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A Jew Among Romans ‘THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF FLAVIUS JOSEPHUS . Frederic Raphael ® Anchor Books Vil Ass vesnastas was atronren 10 be disembuing at Cac" lsh ben Maatias mored his bradguares 10 he hlliop wn. of Joapats (day Yode), abou en miles north of Nazareth He had already ordered i orfaions to be thickened a pao is ed hn otal pass advance on fran. Ding is governor ‘hip, Joseph had asd, and done his best wo win and organize, an ‘ficient Jewish army. He aimed that esmounted wo hundiedchoue sand men ‘Saal eagssation 3 hair wth ancient horas. Lik old olywood produces, the fen thee epics with mammoth cast ‘Whateer the exact numbers, Jsplis levies lacked the disiling hon and equipment confon regular Roman solders, Wich ew ilsons abou the resi he were to be eught in open coun, is test act had tobe whole up and hold ou for a long as posible. In the event, he would have enoigh ie, in his ight redoub, ro reflet fon the amalgam of girances, vanities and mikaelations tha had trough the Jadacan Jens, and hms, tthe pen pas Tmananoex to bis advenatsin Galles, Josep cs ack oJ "Thc previa know Se Ty werd ama pt by ed sh Cea wh del 10 he Rosun emperor Une habs of ‘ii in popltinn ra misr ofJor and Sane On orb a wz, ops ye Ja Wr I and ling th Sra anced Cast toca choad ony hing a ae aren Vers bees, salem, where he say chat the High Pret Ananus “and those ofthe leading men who were not pro-Romas" implying that a good number vere) set about reinforcing che defenses and importing the mate neces for war. While dhe moderate cians abndoned theme, 2 roderaes wil to lamenaton, Ananis prepared for wat low (Can he be bined if he sill hoped that, by Bing all things to a ‘many men as pouble, he could dec the Zelos fom a disso ‘Anans remained informal contol for almost two yeas but his suhoriy was eroded by the Zealot Fatons, which were ab jonting «ach othes for mastery ofthe elements in favor of oral war, Josep ‘v0 versions of evens supply an incongrsous double port of Anse rus A noble figure in The Jewish War ehe same man appears inthe Vite connive atthe attempt by three man delegation that was dite parched fom Jerusalem ia the spring of 67 with authors hey ad, 'odiplace Joseph Thee appointment suggests thac the Zelo paris pethaps by agrecing on temporary alin, had outed fr merely ble) the High Pret and his fends, Josephus inconsistent westment of Ananas argues for hs candor. In The fit Ware likes 0 show bial in galt ligh but self jusifcation i noe in that bok, his prime purpse. In many regan, ‘Ananus was playing much che sae two-ftced game 3s Joop: both ‘were acting tough and; at the same time, hoping for alse minute set tdement. Anam prefered to make concesions athe expense of hit ‘own sie rather than excite a Bloody confrontation wit thera, it may have made him a pooe fiend of lueph ben Marathi, but Josephus the historian could ce chat wo betray him might Farcer poe ‘es both men had fivored."The charge of reason was as easy to ring ‘gins Joseph at would be, a yea oro later, agsinat Anamas imsele [Nether man was ina position t define or cleave o, an unequivocal purpose. The mor flexible thei policy, the more its publi expenon would excite violent reactions fom the militants. To play a double fame was ther common recourse if they wished both to tema in ‘oneal offs and to compromise withthe Romans. How could he elder speak out agains che Zealots, whose appeal the mass Was | | A JEW AMONG RoMANS: based on che Maceaean myth fri Jevish independence To tay ina posionw avoid llou whe moderates had show eey pn of preparing fit Jove dpc daring and ingenuity in cingng his thane office x goveror general. The ts andes complicated explana ton of his perience i chat he was doing wks he conic be is dy, Unls bis adventures in Trice and Tiberias aes ares ton, which nt even deracr: sich ical historian Jabs ave slimed, hemor finch when Gerd wth hose obs and daunting ‘ods Rebying on suprise an showmanship, be matched cer of