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April 9, 2019

Jilianne Scamperle, CEO

The Career Collection

The Career Collection to Open Second Location in Dallas

The Austin, Texas, Nonprofit Expands to Reach More Women in Need of Professional Attire

AUSTIN, Texas, April 9, 2019 – The Career Collection, a nonprofit organization dedicated to styling
less fortunate women with the professional attire they need in order to succeed in the workplace,
will open its second store in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, April 18.

The downtown store located at 3678 McKinney Ave. in Dallas is in the heart of the shopping district
and will be easily accessible to women in the area searching for affordable attire. The second store
mimics the first location and will be filled with high-quality professional clothing and accessories,
as well as a team of stylists to advise and work with the women. The expansion carries on The
Career Collection’s mission to give all women access to the resources they need to find success in
their search for employment.

“Helping as many women as we can is what we have always dreamed of doing, and I cannot believe
how many in the area we have been able to support,” said Jilianne Scamperle, The Career Collection
CEO. “There are many more expansions to come as we hope to grow and change the lives of women
across the entire nation.”

The Career Collection believes success starts with a confident woman, and is dedicated to making
sure that every woman’s full potential is noticed in the workplace. Because clothing plays such a
vital role in how women are perceived and how they perceive themselves, not having the right
clothing can result in the loss of a job and confidence. However, professional clothing is often
expensive and unattainable. By opening a second store and reaching more women, The Career
Collection hopes to give them access to the affordable professional attire they need in order to
reach professional, financial and personal success.

About The Career Collection
Founded in 2019, The Career Collection is an Austin, Texas, nonprofit orginization dedicated to
giving all women the chance to feel powerful and successful from within. The organization is
inspired by thousands of women who miss employment opportunities because they are unable to
find afforadable professional attire. By providing high-quality clothing, makeup, accessories and
shoes, The Career Collection strives to help determined women show their full potential by styling
them with confidence. By doing so, the organization empowers women to achieve their workplace
dreams for a better economic future. For more information, visit or
follow us @TheCareerCollection on Twitter and Instagram.