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o COUNCIL OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, ‘THE JOHN A. WILSON BUILDING 1350 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, N.W, WASHINGTON, D.C. 20004 June 25, 2039 Dr. Lewis Ferebee Chancellor, District of Columbia Public Schools 1200 First Street, NE Washington, D.C. 20002 Dear Chancellor Ferebee, Thank you for your testimony on Bills 23-0239, the “School Based Budgeting and Transparency Amendment Act of 2029” and 23-0046, the “At-Risk School Funding Transparency Amendment Act of 2019." As promised, below are follow up questions from the hearing. 1. By law, Central Office spending is capped at 5% of DCPS's operating budget. What percentage of DCPS's budget is "School Support that is Centrally Managed"? a. How much of that is funded through at-risk funding? b. How much of that is funded through increased money DCPS receives due to the SPED weight of UPSFF?, <. How much of that is funded through federal funding? d. How much of that is funded through grant funding? During your responses to questions from Council, you mentioned DCPS is experiencing “spending pressure” in FYag. Please provide to Council the following: a. The year to date deficit as reported by the OCFO; b. The cause(s) of the current deficit; <. The estimated end-of-year deficit, at this time, without reprogramming; d. The DCPS plan for closing the deficit; and e, Theestimated FY20 deficit, if any. look forward to your prompt response to this letter by Friday, July a2, 209. Sincerely, 7A 5 piel David Grosso (At-Large) Phil Mendelson (At-Large) Council of the District of Columbia Council of the District of Columbia Chairperson, Committee on Education Chairperson, Committee of the Whole