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Lillianna Burton


EBA English Honors 10


My sophmore year of English was probably the most exciting and dissapointing of English

classes I’ve taken before. Exciting because of the literature aspect and dissapointing because of my own

work ethic at times. My writing experienced some ups and downs, I wrote some of my best and worst

works this school year. However, I did learn quite a lot. Mrs.Jenkins teachings’ paired with the literature

that I read allowed for me to grow as a writer and as an individual.

The literature works that we examined this year all had a purpose; whether that be to teach

lessons on individualism or showcase the difference in culture and morality in other countries. I enjoyed

some and others not so much. My favorite books that I read with the class were ​Siddhartha​ and, my own

dystopian novel, ​The Handmaid’s Tale​. These novels both taught me the importance of individualism and

the power of a strong, independant leading character. Other literature works that we read including:

Anthem, Oedipus Rex, Julius Caesar, Lord of the Flies, Things Fall Apart, ​and ​Thrive. ​Although I didnt

enjoy these works quite as much, they still taught me valuable lessons on human nature and fate. As an

EBA student I do believe that ​Thrive​ taught me the most valuable lessons. The author, Arianna

Huffington, is also an active entrepreneur who took the initiative to offer advice for others who work busy

lives. Being an entrpreneur is a stressful and busy career, because my strand is entrepreneurship I feel I

could learn the most from her book.

In my future I plan to read and write much more. I have always enjoyed reading and even writing

in a personal journal but, I want to actively work towards making time each week to do both more often. I

found that I really enjoy dystopian novels and that I have a harder time reading non-fiction books. These

will probably be the books that I focus on more and will try to read more of. This summer I plan to work
on my writing quite a lot. This will help me practice the flow of my thoughts and even help me grow my

vocabulary that I use in my writing. Because English Honors 11 is another literature based English class, I

think a lot of the writing I will do next year will be like the writing I had to do this school year. To help

prepare me for this I plan to practice writing PPE’s for any novels or articles I may read over the summer.

This year has helped me learn many things, whether that be in English or out of school. But

focusing on the more educational side of the lessons I learned, I realized many things. I realized that all

writing can be bettered and if more thought and time is put into something, the more likely you are to

have a succesful paper. The novels I read this year also helped me grow my mindset and the way I look at

life and other people. Overall, I gained quite a lot from my English class this year and I’m grateful for my

teacher for all of this.