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TVS AAA AA CFN 2015R0364790 OR Bk 29647 Ps B88 (iPas) NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT RECORDED Ne/08/2019 13231 228 HARVEY RUTH CLERK OF COURT /ARECORDED COPY MUST BE POSTED ON THE JOBSITE ATTIME OF FIRST MSPECTION WARVEY ANTI, CLERK. OF CO vent wo. (5 CLOISG 1x roo no2B E210 AZ 1S70 ‘STATE OF FLORIDA: ‘COUNTY OF MIAMI-DADE: ‘THE UNDERSIGNED hereby gives notice that improvements wil be made to certain rel ‘property and in accordance with Chapter 713, Florida Statutes, the folowing information is provided in this Notice of Commencement. ‘Space above reserved for use of recording offen 1. Legal description of property and streetiaddress: _G@oO “Ee 2 —— 2. Deserintion of mprovement_aw THOR Renevsthoq fname and a 5 cS Gees wilh J sous gene eerie eB RISE LE Ct ins Thon “Rete se a iw Tia peel Bay 2d +t 1210 5. Surety: (Payment bond required by owner from contractor, f any) Name, address and phone number: ‘Amount of bond 8, 6. Lenders name and adress __ 7, Persons within the State of Florida designated by Owner upon whom notices or other documents may be served as provided by ‘Section 713.19(1(7., Florida Statutes, Name, address and phone number: £. In addition to himself, Qwners designates the following person) to recelve a copy ofthe Lienars Nolice as provided in Section 718.13(0)), Florida Statutes. Name, address and phone number: 8. Expiration date ofthis Notice of Commencement ‘Be epraion de year Fon dao econ mes rt ae pach WARNING TO OWNER: ANY PAYMENTS MADE BY THE OWNER AFTER THE EXPIRATION OF THE NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT ARE CONSIDERED IMPROPER PAYMENTS UNDER CHAPTER 713, PART | SECTION 715.13. FLORIDA STATUTES, AND CAN RESULT IN YOUR PAYING TWICE FOR IMPROVEMENTS 70 YOUR PROPERTY A NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT MUST BE RECORDED AND POSTED ON THE JOA SITE BEFORE THE FIRST INSPECTION. IF YOU INTEND TO OBTAIN FINANCING, CONSULT WITH YOUR LENDER OR AN ATTORNEY BEFORE COMMENCING WORK (OF RECORDING YOUR NOTICE OF COMMENCEMENT, withorized Oficer/Director/Partner/Manager Prepared By. YAM BORO Print ame Tie/OFfc. Tie/Orfce yy ‘STATE OF FLORIDA manmae teers soreness rats Faas Seng 20fs— a Gindstcoaty, or as for 7 O Personally known, or O produced the following type of identification Me ‘Signature of Notary Public: MNieeg Print Name: (SEA) v conn. pes Mar Fat Commission # FF 102775, Under penalties ot perry. declare that have read the foregorg and that the facts stated init are true, to the bast of my knowledge and belit. Signatuets) of fing) or Owner's Authorized Officer/Diractr/Partner/Manal above: By ) Book29647/Page888 CFN#20150364790 Page 1 of 1