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2014 - 2019

The Quaestors


Subject: Welcome Village for Members elected in the European elections 23-26 May

Further to the European elections taking place between Thursday 23 and Sunday 26 May
2019, welcome facilities shall be provided in a designated area called « Welcome Village » to
help elected Members take up their duties.

These will be organised as follows:

In Brussels, 27 May - 28 June 2019

o Dedicated meeting points at two entrances of the Altiero Spinelli (ASP)

building, (Esplanade Solidarność 1980/Agora Simone Weil and rue Wiertz)
and of the József Antall (JAN) building.

o The Welcome Village in the JAN building, third floor (JAN 3Q)
Monday 12.00-19.00
Tuesday to Thursday 8.30-19.00 (except Tuesday 28 May: 12.00-19.00)
Friday 8.30-13.30 (except Friday 28 June: 8.30-15.30).

The Welcome Village will be closed on Thursday 30 May (public holiday), Friday 31 May
(office closing day) and Monday 10 June 2019 (public holiday).

In Strasbourg, 1 July - 4 July 2019

o Dedicated meeting point at the main entrance of the Louise Weiss (LOW)
building, Agora Bronisław Geremek, Allée du Printemps.

o The Welcome Village in the LOW building, Galerie Colombo

Monday 12.00-19.00
Tuesday and Wednesday 8.30-19.00
Thursday 8.30-16.00

Members are invited to note that accreditation can only start when official notifications from
national authorities, containing the list of elected Members, have been received. Provisional
lists with notifications received will be available for consultation on the dedicated Internet
Welcome page, at the following address:
PE 634.092/QUEST/CM

EN United in diversity EN

The reception arrangements will take the form of stands and desks, operated by specialised
multilingual staff, at which Members will be able to obtain information covering the essential
administrative and financial aspects of their life as an elected Member of the European

Chair-in-Office of the Quaestors

$ /$2 PE 634.092/QUAEST/CM