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Ue MORE _NEW USES | ae _ GERMANIUM sss DIODES | owe ato ooucts Ree 46 \ROADWAY, NE ring, N.Y. CRYSTAL DIODE Circuit Kinks a MORE NEW USES FOR GERMANIUM DIODES Sylvania Electric Products Inc. 1740 Broadway, New York 19,N. ¥. Copyright, 1952 SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS INC. FIRST EDITION THIRD PRINTING Printed in U.S. A. The information in this book is furnished without assuming any obligations. INTRODUCTION IL this booklet, we present 40 germanium diode applications, tried and proven, which did not ap- pear in the several crystal booklets published pre- viously by our Company. We believe the engineer, service technician, transmitting radio amateur, and hobbyist all will find items of interest in this new collection of circuits and data. It is believed further that the items contained in this booklet will provoke further thought and experimentation on the part of readers—activity which will lead to development of even more applications of the already prolific germanium diode. In recent years, the crystal voltmeter and mis- cellaneous crystal meters have attained an identity of their own. For this reason, a separate chapter has been devoted to meters. Increasing acceptance of the germanium diode in TV reception likewise has occurred, and a description of successful cir- cuits in this category appear in Chapter 3. This booklet is offered with the earnest wish that it will bring practical ideas to radio-television technicians everywhere. SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS, INC.