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graphic design & illustration

Brand Design

Libra Legal Services

encompasses a full branding
design system created
within cohesive harmony
amongst all elements and
components. Complete
with a branding style guide
laying out the guidelines for
the company’s visual style,
Libra aims to exhibit a calm
and comforting approach
towards clients in delivering
legal services.

The aesthetic strives

to portray atmospheric
peace, providing a sense
of weightless freedom
and possibility for those
in need of legal support.
Every story is heard at Libra,
and everyone deserves to
embrace their rights.
Libra’s logo exemplifies
balance, honesty and
equality symbolized lEGAL SERVICES
through the mythical
weighing scales. The clean
and professional type
harmonizes with the image
forming our brand. Inspired
by an array of ombré sky
tones, Libra’s professionally
engaging palette speaks
freedom and relief through
warm and welcoming
tones paired with a deep
cool touch. The type face
collection embodies an
empowering sense of
freedom. The use of bold lEGAL SERVICES
lettering communicates
strong values within Libra’s

Client Logo Design

United Cultures of Canada

Association requested
a logo which embodies
the very essence of our
diverse, colorful and multi-
faced community. Being
a humanitarian company
which reaches out and
provides services to new
families in Canada, it was
important to capture a
welcoming, universal feel.

The finished piece composes

several multicolored figures
each contributing to the
maple leaf icon, symbolizing
a lasting and complete
bond of many nations
representing one. The
palette speaks positive and
uplifting voices, exhibiting
a sense of true pride and
Info graphic Design

The info-graphic design

portrays the steps of
mummification through
spiritual rituals which occur
during the process. The
goal of the design was to
appeal to a wide range of
audiences who would view
the poster in a museum,
classroom or educational/
historic facility. It transforms
historic information into an
easy to understand visual
using iconography, type
hierarchy and color code.

The imagery and icons

adapt a simplistic yet
recognizable look to reduce
anxiety and confusion when
processing information.
The use of earth-tone
colors enhance the historic
and ancient theme of the
subject matter. The overall
process narratives 4 general
steps, sub dividing into
smaller icons and graphics
within each section. The
left time line bar allows
easy navigation of the
Internship projects

During my summer with

engineering company
AECOM as a marketing
graphics intern, I was tasked
to develop a range of print
promotional materials
showcasing the latest
masterpieces the company
has worked on across the

The lead architect in

Edmonton requested
boilerplate templates of
catalogs delivering these
works in an engaging and
impressing format. Both a
professional and modern
style, as well as a funky
and fun catalogue were
desired, all using their own
photographs provided. The
goal is to exhibit AECOM’s
pieces in a compelling
format using eye catching
design to best market their
Experimental Typography

“Cute Pain“ is a mini poster

series created to highlight
mental health issues
specifically pertaining
to toxic relationship
problems. The imagery
aims to portray a soft and
harmless front, speaking
to the underrepresented
reputations these types of
issues tend to fall under.
The story behind each
poster is an ugly truth
hidden beneath a cute and
comforting mask.

Experimenting with custom

illustrative and photographic
typography introduced me
to an entirely new style of
visual communication in
exhibiting a message. The
medium truly speaks for a
large part of the content,
strongly connecting with
personal and relate-able
Research Design

ImagiNation Studios are

portable freight containers
designed to provide free
and easy access after school
programs to kids right in
their own neighborhood
parks. By allowing kids of all
backgrounds to experience
engaging and skill building
opportunities, I hope to
allow our young nation a
chance to explore their
identities through a variety
of projects and activities.
I’ve digitally created a
container studio equipped
with a workspace, reading
nook, washing stations and
a bathroom. The program
is further promoted
through playfully engaging
promotional materials
I’ve designed in cohesive
harmony with the studio
space and its brand. The use
of color, imagery and type
aim to connect and engage
a younger audience
UX/UI App Design

Relic is a phone application

designed to cater
specifically to users who
crave ancient historical relics
and artifacts. The app uses
block chain technology
for museum and artifact
organizations to securely
and legitimately register
items onto a tamper free
record, allowing items to
be tracked and rated at all

With this technology, users

can track and discover items
near them with their current
locations, enjoy profiles of
artifacts with digital 360
views, and be informed by
current information, facts
and related articles of all
registered items. The overall
search feature allows all
artifacts registered by
organizations to be easily
viewed. Users can also save
and share items to their
liking. With historic wonders
right in the palm of one’s
hands, Relic will educate,
fascinate and bring life back
to the past.
Upon registering an account with Relic, a
personalizing survey best curates a digital
museum for users based on their interests in
time frames, artifact types, historical figures and
Digital Artworks