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1. The grading range is from 0-5 (check the Speaking Rubric)

2. Questions are randomly picked.
3. At least 10 questions will be asked to you plus the possibility of 5 extras questions based from your
previous knowledge.

1 What's your name?

2 When's your birthday? SPEAKING RUBRIC
3 How old are you? 0 point
* no / totally irrelevant answer
4 When do you finish classes?
* lack of comprehension
5 What days do you have work? * cannot / lack of effort to communicate
6 Where are you from? 1 point
* responses one / two words length
7 What's your address?
**no sub. - verb agreement - structures
8 Where do you study/work? incorrect
9 Are you married or single? **vocabulary repeated
What days do you have classes at university?
* pronunciation very difficult to understand
* unable to express ideas fluently; many
11 What time do you go to university?
pauses/breaks, hesitant/choppy
12 When do you start classes? * communication difficult
13 Where do you live? 2 points
* limited answer
14 What time do you go to work?
**errors in basic grammar
15 How do you spell your first name/last name? **inadequate vocabulary
16 When do you start work? *pronunciation difficult to understand without
What's your phone number?
concentrated effort
* frequent hesitations in expressing ideas
18 When do you finish work? **overly translates questions before
19 What's your email? response
20 What do you do in the evening? **repeats question
* little communication
21 What do you do in your free time?
3 points
22 What time do you have dinner? * sentences are attempted with small grammar
23 What do you want to do tonight? errors and adequate use of vocabulary
How many people are there in your family?
* pronunciation mostly understandable with
some errors (confuse listener & require guessing
25 What's your favorite month? at meaning)
26 Do you pay by credit card or cash? * able to express fluently with little difficulty
(halting / hesitating)
4 points
* consistent use of full sentences with few errors
** good, appropriate vocabulary
** good response
* pronunciation comprehensible, generally
* can self-correct and respond to cues
5 points
* no grammatical error; vocabulary extensive
* pronunciation understandable - almost error-
* able to communicate clearly with no difficulty,
breaks or pauses.