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Science exhibitions in schools at different levels are one of the easiest ways

to enhance students’ interest in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY. Activities such

as this molds the creative talent of the students and force them to think out-
side of the box. It develops a scientific spirit and curiosity in a student which
in turn forces them to think and creatively find solutions to the challenges.
With this thought in mind, the Science and Mathematics Department of Tan-
doc National High School conducted a two-day Science exhibit which ad-
hered to the current theme of the NSCM Celebration Theme: “Wavefront:
Accentuating Potentials Activating Technological Advancement “
Learners from other neighboring schools, both in elementary and secondary
levels were invited in the said event in order to bolster the subject's FUN and
ENJOYMENT. TNHS learners, Specifically the Senior High School Students took
the responsibility of researching, understanding, practicing and presenting
different ideas and tricks related to the branches of science and technolo-
ES. Surely, the two day Science Exhibit Program by the Tandoc SHS Depart-
ment served as a great and meaningful way to enjoy science and technol-
ogy by LEARNERS and TEACHERS alike.
As part of the culmination of Science Month, Tandoc National
High School has organized a pageant entitled GINOONG AT
The activity aimed to develop and showcase students' CONFI-
DENCE and WIT as well as enable them to harness creativity
and resourcefulness by using recycled materials in promoting
STYLE, BEAUTY and our CULTURAL HERITAGE. In line with this, the
pageant contestants were asked to show creativity by utilizing
recycled materials for their attire.
One of the criteria of the contest was for the contestants to de-
pict the theme environmental protection and ecosystem
preservation by donning fashionable outfits from waste materi-
Another activity that was participated by the Tandoc NHS Learn-
ers during the Division Science Quest was the Science Quiz Bee.
Grade 7 to 12 learners competed in individual and group cate-
gories during the said event.
One team from the Tandoc NHS emerged victorious after covet-
ing a spot in Quiz Bee Group Category for Senior High School stu-
dents where they battled on the subjects Life and Earth Science,
bagging 2nd Place GROUP CATEGORY (SHS).
Robotics is one of the most perspective fields of technology
which creates robots for various purposes, and software to con-
trol and operate them.
In line with this, Tandoc NHS learners competed against repre-
sentatives from different school of the San Carlos City Division
during the Division Science Quest where they emerged victori-
ous, garnering 2nd Place for group category of INVESTIGATORY
The research paper of the said team, together with the other
winners in the Investigatory Project during the Division Science
Quest, was submitted to the Regional Office for the qualifying
round of the Intel Competition.