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Energy Storage & Bulletin July 2019

Electric Vehicles

Infrastructure Business Unit

INSIDE THIS ISSUE -Madhya Pradesh Issues EoI to Set Up

500 MW of energy storage project
1. Opportunity Pipeline &
Project Updates along with manufacturing
2. Market Creation Activities -Uttar Pradesh Floats Expression of
3. Market News & Policy Interest for EV Charging Stations
- New York utility issues RFP for 310
MW/1240 MWh Scheduling & dispatch
rights for bulk-connected energy


0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600


New York
Con Edison


Page 2
Pipeline & Updates

I. Opportunity Pipeline (announced or live-RFP projects)

NA = Not Announced

SI Est. Size Battery Size Biz. Bid

Country Project Name COD
No $M MW/MWh Model Date

1 India SECI - ISTS V - Solar+Storage 1680 1200/3600 BOOM NA NA

2 USA Puerto Rico IRP Solar + Storage 1104 920/3680 BOOM - Dec-24

2 India Madhya Pradesh Energy Storage EoI 600 500/4000 - -

Hawaii - Dispatchable Renewable Generation 8th

5 USA 310 258/1378 BOOM Sep-22
& Energy Storage Aug’19

6 USA New York Con Edison Energy Storage 372 310/1240 BOOM Oct’19 Dec-22

7 India SECI–Ananthapuramu Solar+Storage 220 ?/300 BOOM NA NA

8 India SECI Lakshadweep Floating Solar plus Storage 28 20/60 EPC Jan-21

9 India SECI Leh & Kargil Solar+Storage 20 14/42 BOOM NA Mar-21

RA = Resource Adequacy

II. Project Update

Size Business
SI No. Country Project Name Size Details
MW/MWh Model
($ M)
Massachusetts offshore wind
1 USA 650 400/? NA Developer - Anerbic
platform + storage

Pangea Energy Redox Flow Battery Technology partner –

2 Australia 224 50/200 BOOM
Storage Cell Cube

SECI Ramagiri AP - Hybrid (World

3 India 89 10/20 EPC EPC- Sterling Wilson

4 UK Scotland Wind + Storage 30 50/50 EPC Scottish Power

Market Creation Page 3

Meeting with Energy Secy. Madhya Pradesh

The team met I.C.P Keshari and discussed about 500MW BESS EoI. He agreed that the EOI is not in
shape and asked us to share our suggestions over the same .He agreed and asked the Head SLDC to
meet us and provide the necessary time and data to develop the BESS opportunity. Post the
meeting we hope to submit a detailed report on BESS and its business models

CBIP Conference on Energy Storage

CBIP organized a 2 days conference on Energy Storage. It covered a large range of topics relating to
BESS and Pumped Storage. The stakeholders were government bodies like CEA, CERC, POSOCO, MoP
etc. along with State electricity board and PSUs like BHEL, Powergrid. The broad topics of
discussion were: Need for Energy Storage, Applications of Energy Storage, Technologies of Energy
Storage, Business Models, Need for policy and regulatory framework. Along with BESS, PSPs was also
discussed at length with the need to revive existing/under construction pumped storage projects.
At the end of conference way forward & policy recommendation conclusion was prepared which the
CBIP team will send to various ministries. We played a pivotal role in the conference by helping
CBIP team with the Base paper and concluding paper. Along with this, we also presented 2 papers
and participated in panel discussion on storage as transmission asset.

Meeting with EE Mahatransco & GETCO

Team met with EE Mahatransco and submitted draft report on 50MW BESS for Mumbai. The CE & EE
will go through the draft report and give their feedback. Meanwhile, we have requested
Mahatrasnco for peak- off peak pricing data to improve our storage need assessment We have also
submitted the draft concept paper to GETCO for review and feedback.
Market News & Page 4
Policy Updates

New York utility issues draft RFP for 310 MW/1240 MWh Scheduling & dispatch rights
for bulk-connected energy storage
• The project is a built own maintain model with fixed annuity payment ($/year). The COD of the
project is Dec-2022 and contract term of 7 years.
• The developer is responsible for Land & Permitting, Interconnection and O&M. The bid
submission date is 1st Oct’19

GE gas plant to close 20 years early, become battery storage site

• The plant was first approved in 2003 and only came online about a decade ago, according to the
California Energy Commission. Now the plant is set to close, only having gone through one-third
of its designed useful life. The project site is being sold to Nova Power “for the purpose of
developing a battery energy storage system
• California is aiming to get 100% of its electricity from carbon-free sources by 2045, with 50% of
its electricity generation to come from renewables by 2025.

BASF enters energy storage market with NGK NAS battery partnership
• BASF is using NGK Insulators’ sodium sulfur batteries as its entry point into the energy market
• NAS batteries are thought to be more expensive upfront than lithium-ion but can provide those
longer durations of storage that lithium cannot easily do.

World Bank to Lend $300 Million to China for Battery Storage and Renewables
• This project will help accelerate the ongoing clean energy transition in China and contribute to
the country’s emission reduction targets and will also reduce the curtailment of renewable
energy capacity.

• This project is part of the World Bank Group’s September 2018 commitment to significantly
increase support to battery storage solutions globally through a $1 billion battery storage
investment program.

NV Energy to add 1.2 GW solar, 2.3 GWh storage as large customer dash slows
• NV Energy will add 1,200 MW of solar and 560 MW of battery storage by the end of 2023
• Under state legislation passed in April, NV Energy and any power provider in the state that
provides 1 million MWh or more of power has to generate 50% of its power from renewable
resources by 2030 and 100% from carbon-free sources by 2050.

Puerto Rico unveils plan to install 920 MW of battery storage from 2019 to 2022
• In the plan’s first five years, the proposed IRP states that the island should add 1,800 megawatts
of solar PV and 920 megawatts of energy storage
Market News & Page 5
Policy Updates

Electric Vehicle Corner

Uttar Pradesh Floats Expression of Interest for EV Charging Stations

• UPEIDA has issued an expression of interest (EoI) to set up charging stations for electric vehicles
(EVs) in cities, highways, and expressways across the state.
• The location identified are Lucknow, Kanpur, Varanasi, Agra, Noida, Prayagraj, Ghaziabad and
Meerut. The highway identified are: Agra-Lucknow Expressway, the Delhi-Agra Expressway and
the Eastern Peripheral Expressway, Purvanchal Expressway from Lucknow to Balia, 3 national
highways passing from UP i.e. NH-1, 24 and 27.
FICCI Endorses Battery Swapping Facilities to Boost EV Adoption Under FAME
• The adoption of battery swapping model, the paper states that in battery swapping, a fully
charged lithium-ion battery replaces a depleted one at a swapping station in few minutes which
in turn reduces the time to charge the electric vehicles.
• However, there are key challenges which includes standardization across original equipment
manufacturers (OEMs) and vehicle types, ensuring availability, electricity availability when
Andhra Pradesh to Deploy 350 Electric Buses In Five Cities
• The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC) has come up with a proposal to
deploy 350 electric buses in five cities in the state. Overall, the project is likely to cost ₹7.64
• APSRTC is undergoing losses because of the increase in diesel prices. This proposal is expected
to combat this issue and help the ongoing efforts of the central and state governments to adopt
cleaner sources of energy in transport and mobility.
Economic Survey says limited charging infra pulling down Electric Vehicles
• According to ES, the three key issues that are impacting the adoption of electric vehicles in
India are - limited availability of charging infrastructure, time delays in charging and battery
• if India reaches an EV sales penetration of 30 per cent for private cars, 70 per cent for
commercial cars, 40 per cent for buses, and 80 per cent for 2 and 3 wheelers by 2030, a saving
of 846 million tons of net CO2 emissions and oil savings of 474 MTOE can be achieved.
BESCOM Readies Blueprint to Set Up 678 EV Charging Stations in Karnataka
• BESCOM has drawn a plan for setting up 678 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations across the
state of Karnataka. The proposed plan has 100 charging stations proposed for Bangalore. Also,
there are 112 charging stations set to be operational by August 2019.
• The BESCOM proposal envisions setting up charging stations between every 20-25 km, for a
stretch of 50 km distance on either side of the road along the Bangalore-Tumkur highway, and a
100 km stretch along the Bangalore-Mysore highway. The charging stations would be mostly set
up in the premises of government buildings.