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Theatro Weekly: Oct 02 – Oct 06: 2017

Development Update:

○ Ashok
■ Analyzed Zendesk-ID 18935 (Dartmouth_7257 - User logged onto
communicator that TSM indicates as charging).
■ Merged Handling of stale static announcements feature from Release_1_4_7.4
to Release_1_4_7.5
○ Vijay
■ Worked on Morrison's Demo Lab SKU Lookup Functionality.
■ Analyzed Zendesk-ID 18919 (NordstromCenturyCity_384 not getting unheard
messages notification).
■ Analyzed Zendesk-ID 18886 (Medicine_Hat_7036 - Reports of Volume Lowering
throughout the Day).
■ Multiple Huddle/Feature Slot Configurations Supported
○ Riyaz
■ Analyzed Zendesk-ID 18853 (Walgreens Winter Garden 7109 5 min meeting
"Yes" accepted as "No”).
■ Analyzed Zendesk-ID 18843 (OAK announcement is delayed for about 3mins).
■ As part of Multiple Huddle/Feature Slot configurations implementing
feature/tagOutName specific stats.
● Testing
○ Sagar
■ Unified Android app testing
○ Chaitanya
■ Unified iOS app testing
■ KT to new joinee
■ Support tcm team for testing PNS filtering
○ Bipin
■ Created script to fetch huddle.ini from field
■ Enhanced pytest script for
● Locate
■ End to end testing for Morrison demo TGS build
■ Reproduce zendesk issues
○ Chidanand
■ Verified fixes for Huddle
■ Testing in progress for TAG as a relay
■ KT for new joinee
■ Script for jira issue TGS-659
■ Testing of stale entry fixes
■ Testing of Morisson demo build
○ Ramya
■ Updated test scenarios for CDM
■ Testing of CDM
○ Aayush
■ Reproduce jira issues raised by Kevin
■ Testing fix for CDM live issues
■ Upgrade of local, itg0, dallas tcm server
■ Testing of Sidecar changes
● Voice
○ Bhaskar
■ OOG- Only Names Detection - Algorithm Derivation
■ ASR Failure Detection Algorithm - Combining error codes and playing prompts
■ Nuance exploration to support French language
○ Priya
■ Worked On Only Name Analysis for Dec19 HDC Markham Store
■ Testing various Combinations of ASR Abnormal Conditions in Updated ASR
○ Manasa
■ OOG- Only Names Detection - Threshold Derivation Analysis
■ ASR code changes to support playing prompts as per recommendation
● Manager Apps
○ Sandeep
■ Merged Switch to C2 on top of HMA
■ IOS Unified app: Fixed the bugs raised by BUS and CUS QA.
○ Ravi B
■ Implemented the PNS filtering option
○ Prashanth K:
■ Zendesk issue analysis - 18794
■ Had a French language support design discussion
○ Sethu
■ Implemented the PNS filtering option
■ Android Unified app: Fixed the bugs raised by BUS and CUS QA.
○ Abhi C
■ Had a French language support design discussion
■ Zendesk issue analysis - 18614, 18558.
● UI
○ Arun
■ CDM bug fix for monthly schedules saved as weekly
■ CDM Bug fixes - Issues raised by kevin - URL-243,244,245,246
■ Exploring french support for TCM portal
○ Sunita
■ Design Testing for portal user creation ( Corp Role ) to be assigned to default
hierarchy node
■ TCM Sanity test post RAM upgrade
■ JIRA Bug fix - TWS-92 - UI option to support employee / group upload
○ Narayana
■ Side Car UI changes
■ JIRA bug fix - TWS-392
● Services
○ Vinoth
■ Side Car Enhancements
■ BNF validation at TCM . Will release this to CUS testing, where commands.bnf
will be validated for Employees and groups modification.
○ Hanuma
■ Analyzed MA issue in live, where user wasn't receiving instore communication
in app.
■ Worked on ASR trendline script and its deployed to live
■ Working on Push Notification Filtering.
○ Prashanth C
■ Script to fetch huddle wave files for a given chain
■ Script to populate Huddle.ini DATA into TCM
■ CDM Bug fixes - Issues raised by kevin - URL-243,244,245,246
○ Anil
■ CDM 2.0 Issue fix - Playing announcements immediately when monthly /
weekly is scheduled.
■ SCM Service to integrate with UI, displaying version information of components
■ Adding new Heap memory check code in Northboundhandler that prints the
heap usage every one minute

Odds and ends:

Bipin’s Gnyan:
People are the average of the five people they associate with most, so do not underestimate the effects
of pessimistic, unambitious, or disorganized friends. If someone isn’t making you stronger, they’re making
you weaker.”

New Joinees

We had three new joinees at BUS, Sathish Kumar, Joice and Basavaraj. About them in their words

Sathis Kumar: Myself Sathish kumar, born and brought up in chennai, hold a degree in B.E (ECE). I do have
3+ years of experience in Plintron Global technologies, telecom domain and i love coding. Good in
drawing and pencil sketching.
Joice: I am Joice, Born in Gauribidanur, I did my schooling in William Richards’s English high school (10th)
and college in SSEA Govt PU college (PU) and BE in SJCIT. My hobbies are watching movies, listening music
and learning new programming languages. I can understand Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada
and English.

Basavaraj: I am Basavaraj Mugali, completed Electronics and Communication Engineering at KLE College
of Engineering and Technology in 2016 with an aggregate of 62.32%. I shall provide my commitment to
properly discharge my duties and responsibilities.