Bee es ee [paca a ana me : fatwa aaa aa 2 44 tt TRUE REAL HURL AL WA URE ROW TREE RURE AURAL RUL® LLB LUR 3 3 oo es oo eo Soe [alae -eae-aee sf 45 BLWR UREN DAD DRLT AUR LAD HOUR GAN UAL UWRT WRT WL 2 Per eae! E fada a ean_eees TRLL RUML RUN BLAH URL RUB TREL AUBE RIN BELA TEN TUR La ss [SS =n oo eee ee E faa : faba] 7 fpr aaa eee 4 BURR UURRLINR DRT ROW URE WEGW GUAWLURW LWT REL RAD zs ss So =e oe ee oe [pleas Pere rere rere awa aaa aad 6 18 TROL NREL WALL HORE URL ROW TREE WALL RRLE HELW LER DOM 3, zs 419 REAR LURRLLR LRLL BLE LRL RLLR LLRRLLR LRARL ARE RRL ERLE ARLE ARE RLRR LRE RUR ERRL RRLL RRL RLLR LER LLB REAR LRLR CREEL RER LAL RE OER FRLR LARL RRL RAL s EBLE RLRL ®LRR URL RUE LRRL RLRL RELA LER LER RLERR LRLR LRLL RLRLRL ROLLER LRLR GRRL RRL RRL LRLL RLRL RLRR LAL ALR LRRL RLRL RLLR LER LER Flam Beats 10 FLRR ®RLL uu FURR @®RUL FR OL FROL FURL ®RUR FR@L PR OL FURL @rin FREL @urer aaa == at ao at Eee etl Asie FREL FRUL FRUL FRED 44) @one Sink Gree OLeR FREE @LRR er PEEEreEEe 8 _ FLRL PERL FLRL FLRL PLUR @®RRL FLLER ®RRL pita area oft eee ey @atek Orie ORww Griz FRRR ®LUL FPRRR @uty FURL FURL L FOR and) flam-(LR) FLRR @ree Syne Flam Beats 37 a7 27 28 29 Bt FR @®t FR O®L FRE ® EL FR@®L FR@®L ERPS os [aaa aay perenne] PLREL @RUR RTT SRY FRE @®uUL PS oe FURL ©@LR sof aay FRLEL FRE FRR ®t FRED FREE ia ara ea pce erate eerrcrerr FREER ®bRL Thy FRR © ut Seer raee at FREER ®LRL FREE ®ouRR® FRR ®ut pana 42 PFRLL @LAR TTT FLLR @RRe tela ta ae FRR @® ut 49 se FLLR ®@RRet fae tee FRRER OLLL PRR ®uL F L RR @®it F FRR ®Lt FL (faa ee FRE ® uy FREER @®ULE FUR ®nt P RL FORE = _—=.- _-. ah a Fur ®t F RL ® UE Poa @ sb PLRL FURL preerrires FLR ® RL FLBR ORIEL 1s ea ay PRR ®@LL FLERR ®RLL FLR ®RL rFR@®t FR@®tL Flam Beats 49 == ee ==. ==, SS =. FE [aaa aa oy eta te a eee oa Pin ®wt Peat @aun PRL PRL FREn @LRL Laeeectenee | qufeldone deus |iedve Taree pte ea eae 4 3 62 = FUR ®t FRun FRLL PORL FP RL FRLL @LeR ‘SA @RRL PR @uir FLRL 55 66 LR LR @ruu @®rur PRLL FRLL @urRt 419 Flam Beats 85 ®err @ue @iRt FRR @tur rere Ou s 2 = ®er Orr Sree rRit @ut ren @uRR PRUE Flam Beats @ut rere @Ret Furr @eL FLR ®itt FRER = @Rt rinm @® ue @ uR ®ve @®tR ®@RiR OR @®@ru rir @® LR F RL @®ur ®ve @RLyL FuRe @et Fir @win ®Rik @ur ®un ®ire ®rFeR 402 @®tr ®un @awR FLRL 403 @exe. Fux @®prFR Ouerr @®u.R @ie @irrwr OpeRR @ut rin @ruRn FuRe @ix ®iR OiRy FRLUR @®rt run @®irR Six LR @LR @LAR FRLL = @ Out rin Orat Fain @in ®in @nny Pin 407 ® pte run @ree FREL @®uin ®un Oriy FREE @nu. run @ORRL FLLR @ur FRL @RiRk ORi Flam Beats ahaa at | nope setae oe precedes oy 180) 194 [aaa aa 182 @eie FLRR edtad-teaten s FURL FLL nyt Paar ery FRLR @®uRL ®t rr @u FR fea oe ee FLRL FURL FELL @LeR @erux FURL FURL FURL FLUR ®art = == (Eaiw waa taa ee @®une Orer 17 ea 3 vReR Ouut FLRR ®RLL PLRR @RUL FURR @Ria FRLL FREE eee ree erer ere FLRR ®RLL PRUR @uRre ff a eee = == foo eee ee eet FURL [eee FLRL PLRER ®RUL aalaa tdatea PLURR @®nur [epee FRLL @®uRe Pedaa teed, FURL FURL FR@L = PR@. == FURR @Rup FLLR @®ReRe i [ee eae el sale bie eel FURL qLEErscrrrs FURL FLRL @RiR FLRR @RLL sas eat FRRR @LLL aera teas PiRL FURL FRLL FRLL FRO FR@®u FLRL @rRuK 22 Flam Beats 145 of = == = = Aisi anew aaa ss a FR@L FR@uL FRLL FRLL FRLL PRLL FLLR @RRL sag EEE ET 155 { FROL PROL PRLR Oure REL FRLL PRRR@®LLL = = S= S S= a7 150 [teeta ee al FR®L PR®L FRLL @uRAR FRLR @®LRL FRLL ®OLRR tas [DPR aa ETT soph FR@®L PR@L Purn Onat FRER @®LRL FLLR ORL 449 peste ae? daa 161 f= idan FR@®.t PR@®L FRRR @uir FRLR @LREL FRRR @ULLL 150: abreast ,, peers teee} FURL ®RLR PRLL PRUE FRLL @URR FLLR ORRL 44 | aa FuRL ORLR FRER OtRt FREL @uRR FPRAR @OLLL (oa peg ,, poten y FLR LE @rRin ¥RLL @uaR FLLR @RRL FRRR ®OLLE 158) pbatanaay 4165 FE fey PLRL @®RLR FLLER @®RRL @rire @rrk ORLL PLURK Bea F I 5 J 166, qerrrseree: pata FURL @RLR PRRR @uin @rin @auw Ourn Or ew aaa aaa eee 455) 167 z PRLL FRLL FRLR @uru @rik @ruk @RUR FLRL wo so tia tas FRLL FRLL FRLL @®une @RLn @®nik ®ine Oirk 23 Flam Beats Spl @®uin @xin ®unt vRiv® =] = SS = [pleat a tea el 470 Ouse One aaa @u rr Ou re @rin @rrrk @LRR FRLL ale @®rur @rixe ®raet FLLR 472 @aur ®nir duane Bdadd tdlide tent ow] @uut PRER 173] @®uRL FRLR @®irr @ure sagt Peay @urre @urer penn RS @ure @u.rR @exy FLer eebpse rine rrreerres @uke FRLL @ett Furr @urre @®vrer @eit Furr @nur Faure 475] @RiL FURR @ure @®urer @rRut FuRR ®uRt PRL 477) @RLL FLRR @LRR FRLL 178| @rRut FURR @reru FLLR 479 @Rit FLRR @uut rare ®t rr ®L PR @aun rFurt 185 FFE @trre ®@Lrra @©urt FREE ieee sia @®RLR FLRL @®ine @iRe 87 FLRL FRLE @uri soo [beware area ery @eur @rue @iune PRLL WT, PLRL 489 @RLR FLRL @RRL FLL = = [taal @RLR FLRL @LLL FRR RTA Ty @unk @uLRH OuR_ vRLR un teeta trey @inn OLweR ®rwew rary 404 RLR LRLRLR Ss Short Rolls in 6 7 TORE RERLRL HLR LRLRL RL LRLRB SS fk RRL RLRLRL RRL RLRLEL TRL RURLR LL RLRLR re are 8 3 a | DLR LRLALR LL AR LRLRLE RRL RLRLER &LR URLRE oS = 4 io eee RLL RURERL 5 fot sia BLL RLRLRL BLL SLRLR LRR LURE TRR LRURLE T RR LRLRER RRR LRLRL RNR LRLRL SS [os on ————_I RRR LBLRLR So eS LLL RLRERL LLL RLBLE LLL BERLE oo === 13 E 4 19 RER|LLRRLL ‘otroke open roll BlL RB LLRREL oS LLERE [S stroke open rol, ROR LERRL iE peer RL RRLERR TRL RRLLR LRL RRLLR LR LERBLL RRL RRLLR LLB LUBRE [SS 46 a TRR LERRLL REL NRLUR LRR LURRL cS (= RRR LERRLL BRR LLRRL BRR LERRL oe. : 4 fea a “24 LLL RELRR LLL RRLLRR LLL RALER LLL RRLLB Repent each exercise 20 times Short Rolls in 6/g a | TRE RURERERL HAL WLILRERE TRL RURUREN UL RURLRUR | 2 2 eaceapeaas! Fecaeiaanel \ [=eMl-=---—-| aaa 45 3g 24 TUR URUBURDR TVW LKURURLE WHT HERLELE LUE URIRERE 8 & = Satiaataa Serene 16 rae . 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BL RRLLARLERR TRL BALLARLLR LBL RRULRALLR 10 —— —_— VSS. fate —aileeee | 9 TR TLRREERRDE TAL RALLNALER DT ® LURRULRRL 10. 10 10 SS 10 10 eaeeesaea I scasegsteed ee ae ,, pie Say 5 ee Dat 1 10 _x ecaeeeapscceel SS = Z 6 ee 12 TRUERLLIR LR LRERE [2 stroke cloned rol uk = : Loa# L RLRUR LR L RERER LOR L RERLR LR L RLRLR ROR L RLRER LL OR LRLRL ROR L RERLR LL OR LRLRL BLL RLRER L RR LRERL KL L RLERLR L RR LRLRL BOR OR LRERL RRR LALRE BRR LRLRL RRR LRLRL 48 24 Lb L RURLR LLL RLRELR Lob ob RLBLR LLL RERLR # This measure, ike those on pages 26 and 26, is irregulurly notated. See note on page 25. 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With special exercises for speed, power, precision, delicacy and the development of the weak hand, No, 822- Price postpaid $3.50 MILITARY DRUM BEATS by George Lawrence Stone FOR THE SCHOOL AND DRUM CORPS. Including Marching Taps— Roll Offs — Street Marching Beats — Individual Competition Beats and THE ORIGINAL 26 RUDIMENTS OF DRUMMING by STRUBE, rudimental drummer. Invaluable for the No. 621 ice postpaid $1.50 ACCENTS & REBOUNDS - for the Practicing Drummer by George Lawrence Stone BRAND NEW * ADVANCED + DESIGNED TO FOLLOW “STICK CONTROL" HAND CONDITIONING ROUTINES FROM ‘THE AUTHOR'S PRIVATE COLLECTION for development of ACCENTUATION — THE SEC- ONDARY ROLL BEAT—FINGER BOUNCE EXECUTION — THE BUZZ ROLL. No, 835.-Price postpaid $3.50 THE DODGE DRUM CHART rev. by George Lawrence Stone OVER 400 STANDARD MEASURES OF DRUM MUSIC IN 2-4, 6-8 AND ALLA BREVE RHYTHM, CHARTED, SHOWING CORRECT EXECUTION AND FINGERING This book is a veritable dictionary of orchestral drumbeats. No. 825a-Price postpaid $1.50 MALLET CONTROL by George Lawrence Stone FOR THE XYLOPHONE-VIBRAPHONE/ VIBRAHARP 56 pages of highly specialized exercises to develop CONTROL OF THE MALLETS. No, $30--Price postpaid $4.00 PUBLISHED BY George B. Stone & Son, Inc. P.O, Box 324 Randolph, MA 02368 (U.S.A.) CS ES! NS) EST NSS SNS) NS 9 MALLET CONTROL & for the XYLOPHONE (MARIMBA VIBRAPHONE VIBRAHARP) Price $4.00 By GEORGE LAWRENCE STONE ‘Nationally Known Authority on Percussion Principal of the Stone Drum and Xylophone Sehool of Boston ‘Percussion Biitor of “The International Musician” PUBLISHED BY George B. Stone & Son, Inc. P.O, Box 324 Randolph, MA 02368 (U.S.A.) © Copyright 1949 by George B. Stone & Son, Inc, Made in U.S. Ae