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0 TAKE A CHANCE ON ME from the Stage Musical Little Women aie by JASON HOWLAND tyes by MND DICKSTEIN uicty LAURIE: 1 know 1 have no right, but some-timeslate at night 1 watch you i that at ~ te, pacing back and forth ike ama -al- ae ve gg ee nev ec meta gil tke you, an = y > one tal, like you 141 Biotaias e I This is very len, such a lovely par The nw sie sounds so. chil - ing 1 Teamakes » per-son fel like dane fol 5 (chytonically steady) i ‘Aad? Bouya oe a 2 GC DE Asan Busy, ae Brnadewya Asan ac De hun = dred things, — < y= thing you please — nt, assis Braco chor — oS —I— We could fy 2 - class the sey wr Bradt suai Da TH bet wecouldget a camel through 8 ee - de 149 GD WG DE Ansa saa Bipaddiya Gye Bae Aoi aya Braldi/a ald? —— = — We could catch and stand them ona GC DE Aan Badan — I We could esp Bradt chm Fay Bovadss Asc 99 3 make the plan yoo wantto do. all hethingsyou'veev. ~ er 144 (dreamed of, —_____ ome on, tke 8 chance one. Empat Friends ches As Eat cHtagas berata —- se you ev gles a chance on you — boa arbaoatyab — We could live 146 | a Abmatitaych Goan ete et SS 5 z | Ta = on aeams,- ion wee 1 } eee ep | cS SS | ay = i =e chun, Abauwab 5 Abmaass abn? to such ex - wemes . There's so much Ebr Abmtaaas obsusayab cha cir cle the world do ing all a . And we'll ive in Abt var chosjynb Eng 7 ea zs = ae a ime ——— best of lends Dawe Abb abou Abraasych 4 ee 2 $a’ when you take a BA A Dhteees o