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5 Pe ; : : ~ Mathematical. Illustrations + SND ag CLI COAL ‘Extinction Shift ariel | UU md Ge as Oe pies! Transformations Edward Henry:Dowdye, Jr. a PUTS ec CO aa rol PAT ted Oa rae e LTS S Lea ee eR as Pee ae A Piva eee e Ba Note rie Mathematics and Galilean Transformations according to rules of the Extinction Shift Principle 6 Rectilinearly Propagating Electromagnetic and Gravitational Waves Nr ee ed 5 4 No Ether! No Li Hang Contraction! No Time Dilation! No rms ur CUaNy ETS) Oe aC CE a ke Second Edition 2001 ‘oo. ce sa Cover Image: The Great Orion Nebula (M-42) (this edition) Telescope images are taken using an 8-inch Newtonian on a German equatorial mount in Newaygo County, Michigan by Norman Klekoda The first edition photo of The Orion Nebula was taken with a 12.5-inch f/7 Newtonian reflector in Wilmington, Delaware by ‘Thomas Sidowski Discourses & Mathematical Illustrations pertaining to the Extinction Shift Principle under the Electrodynamics of Galilean Transformations Edward Henry Dowaye, Jr. West Chester, Pennsylvania 1991 Washington, DC 2001 on the Mechanics of Propagation of Electromagnetic and Gravitational Fields and the Effect of their Influence on Fractional Light Velocity Particles of Material Secondary Sources of Emission an Alternati Doppler Shift and Rela eto Principles with an Appendix on Aberrational Effect, Sagnac Effect, Gravitational Redshift Effect and Nullified Experiments in Optics Second Edition 2001