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V. M. Blazhévich Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory Textbook for Tuba in B” State Musical Publications Moscow 1939 Approved by the Subject Commission of Orchestras Department of the Moscow State Conservatory his text is the first of a series of historical books to be published by Encore Music Publishers. We present the entire original text exactly as it appeared in Russia in 1939. A translation of the major written portion is included at the beginning of the book. This text is from a rare copy in the possession of Abe Torchinsky, former tubist of the Philadelphia Or- chestra. Encore is grateful to Mr. Torchinsky for making the publication of this book possible. ‘The translation from Russian to English was accomplished by Mr. Elkhonon Yoffe, Chief Librarian of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. We also wish to express thanks and appreciation to Mr. Yoffe for his fine work. © 1990 Encore Music Publishers all rights reserved ii made in U.S.A. Introduction This textbook for tuba is written in two parts—theoretical and practical. It is composed in the most suc- cinct and concentrated manner to provide methodical advice. Bear in mind that the student should provide the personal initiative to define all the usefulness of our advice. No doubt the student will find in the musical literature many examples similar to those in this book, Having perfected those examples he will be at a great advantage. This is the first independent textbook for tuba in the Russian musical literature. As such, the author had to pay special attention to systematize his advice and to use many examples. There have been no tuba books before in Russia. 1 fee! it is best to work from the methodical point of view. By the way, at the end is an appendix. There you will find practical advice from V.V. Vasiliev, tubist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. This is practical advice from a specialist. Professor V. M. Blazhévich iii

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