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June 28, 2019 ‘The Honorable Brianne Nadeau Council of the District of Columbia Councilmember, Ward 1 1350 Penn. Ave., NW Washington, DC ‘The Honorable David Grosso Council of the District of Columbia Councilmember, At-Large 1350 Penn. Ave., NW Washington, DC Dear Councilmembers Nadeau and Grosso: | am responding to your letter to me dated June 21, wherein you requested answers to some questions in preparation for a hearing on my re-nomination to chair the Board of the Washington Convention and Sports Authority. It is my honor and privilege to have served as Chair these last four years, and | am proud of the work we have done to 1) create and maintain a strong convention, tourism, and sports and entertainment market that has helped drive our economic development for the city, creating approximately $420 million in tax revenue for the District's use, across public safety, housing, and education, among other areas; and 2) create hundreds of jobs for District residents, 300 full time jobs in the Entertainment and Sports Arena alone. Second, we have created a strong retail program at the Convention Center, filling formerly vacant retail storefronts on 9" and 7" street, with restaurants and other stores, helping to create additional jobs for District residents. Third, we were excited to cut the ribbon on June 8th for the unveiling of three new soccer/baseball/community fields at RFK. This important project will serve thousands of children and their families, as well as tournaments from DC and around the country. Fourth, we have expanded our community grants program, having now supported close to 75 community groups ranging from Step Afrika to Girls on the Run, with grants for nonprofits engaged with our youth in our community. ‘These are but a few of the activities we've been working on and | thank our Board and staff; the Mayor; and Council for all their support. In your letter to me, you inquired as to whether EventsDC has been involved in any conversations or discussions with the Washington NFL Club (Club) about locating to the RFK Campus. | have not had any conversations, or discussions with anyone from the Club or NFL. EventsDC has remained focused on activating the RFK Campus in the short and medium term for other uses. Moreover, EventsDC has not conducted any studies about the economic benefit of an NFL stadium on the site. ‘Our long-term plan for the Campus contemplates a broad range of sports, entertainment, and associated amenities, including a memorial/museum to Robert F. Kennedy; and Sports and Entertainment Complex akin to Chelsea Pier in NYC; a Food Hall; pedestrian bridges across Kingman Island to the Campus; and some anchor tenant—either a new arena for the Wizards; a new stadium for the NFL Club; or a track and field house. am aware about your opposition to a football stadium, in terms of use as well as because of the name. My role as Chair is to implement the policy decisions that the Mayor and Council agree upon—it is not to set policy or opine on matters such as whether a name of a sports team is offensive or derogatory. My views aren’t relevant here, and frankly, there are many people above my pay grade whose job it is. | take my lead from the elected officials, including the Council. ‘Thank you for the opportunity to answer some of your questions and | look forward to working, together in these months ahead. Sincerely, IWF \_ — Max J. Brown, Chairman Board of Directors, Washington Convention and Sports Authority CC: The Honorable Phil Mendelson, Chairman, Council of the District of Columbia