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Threat Intelligence Services Quiz

The Evolution of Cybersecurity

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Question 1 What is the name of Fortinet's threat intelligence service?


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Fortinet Labs

FortiGate Labs

FortiGuard Labs

Question 2 Why do the various vendors share their threat information with other vendors?

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In case they got something wrong.

Because it's not the threat information that sets vendors apart, it's what they can do with it.

So they don't have to try as hard as they would otherwise.

For legal, non-repudiation reasons.

Question 3
The threat intelligence service catalogs the knowledge about existing or emerging attacks, including the specific mechanisms
of the attack, the evidence that the attack has happened.
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Intelligence Catalogs

Indicators of Compromise

Implicators of Compromise

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Question 4 What security challenge was created when the malware authors began to make malware that morphs into different forms?

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The one-to-one malware signature matching method no longer worked.

The signature lists could no longer be stored on floppy discs.

It created email phishing.

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Threat Intelligence Services Quiz

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