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To the Teacher English for Science and Engineering is especially designed for university students at the intermediate level who want to use their English for international communication in professional contexts. Objective The purpose ofthis book isto empower students with the language and life sis they need to carry aut their career goals. To this end it provides ample opportunities for students to build awareness and practice the language in realife scenario. Its integrated skis approach develops the student’s self-confidence to survive and succeed in professional and social encounters within an English-speaking global ‘community. Content The book has been designed with a core of 30 lessons plus additional resource sections to provide teachers and course designers with the necessary flexibility for planning a wide variety of courses. The four shls of listening, speckng, writing, and reading are developed throughout each unit’ within professionel contests. Emphasis is on developing the life skils students need to deal with situations that they will encounter inthe job market. University students, regardless of their major, will immediately be motivated by the ‘opportunity to prepare forthe job market as they prectice their English language sii in the following scenarios. RED measuring and comparing R&D activities, putting together an RD project team, planning an RED project, developing néw products Design and Testing resohing design issues, value engineering @ product, designing tests, conducting performance tests ‘Manufacturing and Industry describing technical processes, analyzing areas of expertise, describing habitual routines and current activities Quality Control, Safety, and Maintenance describing maintenance procedures, applying safety measures, running quality control checks Careers and Management assessing the job market, getting licensed, building a career To the Teacher HBG 5 the Teacher Using the Book Each content-based unit is divided into six two-page lessons. Each lesson is designed to present, develop and practice job-related skills. (See Content.) Vocabulary A section with ational content vocabulary for Science and Engineering is included for reference. Teachers may choose to focus on this vocabulary through direct presentation, or may encourage the students to use this section forse study. Grammar There is no direct: grammer instruction in the core lessons. However a completa ‘grammar resouree has been provided at the end ofthe book. The grammar resource can serve 8s reinforcement of the student's grammar sis t can be used for self- study or independent prectice or the teacher may choose to use meteral in class to present and practice language skils required by the productive exercises in the diferent lessons. The language elements are ordered as they appear in the units. But they may be referred to in any order. Each grammar presentation provides a grammar box or paradigm folowed by contextual examples and a practice exercise Listening ‘Many of the workplace scenarios are presented and/or established through the listening contexts. Complete cud scrits and an audio CD have been provided for tthe student to allow for independent listening practice. Student access to audio scripts and CDs also provides multi-level instruction opportunities in the clessroam, Ongoing Assessment The five team projects found at the end of every unit, as well as the one-page unit reviews atthe end ofthe book provide ample opportunity for ongoing assessment. Unit tests are provide in the Teacher's Resource Book