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Petrel User Interface The Petrel user interface consists of two main windows: the display window and the Explorer panes. Message log Object information Menu bar Toolbar Display window 1 2 3__| Function bar 4 5 Expl orer panes Petrel Explorer Panes There are nine panes available in Petrel that can be put into three Explorer windows (by default). All panes have free placement and ping, and can be enabled or disabled using the View option in the Menu bar Biro [RF Models by Resuits [ij Templates ) Cases | Processes | > Workflows (F]\vindows [2] Favorites Input pane: Store imported data, such as wells, seismic, surfaces, | lines, points, gridded surfaces, and SEG-Y data. Output data of the same kind also is stored here evel Finda eel Bases should be used with caution because it will overaite the cent saved project. With this option, you cannot revert, back to your orignal version if you make an ero. Also, when working on large projects, saving the project. at automatic intervals may take along time. ‘a> Pavel fais Automatic Save By default, Petrel prompts you at a selected time interval to save the current project (default of 15 minutes). If you do not wish to be prompted, select File > Automatic Save > Auto-save every > auto-save. This option can also be accessed by selecting Project > Project Settings > Misc. Settings 1 PetrelFundamontais Petrel Explorer Panes The panes in Petrel can be displayed in two Explorer windows (by default). All panes have free placement and grouping, and they can be enabled or disabled from the View option in the menu bar. If panes have been moved around and you would like to return to the default mode of visualizing them, select Tools > System settings > Effects tab and click the Reset layout button The two main working panes are the Input pane and the Models pane: Input pane This is where all the input files are placed, along with edits on input data or copies of input data. Data created within Petrel and not related to the 3D grid (such as, polygons, surfaces, and seismic interpretations), also are stored here. Models pane All data related to the 3D grid (horizons, faults, properties, etc.) are found here. Simpl gid » 1 Come poitgid 47.0 Gulifaks fault model 7a $8. Wel Tops 5 aut sick Time) | nleoponel aed > @O Fautmodst Sutaces (Tere) sae Base Cretaceous sence a @D Top Tarbert atid (dept) (Velocity mode [5 TopNess z (@() Top Etive 1 Veocty Data premadelsochares Facies input ‘OG Boundary polygon O1) Project Boundary » BBS Fault Sticks for Optional Exercise Otter Data Bo Seiamie BOD Fiters folder BED Topeve O() Project Boundary (Velocity model) Petre Fundamentals eid Basis «at