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Firewall Quiz

The Evolution of Cybersecurity

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Question 1 Along with firewalls, most networks rely on a set of network services to function properly or provide different types of
Partially correct network security functions.  Which of the following are examples of these services?  (Choose three.)
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Network switching

Endpoint control

Application layer filtering


Question 2 Second generation firewalls were designed to add more functionality. What additional functionality did they bring? 

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They observe network connections over time and continuously examine conversations between endpoints.

They block any conversation that uses bad language.

They look up the IP address of the sender to determine if the source is on a suspect network.

They examine packet headers to detect if the packet contains viruses.

Question 3 In network security, what is the purpose of a firewall? 


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Control the flow of network traffic.

Prevent authorized users from accessing corporate servers.

Limit the number of users on the network.

Prevent unauthorized USB devices from being plugged into a user’s endpoint.

Question 4 What works closely with FortiGate firewall products to provide the highest level of network security?

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NSS Labs


FortiGuard Labs


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Firewall Quiz

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