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The World is an apple is a clear example of a Marxist literature.

We can see different ideologies and class

systems that affect human behavior. Classicism is distinctly seen in the text, when Gloria emphasized to
Mario that he should’ve not tried to bring home an apple because they are not rich. Gloria has this belief
that since they are poor they should not be aspiring for better things. She believed that they could only
have things that are allotted for the poor (e.g. Lugaw). Injustice is also evident in the text, just by stealing
a single apple, Mario was fired out of his work. This points me to Economic Power. The company where
Mario worked was just waiting for him to make mistakes. In this way they can throw men out without
any reason and replace them with men whom they know or whom they want. This shows how status
and power works in our society. Mario can’t even complain because whatever he does these people who
have the authority will always win.

Religion is also reflected in the text. Gloria has this belief that God will provide for them if they only
believe and pray. She even pointed out that the financial crisis they are experiencing at the moment is
only a challenge by God. And that God will never leave them. Rugged Individualism is seen in the
character of Pablo, wherein he lures Mario to steal for a living. Pablo doesn’t think of what might happen
to Mario if he comes with him. He doesn’t even care to what Gloria feels. Pablo is trying to point out that
what they will do is for the sake of everybody’s welfare. But the truth is, it is for Pablo alone. Pablo even
flaunts his wealth just to persuade Gloria to let Mario come with him. Economic conditions and Material
circumstances mostly are the reasons why poor are easily lured to commit illegal acts. That is how Pablo
or the wealthy people manipulate the poor. Pablo even said to Gloria to take the money as a gift, since
they cannot afford to pay for it. Pablo is showing not what his money can do for Tita but what social
status he is in. Consumerism is also seen in the text when Pablo flaunts his money. He brags at Gloria
that before, Mario can do many things. He experienced a life of wealth.

Poverty is the main reason why Mario considers stealing as an option to make money. Manipulation of
Pablo is also a factor that affects Mario’s decisions. The text somehow invites us to condemn and criticize
socio-economic forces. It tries to open our eyes in the reality that the poor have nothing to say because
they are forced to be submissive with those who are in power. The text also shows how poor people,
who only believe that God will help them, struggle in their everyday living. How little food they eat,
malnutrition happens and above all unemployment rates increase. Their only hope is religion- God. They
still cling to the belief that God will provide for them and that they should be contented with what they

In my opinion, there is a conflict in the function of religion in the text. Religion is the ideology that states
that people should be satisfied. Religion is revealed in the text but it is used to persuade Mario not to
commit illegal acts. Religion in the text also gives us the lesson that problems cannot be solved in a bad
Aside from religion there are no other conflicts that I saw in the text. The World is an apple evidently
shows how the poor struggle in order to survive their everyday living and yet suffers for the injustices in
our society.