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Percy TC Er Cer y 7+*@ Sealing : Ps ed Tec) home learning Make home learning fun! Spelling mo_se —heese br ZA A Helpful hints for parents * Start at the beginning of the book and try to work through the activities in order. * Encourage your child to work independently as much as possible, without referring to the answers! © Discuss any areas that your child finds particularly tricky and don't worry if he or she finds any of the exercises too difficult. Remember, children learn different things at different rates. © Give help and lots of praise, rewarding your child by adding stickers to the reward certificate for great work and effort. © Once you have completed the workbook, move on to the practice pages bound in the centre. Publishing First letter alphabet Follow the alphabet to complete these spellings. | _bove _cross _lso C) ——rLC— | : _oin —arried — _oming i & _oes —__ifferent—_sink @ F very bow —_anter @) _ound _ather —_ield &) | @ _oes _arden — _ate | _appy _elp _ard QO _nside _nto _nk _ob _umper —_ust I Ss _eep ight _eave _ady