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August 12, 1946 0 We ‘The position of this well 16 4298 feet North and-1972 fect East of the Southwest Corner of Square Mile S-N=12, not Sq. Mile &-N-11 as erroneously reported in the well recommendation. Geological Dept. guD/amn WILDCAT LOCATION RECOMMENDATION REGAHOING WELL NO. 7695 LOCATION: i wa iile Six District; Sq. Mi. 8-N-1). ‘Approximate Coordinates: 4298 feet North ana 1972 teet East or the Southwest Corner or Sq. Mi, 8-N-12. ACORSSIBILITY: AQORSSIBTITY; we ror this 1s on a flat tablezo surrace channelled Py & minor ary water courses. It will require the construction or about 2800 feet or road. GEOLOGY: The purpose or this well is to obtain commercial proauction qhe Puanastone members of the Upper Pale Greas and Salita Tron eee. This well is situated about 5200 rect southeast rorpetanes Pool ana the Pale Greaa-Salina peas are expected fo attain a consiaerable thickness. The rollowing generalizea Lithologic sequence is expected © +. uring arilling? | “ett \ i : zit 0 ~ 100 Recent sands and: clays weathered Eocene sediments. 100 - 2050 | Sanay shale with thin beas of sanastone . I (Veraun & Talara) 2050 - 2100 ‘Interbeagea hara sandstone and shale. ‘ vei), (Basal Telera) 2100 = 2450 | Sanastone (Upper Pale Greaa) , j : ’ ease Se vk 2450 - 6500 Senustone ana’ sandy shale with conglonezete, | * peas in lower 2000 reet. (Pale Groaa & Salina). o j Below 6500 ‘Shale (Mal Paso) f ; RECOMMENDATION : This Depertment reoommenas that, Well No. 5695 be suppliea with rose vary Tig and prepared to reach a possible ultinate aepth’ | o Repour 6500 feet. Coring, testing ‘ena casing points! will Or apourminea irom information obteinea curing arilling, ee J.M, Dorreen Geological Dept. Negritos, Peru Tek - July 17, 1946 ‘ ¥ mup/amn a