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Romeo and Juliet / Shakespeare Webquest

Using the links for each section below, answer each question. Be sure to answer all
parts of the question. You do not have to write in complete sentences unless it says to
(indicated by ​CS​).​ ​This is an individual assignment​. What’s great about Google Drive
is I can search through all shared documents for plagiarism very easily.

Take your time to really learn who Shakespeare was and different aspects of the culture
and society of the time period. You may type directly on this assignment and submit it
through Google Classroom or handwrite your answers. ​PLEASE TYPE ANSWERS IN

Task #1​ -:
Watch the video and answer the following questions.

1. What was important about Stratford-Upon-Avon in the 16th century? ​(CS)

Stratford-Upon-Avon is important because it is the place that William
2. Name the theater company Shakespeare was a part of.
“The King’s Men”
3. Provide 5 facts you learned from the video.
​Married to Anne Hathaway, One of Shakespeare's son died,built the globe
theatre, wrote poetry, Entrepreneur
4. What day and year did Shakespeare die? Why is this an interesting date? How
old was he when he died?
​He died on April 23, 1616 and this date is interesting but people think that this
was also his birthday if not close to it , and he was 52 when he died.
5. Summarize the section “Did Shakespeare write his own plays?” Why do people
think he may not have written them? Why do people think he did? ​(CS)
​People may think that he didn’t write his own plays because there were scholars
with more education then him, so people that he didn’t have enough education.
Many people thought that he did write his own plays because the other scholars
were sketchy to. They think that the school he went to had a good foundation for
Task #2 ​- ​
Romeo & Juliet marry secretly, but because she is trying to escape the arranged
marriage to Paris. Read this site about marriage in Elizabethan England and answer
these questions:
1. What does betrothal mean?
Formal engagement to be married
2. Name three marriage or betrothal customs found on this page.​(CS)
​Three betrothal customs customs are that they seal the contract with a kiss and a
signature, they put the ring on the right hand and at the wedding it is moved to
the left and if the contract is broken all the gifts and tokens have to be returned.
Click the link for “More Wedding Customs” - ​

1. What color should the bride’s dress be?

It can be any color
2. How is the intention to marry announced? What happens if it is not announced
before the wedding ceremony? ​(CS)
The intention to marry is announced in the church three consecutive times on
holy days, and it is illegal to not announce your wedding/marriage.
3. Describe the wedding procession. ​(CS)
The wedding procession involves the bridesmaids helping the bride prepare, then
everyone involved or at the wedding will go into procession in houses or at a
church. The brides is typically loud, the groom is not part of the processions.
Then everyone will enter the church because your wedding has to be in a
religious place, and the doors are always open so anyone can come if there is
enough room.
4. What is a dowry?
​It is the brides amount of money, goods and property that is brought into the
marriage, and it can also be called a marriage portion.
Task #3 - ​

1. A famous line from Romeo and Juliet is when Juliet says, “Romeo, Romeo,
wherefore art thou Romeo?” What does “wherefore” mean?
Wherefore means why
2. What does “stay” mean?
​Stay means wait​ - ​Use the link to get the information you need to translate this
conversation. Put your translation in column two. Keep the phrases just about the
same, but use Elizabethan words where you can. So, in other words, you rewrite the
entire phrase but replace as many words as you can with Elizabethan English.
Person A Hello. (Person A sneezes) Good day if you please marry shall I
Please excuse me.

Person B Gesundheit! God Save You!

A Thank you! My thanks

B Say, do you know where the Say, do you know where the closest
closest bathroom is? ajax is?

A Certainly. It’s down the street in Certes!, It’s down the street in the
the King’s Tavern. King’s Tavern

B Thank you, goodbye. Gramercy, goodbye

Task #4​ - ​​ and ​

1. Name three theaters that competed with The Globe. ​(CS)

The theaters the competed with The Globe are the Swan Theatre, the Rose
Theatre and the Hope Theatre
2. How did the original Globe burn down in 1613? ​(CS)
The original Globe was burnt down in 1613 by a cannon being shot during a
performance which ignited the thatched roof of the gallery.
3. The Globe theater was rebuilt in 1997, and renamed Shakespeare’s Globe. Click
on the pictures of “outside” and tell me what you think here.​(CS)
I think that the outside of the rebuilt theater is pretty and has a lot of intricate
4. Click on the pictures of “inside” and tell me what you think here. ​(CS)
​I think that the inside of the rebuilt theater is very simple and unique with many
cool details.
Task #5 - ​

1. How many women actors did the company usually feature?

No women were featured
2. Was Shakespeare an actor? What is the term used to refer to actors? ​(CS)
Shakespeare was an actor, and he used the word “players” instead of actors.
3. How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good
seat? ​(CS)
The seating arrangements for the audience were first come first serve which
basically means that you can't reserve seats. To get a good seat you should get
there early.
4. What would the audience do if they did not like a performance? ​(CS)
The audience would throw oranges at the actor or anything else that had with
them, and they would shout and hiss at them if they didn’t like their performance.

Task # 6
Go to the​ ​​ and create your own insult.
○ Start with the word "Thou."
○ Next, take a phrase/word from the first column to begin your insult
○ Continue by adding something from the second column
○ Finish it up royally with something from the third column.
Thou beslubbering pox-marked scut
Thou puking fool-born giglet
Thou saucy fen-sucked dewberry

I couldn’t find a way to translate any of them

Type your created Shakespearean insult, and use google or another search engine to
translate it: what did it mean?
(Thou + choice from column 1 + choice from column 2 + choice from column 3 =
your custom made insult)
Or try….​ ​

Task #7​ - ​

Using the link, provide 1 piece of information for each character listed. ​(CS for all)

Romeo He was the son of montague.

Juliet She was the daughter of capulet.

Friar Laurence They were the priest who secretly married Romeo and Juliet.

Mercutio He was Romeo's close friend.

Tybalt They were Juliet’s cousin on the mother's side.

Nurse They were Juliet’s loyal intermediary.

Benvolio They were Romeo's cousin and friend.

Paris They were the suitor of Juliet.