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In the current world, students do not give importance to education yet they value
their grades rather on acquiring learnings. In reality, students are acknowledged to have
better grades are not that skillful in real life application. The author reflected that the
excellence of the students is dependent to their teacher but in some cases, teachers
demand their students to absorb all the information given over a short period of time
without the sense of encouragement that kind motivate the students.

Jay P. Garcia, the author of the essay presented his ideas subjectively due to the
placement of excessive emphasis on his own perspective which leads to the good
elucidation of personal opinions and beliefs. The author did not provide facts yet he
filled the gap that created a discrepancy between what is and what should be.

The critique believes that the main objective of the passage is to encapsulate the
minds of the readers about the purpose of education which aims are provisions of not
only knowledge but also skill application, specifically in facing the systematic problems
in many fields in our society. The author is creating an intimacy towards his readers
which can persuade them to take actions, used his life experiences to connect with his
readers. The author also used an eye-opening quote to provide direct information
about his topic which can help the readers to further understand his point of view.

The author’s work helps in understanding key ideas and theories relevant to
situations and experiences that many students also face today. The work also engages
to other key concepts and other works in its discipline regarding education and real-life
situations. That proves knowledge alone cannot make a student or a person enhance
their learnings and capabilities.

In general, the essay is not well structured due to unorganized ideas presented, the
idea only focuses on the perspectives and thoughts of the author but it never fails to
persuade the readers because of a strong foundation of connection that he made. The
essay shows many positive ideas that can help the readers to realize how vital the role
of education plays in our society. The ideas were clearly presented with coherence in
contrast the author should present factual information about his to
Critique Paper

Submitted To:

Ms. Joan Toledanes

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EAPP Group 2


Flordeliza, Gelica Zethea

Pido, Eunice

Millevo, Alyssa Marie

Tupas, Nikita Julien

Gubac, Joshua Rafael

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