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Rural Policy Events Calendar /

Calendrier des événements sur la politique rurale

October 26, 2010 / 26 octobre 2010


26th Annual Conference Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
October 28-30 – Calgary, AB
Themes: Entrepreneurship education; Social entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship and public policy; Family Business;
Financing start-up and post-start up ventures; Diversity in Entrepreneurship; Green Entrepreneurship and Resource
based Entrepreneurship.

17th Inuit Studies Conference: Inuit and the Aboriginal World / 17e Congrès d’études Inuit: Les Inuit et le
monde autochtone
October 28-30 – Val d'Or, QC
The intention is to mobilize the knowledge accumulated up to now in the perspective of exploring the common
preoccupations of the Inuit and the other Aboriginal peoples throughout the world, and particularly their neighbors, the
First Nations of Canada and of Alaska, the Sami and other circumpolar peoples. Sub-themes include: issues related
to languages and cultures, identity, the environment, climate changes, health, economic development and the
development of tourism as well as public services and public policy.


Outlook 2010: Are we more powerful together? Atlantic Canada's Business Outlook Conference
November 1 – Halifax, NS
November 2 – St. John's, NL
November 4 – Saint John, NB
November 5 – Charlottetown, PE
The Atlantic Provinces Economic Council's Outlook Conference will address these key questions: When will economic
conditions improve and what will be the key drivers behind the recovery? What long-term impacts will the current
recession have on Atlantic Canada’s economic prospects? How are Atlantic businesses positioning themselves to
take advantage of new growth opportunities?

CanWEA 2010 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition

November 1-3 – Montréal, QC
CanWEA's 26th Annual Conference and Exhibition will gather over 2,500 wind energy professionals from all over the
world to discuss the opportunities and the latest developments in the Canadian wind energy industry. The impressive
exhibition hall will feature over 250 exhibiting companies and will provide excellent networking opportunities for

BC's First Ever Social Enterprise MeetUP

November 4-5 – Vancouver, BC
Participants will come together to explore social enterprise's response to 21st century challenges within a stimulating,
inspiring environment encouraging conversation, innovation and partnerships. A quick-paced agenda features
speakers and panelists with a wealth of knowledge and experience specializing in cross-sectoral approaches to
solving social issues.
Recognizing Learning - Recognizing Skills: Innovative Assessment Practices to Support Sustainable
November 7-9 – Ottawa, ON
Sustainable development is a cross-cutting theme that impacts all people, organizations, communities and countries.
We are becoming more aware of climate change and the impact of wasting food, water and electricity. We know how
important it is to do our part to reduce, reuse and recycle. If sustainability requires people and organizations to
change their behaviour in a meaningful way, what must we do to make education, training, human resource
management, labour market, regulatory and career development systems more sustainable?

Aboriginal Mineral Association Annual Conference: Seeking Consent, Securing Resources

November 7-9 – Winnipeg, MB
Aboriginal community and resource development in a changing economy.

Rural Telecon '10: Rural Telecommunications Congress

November 10-12 – Mesa, AZ
Join local, state, and national leaders from across the public and private sectors for this hands-on collaborative
workshop to redefine broadband as critical infrastructure for economic opportunity and quality of life in the 21st

Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International

November 10-13 – Denver, CO
To be announced.

Leading the Way: Building a Sustainable Future

November 11-12 – Calgary, AB
Receive the latest insights from two internationally renowned leaders in the areas of social, environmental and
organizational sustainability.

Building Sustainable Communities Conference: Fresh Outlook Foundation

November 14-18 – Kelowna, BC
Conference themes: Championing Change A Sustainability Planning Forum; Pollution Prevention and Mitigation
Green Economic Development and Community Sustainability.

Regional Development Agencies: The Next Generation Networking, Knowledge and Regional Change
November 17-19 – Volterra, Italy
Across Europe, regional development agencies (RDAs) have become a central feature of regional policy, both as
innovative policy-makers and as the implementers of programmes and initiatives originating from the national or
European level. The aim of the conference is to explore responses of RDAs to these changes in order to establish
current challenges and future opportunities.

A.D. Latornell Conservation Symposium. Biodiversity: Connecting People, Land and Water
November 17-19 – Alliston, ON
The theme of biodiversity will be explored through various Symposium’s sessions including: Watershed Management;
Water; Biodiversity; Inspiring Sustainability; Natural Heritage and Community Stewardship.

Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Creative Economy

November 19 – Kingston, ON
This innovative and interactive forum will provide academics (faculty and students), business community
representatives and economic developers with opportunities to debate ideas, examine theory, present research
findings and exchange experiences in order to emerge with a refined understanding of the rural creative economy.

International Arctic Conference: Geopolitical Issues and Equations in the 21st Century
November 22-25 – Lyon, France
The Conference is organised around four themes - The Arctic: a geographic space in transformation; The Native
peoples, political actors; Frontiers and international law and Regional and international regulations.

Putting Down Roots: Our Diverse Communities

November 26 – Multiple locations in Alberta College- Putting Down Roots, Our Diverse Communities
The session will include a panel of people who will share lessons learned from recent rural community projects
focused on welcoming and supporting newcomers to integrate into the economic and social fabric of communities in
rural Alberta. If you are an ESL provider, an immigrant service provider, or a voluntary sector organization interested
in an opportunity to learn and share good practices this session is for you.

Growing Beyond Oil: Delivering our Energy Future: 7th Annual Canadian Renewable Fuels Summit
November 29-30 – Gatineau, QC
The Summit attracts participants from all levels of the ethanol and biodiesel industries, including grain and cellulose
ethanol producers, biodiesel producers, Canada's leading petroleum companies, and agriculture associations.

Growing Solutions Connecting for the Future: GrowCanada Conference 2010

November 30-December 2 – Ottawa, ON
Canadians are well-served by having a diverse and sustainable agricultural sector. By harnessing agriculture's
collaborative spirit, we have the ability to provide sustainable solutions to some of our challenges like food security,
climate change and water scarcity.



Arctic Tipping Points: 2011 Arctic Frontiers Conference

January 23-29 – Tromso, Norway
Increased anthropogenic activities and changing climate in the Arctic are expected to have significant economic,
political, and social impacts for Arctic nations and Arctic ecosystems. In order to better prepare, and increase the
awareness of rapid and unforeseen changes in the Arctic, Arctic Frontiers 2011 addresses the key issue of tipping
points. Issues to be examined include, how should societies achieve a balance between human use and protection of
the environment in the High North? Can research predict abrupt changes and contribute to promote sustainable
development in the Arctic? What measures must be taken to ensure that a significant share of the wealth generated
from activities in the Arctic, is reinvested in the region?

National Infrastructure Summit

January 26-28 – Regina, SK
For this summit, all three orders of government and the private sector are invited and encouraged to engage in
discussions and workshops from experts in various fields on global best practices and new approaches to planning,
building and maintaining infrastructure. These discussions will lead to recommendations and commitments towards
new approaches of financing infrastructure, while managing public and political expectations. It will conclude with a
plan to move forward.
Polar World's Conference: Environmental and Social Sciences to Understand Observed Changes
January 26-28 – Paris, France
The focus of this conference is Conference is to account for observed changes in the polar regions with a joint
environmental and social perspective. By the use of interdisciplinary sessions, it will give an overview of certainties
and uncertainties in current mutations.


FCM Sustainable Communities Conference

February 8-10 – Victoria, BC
Whether your community is just starting on a sustainability path or has already seen the changes that a sustainable
approach creates, the Sustainable Communities Conference is an opportunity to share your experience and learn
from peers. Come to embrace change for the better!

Rural Ontario Municipal Association / Ontario Good Roads Association Combined Conference
February 27 - March 2 – TBA
More information to come.


Arctic Gas Symposium

March 2-3 – Calgary, AB
This anticipated annual event highlights the political and commercial challenges of oil and gas development in the
Arctic and provides a forum for solutions to environmental and community stakeholder issues. Get the latest on
proposed northern pipeline projects, market drivers for resource development and the impacts of oil and gas
development on Aboriginal communities.

2011 Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities Annual Convention

March 7-10 – Saskatoon, SK
More information to come

Gathering Our Voices: 2011 Aboriginal Youth Conference

March 21-24 – Prince Rupert, BC
The Aboriginal Youth Conference will provide up to 1,500 delegates with networking and leadership development
opportunities, best practices strategies, tools and techniques, and culturally appropriate teachings over four days.
Youth can gather, share and learn from each other and from mentors. This is an excellent opportunity to promote
healthy living in Aboriginal communities as well as to provide education to Aboriginal youth on many important topics.

Metropolis 2011 – Immigration: Bringing the World to Canada

March 23-26 – Vancouver, BC
The 2011 National Metropolis Conference will focus on the role of immigration in connecting Canada with the rest of
the world. The conference will include six plenary panels with distinguished speakers and over one hundred workshop
and roundtable sessions on a wide variety of topics related to immigration and cultural diversity. We anticipate that
approximately one thousand participants, drawn mainly from Canada but a significant number of international
participants is also expected.

The Fishermen and Scientists Research Society Annual Conference

March 24-25 – Truro, NS
The conference will include a range of workshop sessions, the Scientific Program Committee Report and Workplan
for 2011/2012, and the Annual General Meeting.


Growing Rural Tourism Conference 2011

April 4-6 – Camrose, AB
Renowned Rural Tourism experts and participants from a broad cross-section will share successes, challenges, and
ideas for future growth. Comments from last year's participants indicated that the conference was a powerful tool in
initiating strategic tourism planning.

Creating Rural Connections 2011

April 12-14 – Edmonton, AB
More information to come

Regional Studies Association Annual International Conference

April 17-20 – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
More information to come