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Birds are the only animals that have feathers. They also have wings,
though not all birds fly. All birds hatch from eggs, have two legs, and have
a beak or a bill.
Birds are very helpful to man, without birds, your propably would starve to
Birds eat harmful insects that would eat our plants. These birds have a
special taste for the insects that live in their part of the Word.
If a bird flies well and makes its nest in the tres, it is usually a bright color.
A bird that makes its nest on the ground is usually a dull color. This dull
color makes it blend into its surroundings. It is not easily seen by its
A bird nest is not its home. It is a place to raise baby birds. After the baby
birds leave the nest, the parents usually do, too. Each kind of bird has its
own way of building a nest.
A special desing
The Eagle builds its nest on mountain ledges.
The Oriole´s nest looks like a pouch hung on a tree branch.
The killdeer´s nest is on the ground. It uses pebbles and grass to build
the nest.
The parrot if a bird eats sedes and fruit, it will have a thick, strong bill. It
needs this to crack seeds.
Pelican A bird that lives near the wáter may have a long bill for catching
Woodpecker A bird that likes toe at insects has a long bill to poke and
drill. The woodpecker uses its pointed bill to search for insects in trees. A
woodpecker´s foot is Sharp to help it hold onto the bark. Two toes point
forward and two toes point backward.

Hummingbird The Little hummingbird has a special long, slender bill.

With this it can drink the nectar of flowers.
The Flamingo has wading feet. Its two long legs make it posible for it to
wade in wáter.
Ducks have webbed feet to use as paddles when they swim.
Hawks and Owls have feet designed to catch, kill, and carry away small
The chickadee has perching feed. They keep it from falling of branches.
Three of its toes point forward, ones is backward.
Gulls have a planned and powerful flight.


A Birds could not fly without feathers. A baby bird must grow feathers
before it can fly. Feathers help the birds glide throught the air. They also
keep it warms and dry.
A bird´s bones are thin and small some are hollow. This makes the bird
light. Light things can fly more easily than heavy things.
Have you ever wonderdr how baby birds gets out of the egg? While the
baby bird is still inside the egg, a hard Little “egg tooth” forms on the end
of its beak. With its eggs tooth, it pecks away at the egg Shell until the
Shell cracks.
After the baby is out of the egg, it no longer needs its egg tooth, so it falls
All birds are alike in five ways:
1. All birds have feathers.
2. All birds have wings.
3. All birds have two legs.
4. All birds breathe with lungs
5. All birds have bills or beaks.