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Term 1 WEEK Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

1 ------- Continue general research WORK EXPERIENCE WEEK

2 First Portfolio Check Update portfolio website Finish creating video

Plan research need for specific posts/ Update social media with posts
videos about athletes/ sporting teams made
3 Third Portfolio Check Research new people/sports
------ Update portfolio website

4 Research for specific post Final Portfolio Check


5 Start social media platforms Continue creating posts

------ Continue to research Update social media platform, try
to get more people seeing it
6 Second Portfolio Check Plan what my posts will look like Finish and finalise everything
Begin creating photo posts and messages needed for exhibition

7 Fourth Portfolio Check Exhibition - 29/11/2019


8 Finish planner Finish creating photo post Reflection

Update portfolio website Plan a small video post LAST WEEK OF YEAR 10 WOOT!!!

9 Continue general research Research and start to create video

10 Continue video
Update portfolio website