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Dsn. Krajan Desa Tapanrejo RT:03/03 Muncar - Banyuwangi

+62 082333036965

Full Name : Anggy Eka Pratiwi

Place, Date of Birth : Surabaya, 22 June 1988
Sex : Female
Nationality : Indonesia
Motto : “Nothing is Impossible”
Hobby : Travelling, Post crossing, Reading
Permanent Address Dsn. Krajan , Desa Tapanrejo RT: 03/III Muncar –
Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur
Mobile Phone : +62 82333036965
E-mail :

Period Institution Major

2015 - 2017 Master of Engineering , Technology Gujarat Information
Technological University, India Technology
(CPI 3.65 out of 4)
Thesis : Improving Decision Making Of Sensor
Data Using ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy
Inference System

2006 - 2010 Bachelor of Engineering, Department of Informatics

Industrial Technology, Sultan Agung Islamic Engineering
University (CPI : 3.33 out of 4)
Final Project: Implementation of structures
control algorithm in firefighting robot.
Dsn. Krajan Desa Tapanrejo RT:03/03 Muncar - Banyuwangi
+62 082333036965

Period Organization / Community Position

2019 - 2020 Indonesian Association of Higher Member

Education in Informatics and
Computing (APTIKOM)
2018 - 2019 Team Research and Study Centre, Coordinator
Surya University
2018 - 2019 Internal Quality Assurance Member
Lembaga Penjamin Mutu Internal
(LPMI Prodi)
2018 – Indonesian Lecturers Association Member
2018 - 2023 Ikatan Alumni India IT Support
India Alumni Association
2016 - 2017 Indonesian Student Association in Coordinator of
India Public Relations
2015 - 2016 E-Magazine Namaste Indonesia by Director
Indonesia Student Association in India
2015 - 2016 Indonesian Student Association in Member of Public
India Relations Department
Tim Penelitian dan Penalaran
Mahasiswa (TP2M) / Team Student
2014 - 2015 Coordinator
Research and Reasoning FTI -
Ikatan Ahli Informatika Indonesia
2014 – Now (IAII) / Association of Informatics Member
WargaLab UNISSULA / Research and
2013 - 2015 Founder
Study Forum
Dsn. Krajan Desa Tapanrejo RT:03/03 Muncar - Banyuwangi
+62 082333036965

Research, Teaching and Data Analysis

Main Subject Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,

Computer Vision and Embedded Systems, IoT
Additional Skills Multimedia Design , Networking, Web Design.
Programming Language Skills C , C++, R, Python
English Professional working proficiency
Bahasa Indonesia Native

Date Seminar/Workshop/Conference/ Type


22/11/2018 National Seminar on "Technology Research Participant

in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 to
face the Global Competition",

05/11/2018 Publication: Design of Encryption System Speaker and

CEA (Cube Encryption Algorithm) for Plain Author
Text Encryption

National Seminar on Mechatronics.

Automation, Robotics, and Engineering
Systems. Bandung – Indonesia

13 – 2018 World Class Scholar Symposium Participant

14/08/2018 "Bagimu Negeri Jiwa Raga Kami" :
Synergize and Collaborate,Demonstrating
Indonesia's Contributions to World Science

20/10/2018 Title: Efforts to increase entrepreneurial Speaker

opportunities in the industrial revolution 4.0

National Seminar on Improving the Quality

of Economic and Public Policy in the
Industrial Revolution 4.0 for Young Business
Opportunities. Cirebon – Indonesia
11/08/2018 Publication: Implement Face Detection and Author
Face Tracking on Smart Fan System
Dsn. Krajan Desa Tapanrejo RT:03/03 Muncar - Banyuwangi
+62 082333036965

National Information Technology Seminar

2018. Yogyakarta – Indonesia

01 – Publication : AI (Artificial Intelligence)- Speaker

03/08/2018 based Application of Bahasa Indonesia
Phonetic Transcription for BIPA Learners

National Seminar on Lexicography Indonesia

2018, Ministry of Education and Culture,
Jakarta - Indonesia

24 –26 Publication : Body Weight Measurement Author and

/07/2018 Using Image Processing Based on Body Participant
Surface Area and Elliptical Tube Volume

The 10th International Conference on

Information Technology and Electrical
Engineering (ICITEE) Bali – Indonesia

03/03/2017 Publication : Sensor Data-Based Decision

Making For Agriculture – IJTRE INDIA Author

15/08/2016 Annual member summit of Indonesian Participant

student association in India

30/07/2016 Publication : Design of health care system Speakers

in India using NFC technology

International Seminar smart cities mission:

step towards smart India.

24/06/2016 Seminar and Workshop STTP on privacy, Participant

Security Engineering and Ethical Hacking,

8-10/04/2016 Asia Oceania International Symposium, Delegation

20/03/2016 International Competition of Sayembara Committee
Cerpen PPI India 2016, India
Dsn. Krajan Desa Tapanrejo RT:03/03 Muncar - Banyuwangi
+62 082333036965

24/10/2015 LATEX Workshop

31/06/2016 ICCR (Indian Culture Council Relationship) Awards

General Scheme Scholarship For Master

15/ 11/2014 Technical Secure Computer User Workshop

15/ 11/2014 Grand Launching Association of Informatics Participant
Indonesia (Ikatan Ahli Informatika (IAII))

20-22/01/2014 Workshop Programmable Logic Control Workshop


Period Corporate/ Type of work

2009 PT. Indonesia Power Internship
2010 - 2011 Scade Concepts
IT Support System
2011 - 2015 Sultan Agung Islamic
Laboratory Assistant
2016 – 2017 L.D. College of Assistant Professor in
Engineering Artificial Intelligence subject
2016 – 2017 (Krishi Vigyan
Kendra) Agriculture Research Work
Science Centre
2017 Gujarat
Technological Guest Lecture
2017 - 2018 Indonesia Trade
Data Analyst
Promotion Center
2018 - 2019 Surya University Lecturer