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Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education

Grade 7

July 15-18, 2019

I. Objective:
At the end of the lesson 100% of the students with 75% level of proficiency should be able to:

1. Identify the different Personal Protective Equipment

2. Determine the uses of Personal Protective Equipment
3. Illustrate common tools use as Personal Protective Equipment

II. Subject Matter:

Module 1: Household Services
Topic: Personal Protective Equipment
1. Learner’s Module:
- Chalk, Eraser, Pictures, Laptop, Visual Aids

III. Procedure
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Checking the physical appearance of the classroom
2. Prayer
3. Greeting the class
4. Checking of attendance
B. Presentation:
1. Take this test: Review the previous lesson
1. All Chemicals exposures are harmful. (True or False)
2. PPE is necessary in some chemical handling jobs. (True or False)
3. To support your answer in two list down at least five PPE(gloves,
goggles, apron and safety shoes)
4. Create your own air crew with the following PPE (gloves,
helmet, ear plug and mouth piece)

2. Question and answer with the students

C. Application
Group Activity: Picture Gallery: Identify the following Personal Protective Equipment by writing its
name on your paper

D. Lesson Proper
 Have a discussion about the following:
Question and Answer with the students

E. Generalization
 What are the things that you learned today? (Encourage the students to answer in a complete
IV. Evaluation
I. Multiple Choice: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
1. You need to wear a full body harness. You have never used one before. What should you
A. Ask for expert advice and training
B. Ask someone already wearing a harness to show you what to do
C. Try to work it out for yourself
D. Read the instruction book
2. Who should provide you with any Personal Protective Equipment you need?
A. You must buy your own
B. Anyone on site with a budget
C. No one has a duty to provide it
D. Your employer
3. Look at these statements about Personal Protective Equipment. Which one is not true?
A. You must use it as instructed
B. You must pay for any damage or loss
C. You must store it correctly when you are not using it
D. You must report any damage or loss to your supervisor

II. Name that thing:

III. A. What is PPE?

B. Why we need to learn the different PPE?

V. Assignment
Create your own air crew with the following PPE (gloves, helmet, ear plug and mouth piece)