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YAMAHA AX-350 Ween eae eal ee eae Pee eet ee eee Amplificatore Integrato Stereo a Suono Naturale Pieri rey ne ‘OWNER’S MANUAI ‘MODE D’EMPLO! BEDIENUNGSANLEITUNG BRUKSANVISNING MANUALE DELL'UTENTE MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES Thank you for selecting this YAMAHA Stereo Amplifier. FEATURES CONTENTS 4 Natural Sound Stereo integrated Amoliier Caution 2 {© 30W' Sow (60) RMS Output Power, 0.05% THO, Connections 5 20-20,000 He Oporaons a 4 MAIN DIRECT for High Quatty Sound “Teshooing 6 {Increases Low Impedance Drvaiity Speciteatone 6 CAUTION: READ THIS BEFORE OPERATING YOUR UNIT. 4, To assure the nest performance, please read tis manual 43, Yotlage Selector (General Model on! Cov Koop Ih a sa le for ao olreoe The vatage saci onthe esr panel of Wis unt must 2. stl tis unt in @ ool, dy, ean place - away fom be set for your local main vottage BEFORE plugging Into Windows, Nest sources, scutes of excessive vation, dus, the AG main supply. mosture and col. Aved sources of humming vanslormers. Voltages are 110/'20/220/240 V AC, 50/60 He motor). To prevent fre oF electical shock, 00 Mot expose | {he Unk 1 ran oF wala. PORTANT 8. Never open the cabinet. f something dps into the st, Pease recor the serial aumber of ths unit Inthe space bebw. contact your dear. sora No 4. Do not use force on switches, cools or connsction wires. When raving the uni, ist disconnect the power plug and The serial number is located on the rear of the uni the ies connected to other eguigmont. Nover pull te wire Retain tis Owner's Manual in safe place for future relerence. il wanna 'B. Tho openings on te cabinet assure pronerveifaton ofthe arvpifor these oponings ee abuts, the tempore ode te cant wil oe aptly and eventualy damage the Grouls Theor, 0d placing objects sonnet these penne and do tina the amplfer were the fow of ar | CAUTION (FOR CANADA MODEL) ough te vention openige coud be Impede. JO PREVENT ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT USE THIS noe (POLARIZED) PLUG WITH AN EXTENSION CORD RECEPTACLE 6. Ataye set he VOLUME contol t"co" bere tring te | Ga ryen OUTLET UNLESS THE SLADES CAN BE FULLY sxc seen ply owsno he olame aGunhy INSEATED TO PREVENT BLADE EXPOSURE. TO REDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE OR ELECTRIC SHOOK, D0 NOT EXPOSE THIS APPLIANCE TO RAIN OR MOISTURE. Do rot attempt to clean the unit with chemical solvents; this imight damage the fish."Use a clean, ary cloth 8. Bo euro to read the "TROUBLESHOOTING" suction regarding common eperating ecrors before concluding that the unit is IMPORTANT faut THE WIRES IN THE MAIN LEAD ARE COLOURED IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE FOLLOWING CODE: ‘Special Instructions for U.K. Model 9. When not planning to use thie unit for ong petiods of tine (i, vacation, etc), disconnect the AC power plug from the Bie NEUTRAL —— Brown: LIVE ‘10. To prevent Kghning damage, iaconnect the AC power plug, [As the colours of the wires in the main lead of this apparatus bee tay rot corespond withthe coloured markings Kietvng the terminals in your Pug. proceed as folows 411. crounsing or polarization - Precautions should be taken so | The wwe whch coloured BLUE must be connected to the thatthe grounding or polarization of an appance f not terminal which is marked withthe leer N or coloured BLACK dota {Te wire which fy coloured BROWN mus! be connected to te RONG es a) teina which i markod withthe leer Lor coloured RED. Te a Cane ron ac outet onthe rear | Making sure tht nether coals connected fo the arth ermna panel if that equipment requires more power than the outlet ‘Lot the three pin plug. _ i rated to provide Instruction on AC OUTLET “Canada and General Models> Use AC OUTLET to conneet the power cord from another - component to this unit The power to the SWITCHED outlet is controlled by this a unit's Ronen ‘switch. Pi ‘outlet will supply power to any (ac OUTLET 1 tl component whenever this unt is tured on The maximum power (total power consumption of the Bower Ua) component) that can be connected to the SWITCHED AC OUTLET Is 100 watts, i CONNECTIONS Before attempting to make any connections to or from this unit, be sure to frst switch OFF the power to this unit and to ‘any other components to which connections are being made. AUDIO CONNECTIONS When making connections betweer say L (lof) to L, R (right) to Ry Connected to this unit. Note to “#" and "=" to "= his unit and other components, be sure all connections are made correctly, that Is 10 ‘Also, refer to the owner's manual for each component to be ‘The form and connecting method of the SPEAKER terminals are different depending on model type. For details, refer to the instruction below in “Connecting speaker system’. Compact disc player ourpur__ourput Video cassette player, video isc player, ete. _ _ a oureur wr] GND. Ts. se aa | Ge UNE OUT Ci ) eee poser} of ra) | * ead = Tape deck Font Connecting speaker system ‘Australia and Britsh models> Gonos he SPEAKERS torres 1 your sposkers wih wie Gr iho propor gauge, cu bo ae shart as posebie i ine” REX poste (-) connections are faulty, no sound will be heard from the: Black: negative (-) Sspoakers. Mako sur that the polar of the speaker wires i Gus e Cerect hat ty + and = manning a choorvoa i se Uneo tates re revereed, te eound wil bs untae vl tok on tare ace Bo hot lat the bao speaker wice Touch cach eer too ths coud damage th uni ardor speaker ee Use epoatars wth the speed impede shown on meow fo wre the rear of this unit. © How to Connect: Red: positive (-+) Black: negative (-) © Press and hold the tab. @ Insert the bare @ Release the tab and tighten the wire, About the accessory terminals © AC OUTLET For detals, refer to “Instruction on AC OUTLET" on the previous page. ‘© GND terminal Connecting the ground wire of the turntable to this terminal wil produce minimum humming, but in some ceases bettor resus may be obtained with the ground wire disconnected