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1996 SEMINAR INFORMATION ATSG VIDEO VEHICLE SPEED SENSORS IN-DASH SPEED PULSER ‘The example shown here is a 1989 Prelude and is the type of vehicle speed sensor located in the speedometer cluster. (Refer to figure 18) ‘The best way to check this speed sensor is to locate the terminal in the transaxle computer that the speed sensor is wired to and with the multimeter set on DC VOLTS, rotate front wheels by hand, the voltage seen should pulse from 0 to 5 volts In this example the positive multimeter lead would go to A6 which is the speed pulser wire and the negative lead would go to BI which is the computer ground. (Refer to figure 19) SPEEDOMETER CLUSTER Figure 19 Automatic Transmission Service Group 1996 SEMINAR INFORMATION. VIDEO SPEED SENSORS A/T SPEED PULSER ‘This 2 wire type of speed sensor can be checked with an ohm meter. The meter will pulse whenever the rotating magnet passes the pick-up and the reed switch inside opens and closes, The voltage pulse is 0-5 volts DC. The ohm pulse is INFINITY to 100 ohms, (Refer to figure 20) MAGNET — 0-100 OM PULSE ka +e ROTATING MAGNET, Figure 20 Automatic Transmission Service Group 1996 SEMINAR INFORMATION ATSG vibEO SPEED SENSORS VSS MECHANICAL type of speed sensor is gear driven by the differential ring gear and produces a pulsed signal as it rotates which opens and closes the reed switch inside it This pulsed signal will pulse 4 times for 1 revolution of the wheels. This type of speed sensor can be checked with a volt meter set on DC VOLTS with the connector plugged in and ignition key on which will show a value of 0-5 VOLTS. ‘Typically 3 wire VSS must have power to excite the circuitry inside them unlike the 2 wire style. ‘Therefore itis necessary to check this type of VSS connected with the ignition key on. ‘Typically this sensor will have a 12 volt power supply, a signal return and a ground wire. ‘The volt meter should be connected between the signal return and ground where a 0-5V pulse should be seen. ( Refer to figure 21), vemere [#] +—snov oe, ‘Stee, [2]-<—nv rower SENSOR [5] 4 — sicnat RETURN aw () ev PEED SENSOR, DRIVEN GEAR HOUSING. Figure Automatic Transmission Service Group