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Brussels, June 20% 2019 Dear President Juncker, We would like to express our most sincere gratitude for the efforts made by the European Commission to allow progress in the negotiations with Mercosur, which began 20 years ago. The rising threat of protectionism and other geopolitical ‘actors is weighting on exports and intemational trade at large. Weakening the ‘multilateral rules-based trade system ultimately undermines a system of international cooperation that we need to preserve. In this context, we have a historic opportunity, a strategic one, to close one of the most important deals of the European Common Trade Policy, the Association Agreement with Mercosur. Upon the conclusion of the Agreement, the European Union would become the first important trading partner signing a Free Trade Agreement with Mercosur, allowing our companies privileged access to a market of 260 milion consumers. ‘Trade is key to economic growth and job creation in the European Union, and trade agreements represent the best way of transmitting and spreading the values of the Union, while ensuring that our citizens are protected to the highest labor, health and environmental standards, Thus, an Agreement with Mercosur is not only important for the EU and the economy of its member states, itis also a key agreement for the multilateral trade system as a whole. It can show all partners that the system works, sending a strong message that intermational trade ‘is mutually beneficial if based upon dialogue, cooperation and fair rules. ‘As we approach the final stages of the negotiations, we should acknowledge that ‘Mercosur has made significant progress in its internal reflections regarding the trade negotiations with the European Union and seems determined to further liberalize several sectors which are of high importance to us. This should be acknowledged Many Furopean sectors of strategic relevance, especially in ‘manufacturing, including among others cars and car parts, machinery, chemicals or pharmaceuticals, willbe particularly benefited. Bearing this in mind both parties ‘must be ready and wiling to make some final concessions to achieve this historic agreement. We are ata crossroads. The European Union cannot afford to give way to populist land protectionist arguments about trade policy, an area in which the achievements of the European Union are undeniable. We have to take advantage of the current political momentum in Mercosur countries and not let this window of opportunity close, For all the above reasons, we kindly ask you to submit to Mercosur a balanced land reasonable offer that wil pave the way for the conclusion of the Agreement. ‘Such milestone would send a clear message to the global economy in favor of an ‘open, fair and rules-based trade system, We hope that you will consider these essential issues in the upcoming ‘negotiations on this matter Yours sincerely, fur lov. Cale Ww began - Pheer NL. [ve Kd Mark Rute CBS, afl fr Lofven