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Group 3


I. The Impact Of Social Media to Elementary Graders of Gregorio Paradero

Elementary School: An Analytical Study


Leader: Angelito B. Panganiban


Rosemarie A. Bausas

Maria Shiela D. Bayungan

Lenie V. Creus

Rodora B. De Castro

Ma. Melanie R. Doria

Senando E. Hernandez

Mabel P. Pardonzalan

Teotimo R. Romarate

Rapporteur: Rocelle B. Rivera

School: Gregorio Paradero Elementary School

Rizal St., Tuy Batangas

School Year: 2016-2017

II. Abstract

Social media is the most common activity of today’s children. Any

website that allows social interaction is considered as social media. It refers

to collective online communication channels dedicated to community based

input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration like Facebook, Twitter,

Yahoo, Google, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Furthermore, social media can give bad effects to viewers who are

in their elementary grades.

III. Statement of the Problem

This research aims to analyze the impact of social media on the educational

learning and study habits of elementary graders of Gregorio Paradero

Elementary School: School Year 2016-2017.

Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following questions:

1. How did elementary graders engage with use of social media?

2. In what way do social media become helpful to them?

3. How do social media affect the attitude, behavior and outlook in life of


4. How do social media change the study habits of pupils?

5. How can parents guide their children in choosing the proper types of

social media?

IV. Research Design

This study will utilize the Descriptive Method because it will present the

observable occurrence of the Impact of Social Media to Elementary Graders of

Gregorio Paradero Elementary School.

The instrument to be used in this study is questionnaire.

V. Procedure

The respondents will be asked to know their responses through the use

of questionnaire.

The data will be tallied, analyzed and stated as findings.

Conclusions will be stated based on the findings.

Recommendation will be based on the conclusion.


1. Do you use social media?

A. Yes

B. No

2. What type of social media do you use?

A. Facebook

B. Twitter

C. Instagram

D. YouTube

3. Why do you use social media?

A. Studying

B. Playing games
C. Making friends

D. Challenging with friends

4. How often do you go to these sites?

A. Once a month

B. One every 2 weeks

C. One every week

D. 2-4 times each week

E. 5-6 times each week

5. How long do you spend on these sites each time you visit?

A. Less than an hour

B. 1-2 hours

C. 2-3 hours

D. 3-4 hours

E. More than 4 hours

6. To what extent do you think social media and affecting your studies?

A. Seriously affecting

B. Slightly affecting

C. No impact

D. Slightly helping

E. Seriously helping