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Women constitute 47% of the 1-in-8 Americans say that 21% of girls say that their

U.S. workforce, and perform their race or ethnicity has parents encourage them to
24% of STEM-related jobs made job success harder become an actress, while
10% of girls say their parents
have encouraged them to
think about an engineering
The Absence of Women
and Diversity in STEM

By: Zoe Bond

So, What Is Independent Research?

● The class provides students with real life skills

● Students network and make connections with people who work in our field of study
● Students also interview people relative to the subject matter at hand
● With this data, students are able to create surveys and support their research by
reading scholarly articles
My Research
Mrs. Adrienne Shearer:
My Potential ● She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Masters of
Advisors ●
Science and Management from University of Maryland
Information Technology Specialist- Policy Analyst with the Federal

Ms. Tanya Sam:

● She studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science,

Genetics and Cell Biology from McGill University and was a nurse
● Director of Partnerships at TechSquare Labs in Atlanta, Georgia
● Her website the reveals her passion on helping women and minorities
find success
● She co-founded BuiltxWomen
● Leads Ascend 2022 which is program the helps female entrepreneurs
How Are Things In The World Now?
UNESCO Institute For
What Has My Research Uncovered As A Weakness In The
Present System?
I have uncovered that...

● Parental influence on career path plays a role on job interest

● Desire to start own family may squelch STEM career path for women
● Stereotypes play a role for women and minorities
● Lack of mentorship
● Lack of Confidence
How To Fix It ● Introduction of role models at an early age
● STEM industries can introduce programs with
self-affirmation exercises for women and
● An increase of family-friendly policies by STEM
● Increase of organized efforts through
organizations such as Girls Who Code,
TechGirls, TechWomen, and Verizon’s
#InspiredHerMind project, and Million Women
My Hypothesis
My Data

Survey - Handwriting image

● Early introduction of STEM to young girls
will feed more interest into STEM
● More efforts should be made by STEM
industries to increase women and
minorities U.S. Department of Agriculture