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WHEN SHE LOVED ME from Walt Disney Pictures’ Toy Story 2 - A Pixar Film Music and Lyrics by Randy Newnan Tender, very freely Dm Am/(C GB Bom a Goo WA BG Cam ro a == ae SS | When some - bod-y loved me, ev "ry thing was beau-ti- fil FL r try. 3 ¥ = — | _——————————— | + = = B= = ss Ems AcE pm ——_F(asaaycBhtaca2y c F Gm FA 4 — SS SS SS SS SSS = SSS SS SSS Ev ‘ry hour wespent to-geth ~ er lives with-in my heart. And when she was sad, SSS 4 bb SS —— Bb GyB__ cast Cc gms AcE pm Feedaayec Bbiace2) SSS 5 SSS & a ra ==> = = ; a= SSS (© 1989 Well Disney Musi Company and Plat Talking Petras ‘Administ by Wal Deney Musie Campany “Rights Record Usod by Pamianon FIC a F B a Through the sum-mer and the fall, we FC Cayph YA Bb He CGD c hhad cach oth = er, that was all, she and I together, like twas meant to be, F Gm? FA Bb GB Cou Cc PYA Bb she was lone - ly, [was there to comfort her, Dm Bbmg/D> FIC G/B Gtimyph_ YA Frmigab a So the years went by: I stayed the same. bab ar Dm phmeb__c1_Abmych = BbT 1 was left a= lone, Still 1 wait - ed for the day when shed say, absppb Abmic one F Gm? FA Lone - ly and for ~ got - ten, Bb GWB Csus? c Ems ACE = Dm Pladdi2fCBb(add2) ¢ a opt nev ~ er thought she'd look my way, and she smiled at me andheld me just like sheused 10 do, FIA Bb FIC crust C7 Gm YA - body loved me, Bb yp Cous2, c Emi7bs ack Dav Pladd2yc ev = ‘ry = thing Ev = "ty hour we spent to - geth Bb(add2) c FC co