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Intro about the company (2 slides)

Manyavar is a men's ethnic wear brand founded in India by entrepreneur Ravi Modi in 1999
under his company Vedant Fashions.
It started with a 150 sq feet shop in Kolkata and has now expanded to over 570 stores
across 180 cities in India and Abroad.
It was in 2008 though that the second Brand Outlet store was launched. Since then , it
opened two stores every week on an average.
In 2011, Manyavar opened its first international store in Dubai, followed by Bangladesh. In
the same year it was the establishment of Manas Foundation, a non-profit, charitable
organization dedicated to support heart surgeries in children.
Manyavar was a key sponsor of four teams in the Indian Premier League in 2018: Kolkata
Knight Riders, Delhi Daredevils, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Rajasthan Royals. It has also
done film advertisements which aired across India making it a national brand.
In 2016, iconic Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli signs as Manyavar’s Brand Ambassador. In the
same year it launched the -Women’s Celebration Wear label- Mohey. In the next year
Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma becomes the Brand Ambassador of Mohey.
Manyavar also opened its store in New Jersey, USA. It also received many awards like
Fastest Growing Company (2013), ‘Most Admired Brand of The Year’ (2015).
6 countries, 200+ cities, 578+ stores. It began as a dream, and the journey continues…

Story (2 slides)
Manyavar released a new ad, “Naye Rishtey, Naye Vaade- Hamesha”, taking forward the
story of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in the ad, the brand ambassadors of Manyavar.
The first ad featured the duo exchange wedding vows and promises- to take care of each
other. This film takes the story further, showcasing what happens after one year of marriage.
It continues the playful romance of the pair at yet another friend’s wedding. In the new ad,
Anushka and Virat – dressed in Manyavar clothes – are attending their friends’ wedding,
again. Instead of being observers – like the last time – they are warning the bride and groom
on how people change after the knot is tied. A playful spat starts between the two as they
warn the couple about what follows after marriage. The negative narrative soon changes for
the better as the duo start mentioning what they like about each other. And ends happily for
the celeb couple and their friends.

Social Message (2 slides)

As shown in the ad, the celeb couple were warning their soon to be married friends about
the realities of marriage. They were having a conversation where they were talking about the
negative side about the after-life of marriage. But we should note that, even after speaking
about all this, they spoke about the positive side of marriage and what they like about each
other. This shows everyone in this world has flaws, and when two people are in a
relationship, we should accept and love our partner with their flaws. Even though both had
complaints about each other, yet they complimented each other, signifying that marriage is
tied by the rope of compromise. They are both warning their friends to think about taking the
next step and in those warnings, they realise how the best part of a marriage lies in the little
things that they do for each other.
In 2016, Manyavar made Virat its brand ambassador. His ad with Anushka for Manyavar’s
women collection – Mohey became very popular. Thus, an important factor in the success of
Manyavar has come through its advertisements. And to feature India’s favourite celebrity
couple in its ads, Manyavar had to invest a lot. Also, the director of the ad is Shashank
Khaitan, who also directed Dhadak and Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya. Due to his two box-office
hits , he had the fame and demand. He said that he rarely takes ad film projects, but was
excited to work with Manyavar and Mohey. Overall if we consider the quality of the plot,
screenplay, sets, cast, direction, it’s pretty obvious that Manyavar spent a lot on its
advertisements and promotions and we can see it was worth to do so.


Speaking about the ad, Anushka said “The youth will definitely resonate with it, especially
young couples. Manyavar and Mohey have become brands that the youth have come to
relate to. Their communication tends to be entertaining yet drives home a message which is
extremely contemporary.”
Virat Kohli became the brand ambassador in 2016. With him, started a new wave of
communication with audience and curating ads with a strong social message to it. To name
a few; Aadha Aadha, New Beginnings, Saath Saath Hamesha, India Ethnic Week and so on.
These ads have been acclaimed by the critics and celebrated amongst the youth.
With this ad, Manyavar has made a new spin on shaadi ke saat vachan. Taking forward the
story of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma, a sequel to Naye Rishte Naye Vaade, the new film
explores the dynamics of a relationship that blossoms after a marriage.
With these two as the Brand ambassador, Manyavar has been successful in creating a great
impact to its customers and viewers about its social messages. The celeb couple has a great
fan following, especially amongst the youth. Virat being an international cricketer and captain
of the Indian team and Anushka, being one of the most popular and highest-paid actresses
in India, their fan following is massive across the globe. And because of this, their presence
in the ad can help the social message to resonate with the entire nation. In fact, the first
advertisement had generated a fan following and fans even dubbed it as Virushka’s pre-
wedding video.
The ad was also shared by the director’s mentor, Karan Johar on Twitter. This shows the
amount of love and applause this ad received from the fans. This was possible only through
combined efforts, quality and star cast.

Products (1 slide)- Manyavar offers Sherwanis, Kurtas , jackets, Indo-western

clothing for men and kids. For women, there is a wide range of sarees, kurti, lehengas,
gown, skirt, and the bridal collection. It also offers various accessories for men and women
making Manyavar-Mohey a complete store for wedding shopping. ‘The Virat Collection’ is a
special range of exceptional collection of men’s ethnic clothing.
In this ad, Virat was Dressed in a mid-night blue double-breasted Indo-western outfit with
an asymmetrical cut and Anushka looked mesmerising in an ivory coloured, hand
embroidered lehenga. Virat also complimented Manyavar’s unique collection saying there
are lots of different hues and cuts in store. This helped in the promotion of its products owing
to the fanbase Virat Kohli has. Promotion through IPL has also benefited Manyavar in terms
of increased awareness.