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UE YOUR ass or UP FROM THE SLIME by VALERTE SOLANAS From the Collection of RE ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM Archives Study Center, Pitsburgh, PA 15212-5890 DO HOT HEPRODUGE WITHOUT PERMissIOM Copyright (C) 1965 by Valerie Solanas I dedicate this play to ME a continuous source of strength and guidance, and witheut whose unflinching loyalty, devotion and faith this play would never have been written. additional acknowledgements: Myself-for proofreading, editorial comment, helpful hints, criticism and suggestions and an exquisite job of typing. I-for independent research into wen, warried woren and other degenerates. rom. the Collection of THE AKDY WARHOL MUSEUM Archives Study Genter, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890 DO NOT REPRODUCE WITHOUT PHRMIESICH CHARACTERS Ain order of appearance} BONGI PEREZ PASSERS-BY HE ANE T WARHOL MUSEUM Archives Suxdy Center, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890 DO HOT REPRODUCE WITHOUT PERMISSION