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When people call dogs, they usually Dogs can be bathed from time to time and If there is an emergency

n emergency at home, for

respond immediately, Dogs approach to their owners do not have much difficulty example a fire, the dogs will bark
people without any inconvenience. Cats, on doing so. Cats "bathe" themselves by endlessly, alerted their owners. Cats will
the other hand, receive the message and, running their tongues all over their directly try to exit through one of the
although some end up coming, they usually bodies. Some cats like to be bathed; doors or windows. This does not mean that
approach when they want. others get very dirty when they feel the they abandon you, they simply respond to
water. your instinct.
If you train them, the dogs can bring you Cats usually take great naps and if you A cat can be alone for a long time and not
the slippers or the newspaper. The cats wake them up to play, they do not react feel overwhelmed; after all, when he
can bring you some of their “gift”: little immediately. Dogs spend more active at arrives at a new house, they take it as
mice, lizards, etc. The animals do not do it any time. Even if they are taking a nap, if their territory. In the case of a dog, the
in bad faith; it is a way of wanting to you get up to play it will be with pleasure. opposite occurs; they are more dependent
please you and make you feel that you are and need constant attention.
their master.
When you return home, your dog will jump While the cat is a strict carnivore, the The average life expectancy of the
on you and move its tail constantly showing dog is omnivorous and, like people, can eat kittens is 15 or 20 years, while in dogs, it
its joy. Cats, if they go out to meet you, more types of food. A cat's diet should be ranges between 10 and 13 years, it
will look at you and will simply observe you. rich in protein, while a dog's diet may depends a lot on the breed and the quality
In some cases, he may approach you and contain other nutrients, such as of life you have. The oldest home feline in
rub his body with yours. carbohydrates. history died at the age of “38, according
to the Guinness Records.
A dog's coat, in general, needs more care
than a cat's. This is because short
straight hair does not need more care,
unlike long hair. However, the fur of some
cat breeds, such as Persian and Angora,
requires special care.