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PIIIIIIIIIIIPDIIOIIIIDIIDIIDIIDIIIIIIIDIDADIDIIIIIIDD - CAST SCRIPT / VOCAL BOOK - Book, Music and Lyrics by JANET YATES VOGT AND MARK FRIEDMAN Based on the classic story by Lewis Carroll Cc Theatrical Rights Worldwide New York Office London Office 646-736-3232 020 7101 9596 The materials contained herein are copyrighted by the authors, are not for sale, and may only be used for the single specifically licensed live theatrical production for which they were originally provided. Any other use, transfer, reproduction or duplication including print, electronic or digital media js strictly prohibited by law. 38 ALICE IN WONDERLAND Copyright © 2018 by Janet Yates Vogt & Mark Friedman. All rights reserved. settee eee ee a 39) Dy) 9) 9 8) > 9 CAST OF CHARACTERS With Suggested Doubling Beneath Each Name 1. Alice 2. The Queen of Hearts Alice’s Mother Caucus Race Animal 3. The Mad Hatter 4. The White Rabbit 5. The Doormouse Two-of-Hearts Tap-Dancing Card Rose Painter 6. The Mock Turtle 7, The Dodo Bird Five-of-Hearts Tap-Dancing Card Rose Painter 8. The Cheshire Cat Seven-of-Hearts Tap-Dancing Card Rose Painter 9. Tweedle Dee Loreena (Alice’s Sister) Caucus Race Animal 10. Tweedle Dum Caucus Race Animal at The Knave of Hearts (a Jack of Hearts Card) Caucus Race Animal 12. The Caterpillar Caucus Race Animal 13. The March Hare The King of Hearts aa. Extra 1: Pop-Up Flower Caucus Race Animal Four-of-Hearts Tap Dancing Card 15. Extra 2: Pop-Up Flower Caucus Race Animal Six-of-Hearts Tap Dancing Card 16. Extra 3: Pop-Up Flower Caucus Race Animal Three-of-Hearts of Hearts Tap Dancing Card NOTE The cast may be expanded to include additional ensemble chorus and dancers if you wish to include more performers in your production. Director may choose to re-assign the doubling as it best fits your cast and production needs.