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Learn To Speak Spanish Like A ROCKET With Rocket Spanish!...

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Speak Spanish Confidently
and Naturally in less than 3 months?
... AND take all the frustration, difficulty and
headache out of YOUR practice time with this
EXPLOSIVE interactive Spanish learning package!
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Spanish Editor, Amy Waterman, in English...

From: Mauricio Evlampieff

November 1st, 2006

"Hello and welcome to Rocket Spanish - Your place for learning Spanish online.

Why do YOU want to learn to speak Spanish? Are you about to travel to a
Spanish speaking country? Do you have a Spanish speaking partner? Are you
studying Spanish and need better resources to make your learning task easier?
Do you want to earn more money at your job by being bilingual? Perhaps you
simply want to learn for personal pleasure.

Whatever your reasons are, I've designed Rocket Spanish with YOU in mind, so that you will get
immensely satisfying results FAST...

...I designed Rocket Spanish to be the easiest to follow system for learning how to speak Spanish
available. Rocket Spanish is an interactive course that makes you want to study. Also, it's
practical. You'll discover exactly what to say in virtually all situations.

With Rocket Spanish, you are going to learn Spanish rapidly, effectively, and easily. You are going
to be able to speak at a restaurant, at an airport, with new friends… in basically every situation you
can think of!

You’re not just going to learn to speak Spanish. If you want to learn more grammar or vocabulary, I
also have a program for you. Rocket Spanish includes more than three hundred pages of grammar
for beginning and advanced students. It also includes interactive games to make things more fun and
easy to follow.

I am passionate about my native language, and for me it’s a privilege to be able to share it with you.
It’s an incredible experience to be able to speak with others in a different language. You will be
able to enter into a different culture, a different world! Being bilingual is a very special ability, and it’s
a gift that we want to give to you.

So are you ready to get to know the secret of learning a new language? You’re looking right at it. I
have put all of my experience and knowledge into this cutting-edge learning system on this website,
Rocket Spanish. I implore you to keep reading.

Try my free six-day course, which you’ll find out about further on down the page. If you don’t,
you’ll be missing a valuable opportunity to see if Rocket Spanish is right for you.

Thousands of people, just like you, worldwide have used my unique multimedia course to fast-track
their Spanish learning, while having piles of fun in the process. Will you be next?"

- By Mauricio Evlampieff

Find Out What Other People Think Of Rocket Spanish!

10 Rocket Spanish customer reviews are shown below, there are piles more on our Rocket Spanish
Review page (look right at the bottom of this page)! Note that some of these have been abridged! If you
would like to view the full written stories then please visit the Rocket Spanish Review page!

Success Story #1: Wayne Cramer

Mauricio! My name is Wayne Cramer My wife and I operate a "non profit" called
Andean Aid that provides developmental opportunities to poor children in the
Colombian border state of Táchira, Venezuela.

This February I'm leading a team of twelve men to build basic block homes for
women who are raising their children alone. Most of these men don't speak any
Spanish and are asking me about Spanish learning programs. I tell them to get
Rocket Spanish, why? Because I use it and it's effective... I've tried many products
and self study programs...All of them have been boring or require a degree of
discipline that I just can't manage. Your lessons are interesting and practical... why
you even teach me how to argue in Spanish, you just can't beat that....

So if you are looking for a Spanish learning program, get Rocket Spanish. Quit
looking and get learning! Thanks.
Double click the button to
hear Wayne! Wayne Cramer

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Spanish Course
Success Story #2: Joan Richards

My Name is Joan Richards.

Since leaving the UK, my husband and I have lived permanently in the Costa
Blanca in Spain.

We had been searching for some Spanish tuition that would appeal to us and this
introduction to Rocket Spanish was just the job. We decided to get the full Rocket
Spanish package and we have been delighted with the course.

One big benefit of Rocket Spanish is the enjoyment of all the lessons, we always
look forward to the next one. One important factor of the course is the pleasant
voices, both Mauricio and Amy are easy to listen to and understand.

Double click the button to If you have any doubts about purchasing Rocket Spanish, try the free lessons first,
hear Joan! as we did, and we are sure you will realise that here is a Spanish language course
that you can adapt to your own way of learning and one that is fun in to the

Joan Richards

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Spanish Course

Success Story #3: Glenna Voegle

My name is Glenna Voegle, I chose the Rocket Spanish Course after having
reviewed several other options, including private lessons...

I downloaded the course for less than what four private lessons would have cost
and was immediately impressed... I am amazed at how much has been included
with my purchase of the Rocket Spanish Course. All aspects work together to make
learning Spanish a pleasant and profitable experience!

I am planning a trip to Peru next summer and am convinced that I shall be able to
communicate effectively after having finished this course. I highly recommend the
Rocket Spanish program to anyone who is interested in learning Spanish quickly,
easily, and enjoyably.

Thank you.
Double click the button to
hear Glenna! Glenna Voegle

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Spanish Course
Success Story #4: Dawn Moreno

Hi, ...I absolutely love it, it's the best program out there.

It's painless, easy to understand. My husband is Cuban and he couldn't believe

how much better my Spanish speaking
and understanding comprehension was after just a few weeks of using Rocket

I really do like Rocket Spanish, I think it's very well priced, is well worth the
money. I highly, highly recommend it.

Thank you and have a great day.

Dawn Moreno
Double click the button to FLORIDA U.S.A
hear Dawn!

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Spanish Course

Success Story #5: Delta Rosa

Hola Mauricio,

This is Delta Rosa, I just wanted to tell you how much I have been enjoying Rocket
Spanish. All of the other programs that I listen to were either confusing or the
instructor talked so fast I couldn't begin to understand and repeat what they were
saying. Then I found Rocket Spanish, and I heard you speaking. What a difference,
I have learned so much and with such ease that I've surprised myself and my
Spanish friends.

I've even encouraged my children, all nine of them and many of my grand children
to get Rocket Spanish...

Anyone who purchases Rocket Spanish and who follows your directions will be able
to learn to speak Spanish with greater ease... Young and old alike...Thanks for
Double click the button to helping make my life long desire to learn Spanish come true. Adios.
hear Delta!
Delta Rosa

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Spanish Course
Success Story #6: Joseph Seward

Hi, This is Joseph Seward

I ordered Rocket Spanish about 6 months ago I've gone through all of the

...I can carry on a basic conversation with the workers, I can meet someone new, I
can ask them how they are, where they are from, I can shop at some of the local
markets here, I can order in a restaurant, It is an excellent program...they really
give you a working knowledge of the language and I would highly recommend
them to anyone else who is going on a trip to Mexico or just wants to be able
communicate a little bit better.

It has truly helped me out on my job and I plan on going through them again and
probably go through it three or four times. I really appreciate Rocket Spanish and I
Double click the button to highly recommend it.
hear Joseph!
Thank you.

Joseph Seward
Asst Project Manager

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Spanish Course

Success Story #7: Mark Taylor


Rocket Spanish is effective, because it includes several different tools that match
different learning styles, and that are useful in different situations... I used the
Rocket Spanish program several times a week for about 6 months while I was
preparing for a mission trip to Honduras... Once I was in Honduras, I found that
course had really improved my ability to listen to spoken Spanish and recognize
the key words and phrases. Even when the speakers were using new vocabulary
that was unfamiliar to me, I was able to gather enough from what I did understand
to get the general meaning... The real-world experience in Honduras worked just
like the Interactive lessons I had been using for practice.

So, whether you are interested in learning Spanish for your job, to communicate
with neighbours, or if you are planning to travel to a Spanish speaking country,
Double click the button to Rocket Spanish program is a great place to get started.
hear Mark!
Mark Taylor

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Spanish Course
Success Story #8: Jennifer Lewis

Hello everyone,

My name is Jennifer Lewis, I really want to take the time out to thank everyone
there at Rocket Spanish for coming up with such a great program for people out
there that are really looking for thinking seriously learning Spanish fluently and in
a very, very short period of time.

They have really taken what you can do in a year and a half or two years and put it
down to three months of learning. I really don't know how they did it but I would
honestly say it does work...

...I would say the least they definitely get on their word when they say you will
learn Spanish within three months, you definitely will if you put in the time...

Double click the button to

hear Jennifer! ...I don't mean to keep talking but I'm just so exited that someone finaly, you
know, is not just trying to rip people off..

I just want to thank everyone there at Rocket Spanish for coming up with something that it's just so great, it's
just pretty amazing to me and I just thank God that you know I finally have the ticket.

Jennifer Lewis

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Spanish Course

Success Story #9: Khalid Draper


I have to say that the name is appropriate, because the course literally propels you
at rocket speeds towards becoming a functional speaker of Spanish.

The audio portions are clear and they are a good speed for the new comer and the
texts are fun and entertaining as well.

I have seen in several forums where others have said that Rocket Spanish is the
best introduction one can have to learning Spanish, and I have to definitely
agree... Sin duda!!! (Without a doubt!!!)

Khalid Draper
Double click the button to
hear Khalid!

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Spanish Course
Success Story #10: Jamie Roberts

Hi, My name is Jamie Roberts, I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and I wanted to

give you my testimonial. I wanted to you to know that I am a teacher in an area
that has a lot of Spanish speaking parents and some Spanish speaking children.
Rocket Spanish has really helped me in talking to them specially the parents,
because it's really important to stay in touch with the parents of these kids so we
can all help them together. So yes, I actually have recommended Rocket Spanish
to six or seven people and they are all teachers also and that's why I've
recommended it, because it's very easy and fun to learn with the dialog that
you've presented and I like Amy's voice and I just like the whole format, it's really

Jamie Roberts

Double click the button to

hear Jamie!

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Spanish Course

Who is Mauricio Evlampieff?

I'm a native of Viña Del Mar, Chile. I know what it's like to learn a second
language. When I was twelve years old, I was thrown into an English-speaking
school, and I had to sink or swim. From my own experience, I know that
speaking another language can seem like an impossible task when you're faced
with a mountain of vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

That's why Rocket Spanish is here to help! I developed this course because I was
having so many friends coming to me and asking me to teach them Spanish. I
looked at the other language-learning products out there, but I couldn't find one
that I could truly recommend to them. I remembered an old saying: often the
best way to do something is to do it yourself! So I decided to do it myself. I set
out to develop the kind of program that I was looking for but couldn't find, a
program that would make learning a language easy, fun and natural, no matter
what your learning style. It took me over a year, cost me tens of thousands, but
in the end I think you'll agree that the result was worth it!

If you'd like to hear some audio samples from the course you can either click one
of the sample audio tracks below, or you can sign up to the free 6-day course
further down this page, whereby you'll get a great introduction to Spanish, while
proving to yourself that Rocket Spanish is right for you.

Double Click the Play Button above to hear Sample Audio One.

This 3 minute audio track has been taken from the first edition
of the FREE 6-day Rocket Spanish Course (see further down
this page for details).
What's More... YOU can Download Rocket Spanish to Your Computer and be
Learning and Improving Your Spanish Within Minutes!!

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Spanish Course

From: Mauricio Evlampieff

November 1st, 2006

Dear Friend,

If you've ever heard that children can pick up a new language faster and easier than adults, forget it. This is a
common misconception. In fact, scientific research has proven that the most difficult learning task for
children and adults alike may be the attempt to acquire second language proficiency in school

In fact, even more distressing is that research has shown that less than 5% of students studying a foreign
language are able to endure the stressful nature of formal school training to continue studying the language more
than two years (Asher, 1982).

It is simply not true that young children learn a new language more easily and quickly than adults, however,
children are exposed to a more brain-compatible learning environment for learning a language than adults are
in schools. This is the reason why they learn languages faster.

Research has shown that it typically takes approximately 3 months of study at the foreign service institute for an
adult to become proficient in a foreign language. Knowing that this is possible sparked me on my mission to create
an interactive Spanish learning package that could allow regular people, like you, to speak Spanish
confidently and naturally in less than 3 months!

If you want to...

● feel more comfortable and confident around Spanish speaking people,
● be able to read books, magazines and web sites written in Spanish,
● be able to watch and understand Spanish movies,
● be able to write to and email Spanish speaking people,
● or you simply want to become exceptional at Spanish for any other reason...

My Rocket Spanish package will help you achieve your goals in a simple and easy way. I am sure that you'll
even amaze yourself! I know from the Spanish courses that I have taught, that many foreign language students
have difficulty learning, especially with textbooks that are monotonous and repetitious, overblown with grammar
rules and lists of meaningless words. That's why I've created Rocket Spanish: The Ultimate Learn-Spanish
Kit! It's simple to understand, clear and easy to use...

As well as that, I put together the Rocket Spanish package because I was fed up with the
quality and price of the "learn-Spanish" material on the market that are churned out by popular "Yours
labels, so I decided that I wanted to make it as easy as possible for anyone to learn and was the
improve their Spanish...
best by
...And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at (beginner, intermediate, or
advanced), Rocket Spanish is packed full of quality step-by-step audio lessons, over 500 pages of
written lessons, games and other resources to rapidly advance your learning no matter what your "hey!! i just
level... wanted to
say that
your course
After all, learning to speak another language is a lot like learning to play an instrument. is really
If you were learning the guitar for instance, the best way to improve your playing would be to good. i've
imitate and play in time with professional guitar players. The same is true with learning Spanish. been using
You need to listen to and speak lots of Spanish words and phrases from native Spanish speakers, it on my
to really power-up your Spanish learning and fluency. computer
for a month
To help you do this, Rocket Spanish contains over 12 hours of interactive lessons, a now and
conversation course book, beginner and advanced grammar books (also audio supported) taking my grades
you on a journey from beginner to advanced in your Spanish speaking. That includes over 500 have shot
pages, 414 exercises, and my hugely popular software learning games. up! my
mom is
AND, it is all laid out in a step-by-step easy to follow manner that even a 12 year old impressed
can understand! with me,
and agreed
You might be starting with the simple stuff like Hola and Gracias but before you know it you will to get me a
be reading, understanding and speaking Spanish como un experto (like an expert)! cd burner
so I can
play it in
my stereo!!
Before You Go On... so, thanx!!
Sign up to my FREE 6-Day Spanish E-course! ($37 Value) the games
You'll learn AMAZING information that you can start using right away, including: are really
great too. i
have looked
• How to take part in a REAL Spanish conversation
for spanish
• How to say hello and introduce yourself in Spanish
• How to get the perfect cup of coffee in Spanish
• How to ask for help
but they
• How to explain exactly how much Spanish you know,and much, much more.
either awful
or they cost
Fill in the fields here to receive your free 6 Part Course. too much
yours was
Your Name: the best by
far! so
Your Email Address:
-- Jessica
Submit Underwood

You'll receive your first lesson within 5 minutes!

This is a private mailing list and will never be sold or given away for any reason. You can also
unsubscribe at any time if you ever want to.

Please make sure your preferences are set such that you can receive all emails
from the following email address before subscribing:

Here's a sample of what my subscribers are saying…….

"This is the best free thing that I've ever found on the internet. period. thank you so much, i've learned lots
-- Ryan Newell (USA)

"I can't for the life of me understand why you are giving this away for free?!"
-- Sarah Welder (USA)

"wow, i am very impressed with your free course. you really do go the whole hog, thankyou!!"
-- Ian Knight (UK)

"I really like your Spanish courses and I have learnt a lot of Spanish. I am looking forward to your next course.
Thank you very much, I really appreciate this information."
-- Thrica

"hola. this is the best thing I've done, taking your spanish lesson thank you very much for giving me this
opportunity to learn a secound language.I'm from the caribbean and travel a lot to spanish countries,eg puerto
rico, venezuler.this is a great help .thanks again. ha sido un gusto."
-- Petra

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Spanish Course

What You'll Learn With Rocket Spanish...

Rocket Spanish will teach you to speak Spanish naturally in an easy way. I use many well known words and
phrases to guide your learning right from the start! I've made each lesson very easy for you to learn by breaking
them down into small parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

Rocket Spanish is one of the most highly respected learn-Spanish software packages on the internet because it
offers you more features and functions than other learn-Spanish software does, and it does it better!

I've spent a lot of time designing a solution to learning Spanish that's easy to use, and produces results fast...

But it seems everywhere I've looked, all I've found is company after company trying to pass off the same old, run-
of-the-mill language software as a "revolutionary" new program.

And the shocking part is, they're all selling the same old thing:

Their systems can teach you basic vocabulary, they can make you very comfortable with greetings, and perhaps
even talking about your day, and some of the more sophisticated ones can handle things like pronunciation

... But give me a break! Are these the features that have the potential to allow you to learn how to speak
natural Spanish in less than 3 months?

What you REALLY need is the ability to...

Practice Spanish conversations with fluent speakers. With our sophisticated interactive
course you can practice conversing with me and my friends in a vast variety of situations,
ranging from saying hello, ordering food at a restaurant, getting a room in a hotel, delegating
housework, even planning a party – and it’s so easy to use!

Learn to listen to, speak properly and understand spoken Spanish. Our original and unique
methods allow you to absorb Spanish as easily as children learn to speak their own native
language! Unlike regular high school Spanish classes, our course has been scientifically
designed to be brain-compatible - maximize your Spanish learning time!
Discover how to Start Speaking Spanish Right Away... AND Go From Absolute Beginner to
Advanced in shortest possible time! Rocket Spanish is built on a 31 lesson Interactive Audio
Course that takes you step by step from Beginner through to Advanced Spanish. You'll be
speaking Spanish in no time with my innovative Interactive Audio course, and you'll also get
over 500 pages of supplementary resources, including grammar, vocabulary, common phrases,
and exercises, to help you learn like a Rocket!

Use My Fun Software Games To Rapidly Increase Your Learning... MegaSpanish

features interactive games personally designed to help you memorize Spanish words
and phrases. You can even add your own words and pictures to customize MegaSpanish for
your studying and really ramp up your learning!

Ever noticed that it's difficult to understand what Spanish speakers are saying because they
speak too fast? With Rocket Spanish, you'll learn how to comprehend spoken Spanish at
pace and you'll get to hear all the words that you learn in a variety of different contexts, so
you'll be able to speak Spanish with a good amount of versatility!

Learn Modern Spanish... Don't waste your time learning traditional formal Spanish
that no one uses anymore! Rocket Spanish is a modern and up-to-date package designed to
be street-wise and still give you the things that you must know.

Use the Correct Pronunciation AND Have a Handy List of Spanish Words at Your Fingertips...
Rocket Spanish comes with a complete conversation guide, full of the essential reference
material that you need to quickly and easily find your way around the language and the course.
It covers over 1,100 words and phrases and their pronunciation in an easy-to-follow way. You
can fine-tune your Spanish by listening and repeating the words and phrases aloud. This is a
MUST for travelers.

Listen to REAL Spanish Being Spoken... The Rocket Spanish Interactive Audio Course will
guide you through the most common conversations you can expect and teach you basic
vocabulary in a fun, relevant, authentic way! You'll be expected to participate aloud in the
conversations and think on your feet, just as you would if you were actually speaking Spanish
with a native!

Advanced Language Learning Techniques, developed by a university psychologist, for

training your brain to acquire languages, in 1/3 the time! And you'll learn all about how your
brain processes information, and how to maximize your Spanish learning time... (nine out of
ten people are absolutely floored by these secrets!)

Reinforce Your Spanish Learning With The Unique Rocket Spanish Audio Learning System to
help you learn super fast! My Interactive Audio Course is guaranteed to get you comfortable
using Spanish in the real world. You'll have piles of opportunities to practice Spanish words
aloud, correct your pronunciation, and respond to questions spoken in Spanish. It's just like
having a virtual tutor in your home or in your car!

Use Rocket Spanish When You Are Out and About! The audio tracks are all MP3s so they
can quickly and easily be played on your computer, burned to a CD or put onto your MP3 player
for use when you are at the gym, in the car or just about anywhere!
Rest Assured That You Will Have The Best Audio Quality Available: The audio tracks are
of top quality as they have been professionally recorded and edited at the Rocket Languages

Learn to Speak Spanish Like a Native! I give you all the insights into how Spanish is spoken
in different countries, so that no matter where you want to travel you'll know what to say.
Because I'm a native speaker, you'll learn how to produce an authentic accent that other
Spanish speakers will easily understand!

Cover Everything To Do With The Spanish Language... Each of the 31 Interactive Audio
Lessons comes with a wide range of supplemental materials to reinforce the lesson into your
brain! You'll learn the grammar behind the conversation, similar phrases on the same topic,
important vocabulary that you NEED to know, and much more. My fun-filled exercises will
make your learning a breeze!

For use on ANY Computer: All of the Lessons, Audio tracks and Software are fully Mac and
PC compatible!

Access Any Updates and Improvements That I Make! You will be able to keep right up to
date with the latest slang, trends, software upgrades, etc.

You Can Start Learning Straight Away as you can get instant access to the entire Rocket
Spanish package! (download version only)

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Spanish Course

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!...

There's so much more, I couldn't possibly list it all here. And this is why I'm offering you my Spanish learning kit
risk-free. Here's what I mean by risk-free:

I personally guarantee that Rocket Spanish is the absolute best value for money on
the net! How can I be so sure? I have checked and researched piles of Spanish language
sites and products and I am confident that Rocket Spanish is the best priced for the

So, will I put my money where my mouth is? Sure! I am 100% sure that this is the best
self-study program out there for learning Spanish. So, if for any reason you don't find Rocket
Spanish lives up to your expectations, simply email me and I will issue you a 100% refund!

Fair enough?

My Life's Achievement is Yours Risk-Free...

But just as important, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that you can now speak and understand
Spanish. And best of all, you'll be able to start using your Spanish straightaway! That’s because my Interactive
Audio Course gives you the chance to participate in REAL Spanish conversations, correct your pronunciation, and
learn the most common and versatile phrases straightaway. Within just a few lessons, you’ll be able to introduce
yourself to someone in Spanish, ask for help, order, and more!

By learning my secrets of how to learn Spanish (as well reading, writing, speaking and listening), you'll be enjoying
a new, more enriched and passionate Spanish experience, which will allow you to speak Spanish
spontaneously and with confidence. You'll graduate to a higher level of Spanish speaking performance, while
mastering all aspects of the Spanish language.

For the rest of your life, YOU will be center of attention whenever you travel with friends to a Spanish speaking
country. YOU will be the one talking to the Spanish guys and girls - everyone loves people who can speak
more than one language! YOU will have a rare advantage, as you have access to tools, games and instructions, the
likes of which have never been published before...

Here's What Some More of my Rocket Spanish Students Have Been Saying...

"What a wonderful product. I'm loving doing "I’m a new student to Rocket
your Spanish lessons! I've only had the course Spanish. When I first started
for a month and I am already quite confident this course, I had a limited
talking about a lot of things in Spanish. I've knowledge of Spanish
been practicing on one of my Spanish friends vocabulary that I’d learned
and she has been so impressed!" overseas. I found it very hard to
-- Jason Austin (USA) get a course that I could learn
my Spanish from without
"I am very happy with the progress that I've getting bored with the words I
been making from doing your course. You should already new. I was a bit dubious about starting
be very proud of yourselves, you've done a this one, thinking I wouldn’t complete it like all
terrific job. I'm glad to see it even better than the rest. Since I started, I haven’t once got
the hype! .. Keep up the good work!" bored or felt like I’m re-learning something, but
-- Casey Schiffman (Canada) just reconsolidating everything...

"Hi, my name's Matt. I was given

the rocket spanish course about 3
weeks ago and I found it very
easy to use. I've listened to the ...They sound like they’re having so much fun,
first few cds a couple of times, so you don’t think “Oh, I can’t do this it’s
just to get it into my head, and it boring,” you just keep going and have fun with
was really easy to follow and I them. I would highly recommend this to anybody
can already say quite a few wanting to learn Spanish, it’s more of an
sentences. I've also played the experience than it is a chore. The games that
computer games that came with it, which I come along with it have just been fantastic. The
found easy, just to remind me of what the words visual elements helps me learn, I like to be able
were. And it was also really good to have the to see what I’m learning, as well as hearing it,
books next to me, so I can cross reference them so it’s been great to reinforce, and increase my
and hear the words and see them at the same vocabulary with the words that I wasn’t taught
time. And I've been practicing at school and it's on the cd. I can see my children playing it and
really easy to use and fun to learn!" really learning from it as well, because they can
-- Matt Brownlee use it to their level, so this is really a course for
any age, not just for the older or younger."
-- Maria Donaldson (NZ)

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Spanish Course

Wait! There's More...

Increase Your Knowledge with the "MegaSpanish" Games...
MegaSpanish is Rocket Spanish's help-you-learn software! It comes as part of the Rocket Spanish package
and you can use these fun games to make learning Spanish an enjoyable and entertaining experience! Keep
motivated with MegaSpanish!

MegaSpanish consists of two different games... MegaVocab and MegaAudio which fire along your Spanish
learning in different ways...

Learn Piles of Spanish Words with "MegaVocab", the Word Building Game!
Leave the school books behind and improve the amount of Spanish words you know with this easy-to-use word
recall game! MegaVocab has over 2,000 words and over 20 topics...

Another feature of MegaVocab is the MegaVocab Creator, which lets you add your own extra words and
pictures. You can add 100's of words and pictures with ease...

...just check out this screen shot of the MegaVocab game...

Here's how it works:

You start off by selecting what you want to be tested on. You practice vocabulary from any of the chapters from
either the Beginners or Advanced Grammar Books, OR you can choose one of my 23 specialized topics, which
include “Family,” “The Classroom,” “The Weather,” and more. When you have selected what you want to be tested
on, press 'Start' and you will be shown a picture and the English word. Just select the corresponding Spanish word
from the 4 options given. If you get it right first time, then you get the maximum points. You can continue
guessing, with one less point for every incorrect answer, until you get the right answer.

With a database of over 2,000 words you will be recognizing and memorizing words and phrases like
wildfire! What's more … you can add 100s of your OWN words and pictures, including any specialized vocabulary
list that you need to know! So whether you are at school or working for a business that exports overseas, then this
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Recognize The Sound of Tons of Spanish Words with "MegaAudio"...
One of the hardest things about learning a language is being able to understand the spoken word. It's all
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Here is a screen shot of the MegaAudio game...

Here's how it works:

Similarly to the MegaVocab game, you select the topics that you wish to be tested on. When you have selected your
topic/s, press 'Start' and you will be shown 6 different pictures with the English word for the picture underneath.
The audio track will play the Spanish equivalent and you have to select the correct picture. You get 6 points for a
correct answer and lose one point for every incorrect answer.

MegaAudio is the perfect answer to the problem of being able to understand the spoken word! Kick-start your
Spanish in a practical and useful way today!

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Each MegaCard comes with its own picture, word and phrase, which you can use to test your own
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This game is fantastic for getting used to pronouncing Spanish words in a fun
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The MegaCards Beginner series has over 150 words and phrases to kick start your
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