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Ey SAP HANA™ Storage Requirements As an in-memory database, SAP HANA uses storage devices to save a copy of the data, for the purpose of startup and fault recovery without data loss. The choice of the specific storage technology is driven by various requirements like size, performance and high availability. This paper discusses the SAP HANA storage requirements, Ey v2.10, February 2017 Contents Legal Disclaimer. Change history.. 1 Introduction... Conceptual Storage Layout Physical Separation of Data and Log Volumes 2 Storage Sizing .. Preface. Memory Sizing, Disk Space Required for the Data Volume Disk Space Required for the Log Volume Disk Space Required for SAP HANA Installation Disk Space Required for Backups... Disk Space Required for Exports 3° High Availability. uu Failure Recovery: Host Auto-Failover. n Failure Detection and Failover File Access and Fencing, Non-shared Storage..cnsn en nnn nnn ID Shared Storage with Shared File Systems 3B Disaster Recovery APPrOacheSsunnnmnnennnnnnnnnnnenmnnnnnn acacia Backups. 14 Storage Replication .. 15 System Replication 4 Performance Scenarios 7 /0 Patterns 19 W/O Sizing, SUMMALY. cee ‘Acknowledgements... Terminology Appendix. evoaw References. ©2017 SAP SE ago 223 Legal Disclaimer [DOCUMENTS SUBIECTTO CHANGE AND NO THIRD PARTY MAY LAY LEGAL CLAIM TO THE CONTENT OFTHIS DOCUMENT ISCLASSFIED AS “CUSTOMER” BUSINESS CONNECTION N PLACE OR INTENDED AND YOU KAVERECENVED Ta LOCLRANT, WE STRONGLY REQUEST THAT YOU EEP THE CONTENTS (OTHER PARTY THAN THE ORIGINALLY FROJECTED ADDRESSEE ‘is éocumen outings our gna product recten and shoud netbereed on nang 2 purctase decsion. Ths document sot ube 0 your earse fereement or any other agrermere ith SAP SP hot no biestion tops ay course of usness eines ints peesrtton ota seul ole 9) {irttonalty mentioned inthis doce, Ts dacmant and AP satay and posse fate devoprens ae subject to change ad maybe changed SAP t any ne fray reason that nce, Te dian provid atau ware ary king ether expres omit Ponies ‘othe med waranes of merchartably, fines fo agree purpose, of neninfingeme SAP assumes espns fr eas OTSSN INNS ‘document and shall hove no Ey for darages of an ind hat may re fromthe use ofthese materials, excep auch ages woe cased by SAP inceionaly or gost negiget (© Copyright 2017S SE Alright eared history Version | Date Description 1.9 June 2013 Initial release 2.0 | November 2013 | Added Storage Sizing section ‘Added Performance Section 2.1 | December 2013 | Improved information about IO fencing with NFS based shared storages 22 May 2014 | Updated sizing formulas Minor fixes 23 July 2014 | Minor fixes 2.4 | October 2014 _| Updated Sizing chapter: New formula for redo log sizing 25 | January 2015 | Updated Sizing chapter: Distinguish total memory and net data size on disk 26 March 2015 _ | Updated Sizing chapter: New recommendations for sizing of /hana/shared 27 _| February 2016 | Added chapter: Physical separation of data and log volumes 2.8 | December 2016 | Reworked Sizing chapter 2.9 | January 2017 | Updated Sizing chapter: Double disk space for data during table redistribution 2.10 | February 2017 | Updated storage sizing chapter: (1) New note in “preface” section (2) Improved wording for data volume formulas EDT oniswse age 323