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Reflection paper on Health and care awareness

What we are in this society?

Awareness and beware in health of the individual must have care and conscious in one

We live in this world surround by different people with different aspect in life, A lot of
rampant issue raised by us is what we want to be aware unpleasant happenings
spread because of us individual and groups that the outcomes is with the new

There is a growing body of scientific eviclence that shows our lifestyle play a huge part
in how healthy we are taking control of your health may seen daunting , Particulary for
those of us who are trying to change what may be the habit of a lifetime, like smoking.
But simple changes, like eating more fruit and vegetables, cutting down in alcohol and
taking regular exercise can and will help you to look and feel better, how and in the
future, whatever your age.

As an individual living in a big society I experienced different vices that would affect my
health because of my curiousity of what it is in my world, without knowing of every
smoke I smell there is a big impact especially on my health. I try smoking,driking
alcohol,even smelling marijuana I was overwhelmed everytime I take those vices the
feelings of mine was have colors everytime im in the world with no
jugdement,pain,betrayal and burden that reality has the consequences if my curiousity
is one of a wide factor of health issue.

Everyone of us has a reason in every mistakes we do but the reason is enough to

sacrifices our body and health we people in this world we live without consciousness or
awareness of what we engaged. The realization of us occur only when one of the
people that surround us suffer illness of what they take before. As one of the member of
new generation and witness a huge problems also dealing before different vices. I
could say that what we have as individual our body and health must give significance
in a simple way like taking vitamins, eating nutrions food, controlling alcohol and
dealing some exercise even in the indoor that was some ways that I do to my body to
become healthy and inorder for me to help my family and society.

Health and care awareness is wide it consist our physical,mental and capacity to
balance, our conscience is one factor that give us wake up call that we must engage
in good because life is gift from our creator. The soul and body that we have are his
flesh health is the greatest gift, contentment, to keep our body in good health is a duty,
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

Being aware in health issue is important it teach us how to keep our body safe and
healthy from the disease and illness that community had, its way also to prevent those
malignant disease that a lot of us affected especially those children has no proper
hygiene, proper exercise, nutritions food shelter and the care of parents that lead them
to be disfunction on the society.

As a BSCR student and also part of a society I want to advocate groups and individual
that we must have awareness in every activity that they dealing of I want to share my
knowledge and experience in terms in health in order for them to motivate to do a
healthy lifestyle, molden their ideas on how to restor in different illness and build their
mind and body strong and capable to advocate others.

My learnings and experience give stress and emphasize one of the phenomenon issue
in our country. I have a lot of mistakes that I commit in my life but what I have been
learn is learn to accept and to be learn to others with different aspect in life, We have a
lot of lesson a lot of knowledge in variant issue now a days, yet I valve and give
importance in every learnings in my mistakes.

Particularly in health. As I said earlier I take vices with my reasons but that was wrong
because circumtances is not reasonable to be reason on suffering.

Furthermore we must give importance every health in each body to prevent a chaos
life because life is sacred. To commit a harminous life in a society we must have
awareness in our own.