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Executive Summary

Voice of

Blue Building® Concept

Blue is Life and Life is More

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Ahead of the Curve

Blue Building®
promotes a unique concept. All facilities
within the projects, i.e. water, energy, air, climate control, sewage
and water recycling are the most environmental-friendliest.
The reduction of the energy and water is the highest possible.

....... Saving more than 80 % energy and water

Interior 99% reduc on of dust par cles
Humidity constantly at 45-50%
No mould and germs
Short construc on period
Silent and comfortable ambience, best sound insula on
Average life span of 100 years and more
Quality from Germany made in (Country of Partner)

Where environment begins...

Why Blue?

Expanding the Notion of Sustainability into a New Dimension:

reaches beyond conventional, and often misleading superficial calculations of

ultimately fictional energy savings in buildings. The true balance of
environmental impact exceeds the computation of the amount of energy
Our Blue Planet consumed to provide habitable conditions: taking not only the comprehensive
balance during the entire life cycle - including production and recycling - into
consideration but also the dynamic gain and loss generated by users and daily
changes of the environment.

A key to understand the Blue Building ® Concept is the recognition of water as the
"source" of all life versus any other media carrying "energy".

Therefore, a comprehensive concept of recycling interrelated to energy

generation and conscientious consumption will prove to be the only true
concept to save the environment.

Blue Building ® Concept

The Blue Building ® System combines the most up to date building techniques
with groundbreaking advances in sustainable construction. The amalgamation
of these techniques allows for bespoke, design led buildings at low cost and very
high speed.

All the techniques and technologies used in the Blue Building System were
designed for, or to improve on, the Passive House or the German (low-energy
house) standard.

The Blue Building ® Concept represents the culmination of 30 years passionate

research and development into environmentally friendly and sustainable
technologies, techniques and working concepts in construction, renewable
energy and water, enabling a cleaner and safer future for the planet.

Voice of Causality denotes a necessary relationship between one event (the cause)
and another event (the effect), which is the direct consequence of the first.
The cognition is composed by the answer to the question of the wherefrom
and the connection with the whereto.
Knowledge can be raised if it encompasses the fountainhead,
progress and conclusion.


One of the most alarming causes for concern in the world today is the substantial
increase in dangerous and damaging waste. Ecorefine technology puts an end to
this problem through its astonishing ability to recycle 99% of all waste. It has
significant applications in many areas but most pertinently in the current
environment is its ability to clean up oil waste. Whether from an oil field
contaminated with oil sludge, in an oil tanker thick covered with oil deposits or an
oil slick from a disaster at sea: the Ecorefine can take the waste and break it down
into its basic components which can then be resolved. In the case of oil sludge,
the oil gets refined into diesel and the soil, which is combined with additives, is
resolved as fertilizer.

Similarly remarkable achievements are found in all other dangerous and safe
waste deposits including:

Medical Waste Chemical Waste

Food Waste Contaminated Soil
Grinding Sludge Organic Waste
Green Cuttings Food Waste
Water Desalinisation

The benefits for the environment and the financial gain are clear for all to see.
The applications are boundless and there is no doubt that Ecorefine will be the
greatest advancement in recycling technology the world has ever seen.
Economically &
ecologically Sterilizing - is the cleanest solution. Subsequent sterilization destroys bacteria's,
sustainable fungicide, prions etc. This unrecognizable and sterile waste can be disposed of as
household waste without any problems or be sent to recycling plants.

Blue Sewage

The cleanest, most environmental friendly, safest and at the same time most
cost-effective solution in the purification of sewage/sewage sludge.

Based on the phenomenal Ecorefine system, Blue Sewage is the most advanced
and 100% environmental friendly sewage system currently in existence. Like
most of the techniques and technologies in the Blue Building, Blue Sewage is
scalable and can therefore be operated in a single home or can be used for an
entire city.

As with Ecorefine, Blue Sewage breaks down human and household waste into
its component parts. It makes clean water for domestic irrigation and recycles
organic waste into fertilizer. For a single house this can be used in the garden as
an extremely effective source of nutrients, for a city the treated solid waste can
be pelleted and sold as high-end domestic and agricultural grade fertilizer,
making the system incredibly profitable. The Blue Sewage is not only
economically outstanding; it is also super energy efficient, odourless and, above
all, non-polluting.

The Blue Building ® sewage treatment, it is not only a healthy system

.…... recycling on the same day

.…... greening landscape and the city
.…... saving 50 % energy
.…... up to 80 % water for irrigation
.…... small space
.…... no smelling
.…... no pollution
.…... outstanding results

Employing Mineral Fertilizers in the cleaned ECOREFINE dried organic waste,

changing to compost or humus. Leftover food, green cutting, fish waste,
Pellets sewage sludge, etc. will be changed to high grade fertilizer. Minerals and
nutrients laid in the eco-compost are not yet available for the plants,
therefore bacteria and water are added to start the process of biological

e v er

drop c

Adding fertilizers in the cleaned organic waste replaces everything that

plants have taken from the soil with the exception of Humus. However,
Humus is the only guarantee for healthy growth, freedom from noxious
agents and continuous fertility. With the above mentioned method you can
change the desert into farmland, reducing on the same time leftover food
(Hotels, restaurants, private), green cutting etc.

Create a green landscape

Create a green landscape
Composting: Municipal, commercial, agricultural, private, green
cutting, organic waste and bark.

High grade fertilizer Contaminated Sites: Microbiological soil and land rehabilitation, MBA
from residual waste. Revitalization and regeneration
of subdued, (Ecorefine) cleaned, decontaminated
soils and substrates sewage, sludge, digest.

Composting of areas: Agriculture, gardening, private garden, fruit growing,

cultivated pasture.

Livestock: Deep litter, droppings, manure, horse boxes, small

scale farming, and poultry- farming.

Landscaping: Lawns, golf courses, parks-resources, lawn, nature

reserves, water protection areas.

Humus blocks, saving up to 80 % irrigation water,

Water absorbency 800–1200 ml/100 g.
Minimum dry organic matter content 95%.
Water content 40–50%. Volume weight 100–200 kg/cbm.

Blue Building ® promotes a unique concept. All facilities within the projects , i.e.,
water, energy, air, climate control, sewage and water recycling are the most
environmental-friendliest. The reduction of the energy and water is the highest
possible. This Centre is equipped with sustainable energy, no input from outside
is needed.
Glass pyramid

Blue Building ® houses are planned individually and customised.

From the planning stage until the keys are handed over, the Blue Building ®
system provides the architect or civil engineer with technical support, thus
eliminating potential sources of error. The systems consists of wall, ceiling and
roof elements, that are connected by a groove and tongue concept and can be
adjusted to current needs. These elements are calculated from CAD and then
Low-cost villas
Some techniques and technologies were specifically developed for the Passive
House standard, others (such as super insulation) were already in existence, and
the concept of passive solar building design dates back to antiquity. There was
also experience from other low-energy building standards, notably the German
(low-energy house) standard. The Blue Building houses fulfils the requirements
of the German Passive house, which are explained in the brochure.

Mid-range villas Exceptional ease of transport and installation distinguishes the Blue Building ®
system further from competing pre-fabricated building systems.

Blue Building ® elements come with an integrated cooling and heating system, air
conditioning, thermal and sound insulation as well as fire and corrosion
protection. Additional wall covers are unnecessary.

All technologies shown are proven systems by European DIN and are operating
Luxury villas
successfully in Germany and worldwide.

Some of these developments are unique and cannot be copied.

Construction: short construction period

Completion: Shell construction after 6 days

Handover after 45 days

Desert Oasis
Architecture: feel-well effect through harmonious
construction; Economic construction method

Health care: AC: quite, easy to regulate, no dust, no

bacteria. Healthy indoor climate through
humidity control (no dry mouth)


The Blue Block System

The Blue Block System is based on advanced pre-cast building techniques allowing a
client to create a tailor-made house that is erected in less than a week, with a flawless
finish, using factory cut “tongue and groove” building blocks made of light
environmentally friendly pumice stone concrete. The system uses a double walled shell
filled with Pascal Stones that brings about a staggering U value of 0.12 w/m²K.

Additionally, the lightweight concrete used in the Blue Block system is both fireproof and
produces outstanding soundproofing. The concrete is a certified fireproof building
material and can be installed as a firewall.

1. Timesavings
With 4 BLUE BLOCK plan elements + calibrating layer the floor height is
already reached. This results in time and cost savings.
2. Reduced labor costs
Supply of customised blocks allows for fast and easy handling. The sawing of
The advantages the major items on the construction site is not applicable.
at a glance
3. Higher job performance
Low physical load for the construction crew by using displacement
apparatuses allow for a consistently high daily output.
4. Faster and more efficient construction progress
4 Blue Block layer

Exact scheduling, short construction time, reduced costs.

5. Little work preparation
Precise preparation of the processes goes hand in hand with Blue Block.
6. Easy to use
3 Blue Block layer

Wall 353.20 cm framing high

Marked elements and corresponding installation plans simplify the

application, thereby processing errors are also excluded from a static point of
7. Everything made of one material
The system that provides everything from the high thermal insulation of the
2 Blue Block layer

monolithic outer wall to the heavy-duty sound-deadening interior wall.

2.00 cm mortar

8. Guaranteed masonry quality

Precision-crafted plan elements and pass elements need only BLUE BLOCK
thin-bed mortar for processing.
86.30 cm Block Block
1 Blue Block layer

9. No construction debris - exact amount of material

Precise planning prevents waste costs. The optimal demand is precisely
determined with CAD, therefore no stone remains on the site left over.
10. Best insulation
17,5 7,5 24,0 Excellent insulation due to λB = 0,12 and guaranteed BLUE BLOCK quality.
49,0 cm
11. Interior walls without thermal bridges
The use of highly insulating leveling stones under interior walls minimizes
heat bridges, e.g. through unheated rooms. Leveling stones with a thermal
conductivity from up to λB = 0,12 W/m²K are available.
12. Highest soundproofing
Excellent sound insulation, raw density classes up to 2.2.
13. Thin walls
Living space gain through slim walls with high strength.

The Cooling-Ceiling

With the Cooling-Ceiling, Blue Building offers an intelligent and sophisticated

& system, which keeps both building costs and energy usage to a minimum. The
Cooling Ceiling effectively cools the room without developing drafts or creating
noise that exists with conventional air-conditioning units.

The technology is based on the piping system which is cast into the ceiling
BBC Air Cooling system
according to the ceiling plan. In operation together with a reversible heat pump,
the system can be used for extensive air conditioning in the summer. Cold water
flows through the piping system in the ceiling to absorb excess heat from the air
Vitovent 100

Vitocal 300 G
Cold water buffer

500 l
in the room, reducing the temperature of the ambient air.
500 l

Vitocell-V 100
hot water 300 l
Every ceiling element is individually manufactured according to plan. A fully cast
piping system covering the entire surface of the ceiling is what makes our ceiling
such a highly efficient heating and cooling system.

This system is adjustable. A central and cost efficient chilling unit will provide cold
water, saving up to 80 % energy.

The climate control is based on water as a medium instead of treaded air. We are
providing a healthy and comfortable living environment without all problems
regarding to hygiene touch as fungus, allergies, and draft.

The Blue Building double wall system will have u-values of app. by 0.12 W/(m2K),
using a wall-thickness of 17.5 cm and a second wall with 24.0 cm; the cavity is
filled with Pascal Stones. This outstanding u-value will provide low inside surface-
temperatures with a very low IR-radiation.

For people living inside such a building, the IR-radiation is a main effect to feel the
good climate condition. To have a good indoor climate, the IR-radiation and the
air-temperature will act jointly to produce data scientists call skin-or operative
temperature. For well-being, the thermoception shall not exceed values of 23
degrees Celsius. Because of application of conventional air conditioning units
Cooling System AC (A/C), inside of many buildings in the Middle East the air-temperature is very low
(sometimes below 20°C); but by using walls with high u-values (mostly concrete)
about more than 1 to 2.5 W/(m2K), the inner surface temperature of the wall will
exceed 27 to 38 degrees Celsius. This data will produce an operational
thermoception of more than 25 to 31 degrees Celsius; usually people do not feel
well with such a low inside air-temperature. With the same outside air
temperature about 50 degrees Celsius, in our case, the indoor air-temperature
can be adjusted to about 22 degrees Celsius; with such an increased temperature
people will feel much more comfortable.

The Right Environment Investment

Pascal Stone Technology

The crystalline alumo-silicates Pascal Stone has the characteristic to absorbe

water vapour, to attach it to its surface and to deliver heat at the same time.

Under vacuum, the absorbing of the water vapour happens with such a force that
based on the low temperatures caused by evaporation the remainder of the
water strongly cools off itself and freeze to ice. This cold will be used for all
processes involving cooling.

Through a special design of the apparatus, the heat will have no negative impact
on the generation of cooling energy. The first process of generating enthalpies
lasts until the Pascal Stones are saturated with water.

In the second process warmth is supplied to the Pascal Stone causing a reverse
result. The heat supply is generated through solar energy devices that reflect the
state of the technology.

The water desorbs out of the Pascal stone in the form of vapour and transforms
into liquid again in the V condenser. The Pascal stones can be used again after this
process is completed. An almost continuous cold production is achieved if
several sorption aggregates are operating in staggered phases. Through the
irradiation system Bluetron, the surface of the Pascal Stone is altered in a way
that a long lasting economic use is guaranteed.

Through the additional cleaning of the water and the use of the ceiling cooling
system, not only an optimal cooling is guaranteed without draft, but also the use
by chemistry is avoided and a considerable reduction of fossil energy is

With the irradiation system the molecular structure of the Pascal stone will be
modified, the material never will be the same. This modification is to stabilize
and close, after exposure with intensive high light gunfire, by mixing with
mineralizing fluid, the surface.

The efficiency and the life of the Pascal Stone will increased significantly.

The result, a petrifaction of the Pascal Stone, have been shown by nature since
millions of years and well known as fossils like petrified fishes, snails, wood etc.

A special developed light is throwing electrons by their natural gyrating way

(around their Atomic Nucleus) with high intensity into the material. So the
molecular structure will be modified, the material never will be the same. This
modification of molecular structure becomes stabilised and mineralized during
light bombarding and mixing with a fluid. The electrons fill the vacant places of
thrown electrons.

Blue Ecopower



d++ u

+ d


+ Without doubt, Blue Ecopower is the most exciting advancement in renewable
u u
d u

energy technology this century. At a production cost of around




US$0.02 per kW/h

it is not only cheaper than conventional non-renewable energy sources, but also,
and most importantly, renewable and easily generated without negative
In progress
environmental effects. Blue Ecopower is most easily produced in warmer
for industrial climates above 23 degrees Celsius. However, when combined with proprietary
series “RANO Technology” energy, can be produced at any temperature and can
production therefore be a permanent source of energy, day or night, in any location around
the globe.

The system is based on Pascal Stone technology using Zeolite Adsorption and
Organic Ranking Cycle combined with advanced vacuum technology. The result is
the ability to produce electrical and thermal energy and, conversely, chilling
+ u
water to -15 degrees Celsius. Once again, like all the other technologies in the




Blue Building ® Concept, Blue Ecopower is scalable and economical. It can be
+ d


used as a closed loop system for energy production whilst providing interior
cooling and heating for a single house, but, most significantly, it can be used on
any scale up to and including a national system for power generation.

Irradiation System

A special developed light is throwing electrons by their natural gyrating way

(around their Atomic Nucleus) with high intensity into the material. So the
molecular structure will be modified, the material never will be the same. This
modification of molecular structure becomes stabilised and mineralized during
light bombarding and mixing with a fluid. The electrons fill the vacant places of
thrown electrons.

The crystal form can be shaped differently to the original material and the
parameters of the modification. The accrued crystals on the surface are now
++ u
mechanically not more removable (rubbed off, dust down ...). No matter how
++ u

hard you try to destroy this, the crystalline inorganic material remains present in
d u

+ d

the organic substrate of the boundary layers, which act as focal points for the
formation of cement stone.

By interchange Micro Turbines

of photons,
energy and impulses
are transmitted With our high-speed technology, in combination with modern material and
from one particle innovative bearing technology we can tender special solutions in a wide range of
to another. applications.

Blue Glass

More sound insulation or more thermal insulation? More design or more

economic efficiency?
These combined requirements on modern new buildings or renovations have
increased significantly over recent years. The window always plays a key role in
this regard, because, as an especially sensitive part of the house, it contributes
significantly to the buildings overall design, including energy consumption,
sound insulation and security. We are setting new benchmarks – but not just with
the high performance of our PVC-U windows. This new generation of profiles
strikes just the balance between diverse technical requirements – between what
is desirable, and what is feasible.

Heat protection glass, triple glass, having a Ug value of 0.5 W/(m²K)

in accordance with DIN EN 673.

More sound insulation or more thermal insulation? More design or more

economic efficiency? These combined requirements on modern new buildings
or renovations have increased significantly over recent years. The window
always plays a key role in this regard, because, as an especially sensitive part of
the house, it contributes significantly to the buildings overall design, including
energy consumption, sound insulation and security. We are setting new
benchmarks – but not just with the high performance of our PVC-U windows.
This new generation of profiles strikes just the balance between diverse technical
requirements – between what is desirable, and what is feasible.

Tent areas in the summer to sit outside with app. 26° C or less . The flocks are
collecting condensing water - seat area free of dripping.

Further important inventions are waiting and we are glad to be the one and
only original for the future Blue Building, whose major focus is to change our
environment sustainable.

Sincerely yours,

and the Blue Building Foundation Team

A philosophic tendency, stating authentic knowledge

relating to renewable energy, based on scientific knowledge.
The initial point should come from “positive”
affirmation based on strict scientific studies.

U-Value 0.081

Blue Glass / New

When constructing a low energy building one of the biggest hurdles to energy
consumption is thermal transfer through glass. However, using a combination of
Pascal Stone and Vacuum technologies the Blue Building Foundation has created
“Blue Glass” that has an unprecedented U value of less than 0.1, whilst
minimizing glass usage to a simple double glazed unit.

Furthermore, the technique for producing Blue Glass creates extra strength in
the glass, so much that single sheets of glass are produced to bulletproof
standards; hence the applications for this type of glass go much further than just
building and construction.

The next steps of our efforts is to reach a new level of improvement in the
building industry. The insulation value has always been a significant factor to
achieve higher levels of environmental quality. Windows of high U-Value are one
of the key factors.

Within two days we finished further series of promising tests, which showed very
clear that we are going in the right direction. The U-value for the new window
glass has proven to be between 0 and 0.1, which will prompt us to start now with
a rigorous research program.

The Frame shows that we now reach U values from 0.3, but we are very sure that
we can get here also 0 to 0.1! Ultimately, we will develop the best market ready
window production for the future. manufacturing facilities.

This is a further important step for the Blue Building ®, humans and the future

i e s prod
u s t rial
r ind
ss fo
In p
HWT Water Treatment

Also known as HWT 90, Blue HWT Water treatment System is a new generation of
water treatment plants designed for those parts of the world where the supply of
clean drinking water is problematic.

A compact water treatment system was developed directly aiming at the final
consumer. The plant can be adapted to various crude water qualities - from
inferior tap water to seawater - due to its modular construction. The fully
automatic system guarantees a user-friendly operation and a consistently high

Water Supply System / New


The population of Middle East keeps growing, more pressure is put on water
resources. In the coming decade, what will be the most serious problem
Water concerning water situation? Will it be water shortages, a breakdown in the
infrastructure to obtain and supply water or water made undrinkable by
pollution? How much money has already been spend and will be spend for

We do have the key for this problem; - without chemicals; with significantly high
quality and producing at lower prices under normal market conditions; so much
water as you country needed.


Due to shock evacuation all liquid media, including the existent sediments, are
sucked off despite the usual sucking pump principle, as a pressure reverse is
realised here.

Usage fields:
Sucking off of: Motor oil, gear oil, automatic gear oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids


The DEFI 10 is a plant where old oil is recycled by means of vacuum technology.
The mobile unit makes it able to purify 10 to 100 litres within one hour. The oil is
recycled in a way that it can be reused again.

This procedure saves storage, transport and disposal costs of the old oil as well as
costs for the acquisition of new products replaced by recycled oil.

ROTAS V 15 / V 18

The ROTAS cleans absolutely and faster than with a comparable and usual
manual cleaning. Working power and time are only limited to the loading
procedures of the device.

Usage fields:

Cleaning, Degreasing, Derusting, Dewaxing, Deconserving, Stripping the

enamel, Deoxygenize, Decarburization, Rinsing and Soaking

WAT 2000

The Industrial Cleaning Stand WAT 2000 is a high-quality purifying gadget, which
can be easily operated and is nearly free of maintenance.

The Utilization
of the industrial cleaning stand is absolutely various. Due to the synergy of the
divers cleansing liquors and the kind of the to be purified pieces almost all
grease-, oil-, lubrication-, soot-, and environmental settings of machines-, motor
vehicles-, devices and metal-components can be removed.

Blue Chemistry

As cleansing material water and some drops Blue Clean with less water hazard
classification are used. During the night oil and water became separated, with a
skimmer the oil can now be removed. This system will have littlest waste
management cost, odour-free and no pollution. For the protection of your hands
only our skin protection cream is needed.

Blue Lube

Minimum lubrication technology is being increasingly used in addition to the

well known oil lubricated, emulsion lubricated and dry methods of carrying out
non-cutting and cutting operations.

Minimum Lubrication Technology works according to the principle of the so-

called “loss lubrication”, i.e. the lubricants are not re-used but remain as
minimum quantities on the parts to be machined, these being touchdry thus
allowing immediate further processing without washing.

The quantity required varies considerably. In the ideal case it does not exceed the
quantity required for electrolytic separation between the work piece and the
tool. The objective of this technology is exclusively to reduce the coefficient of
friction between the work piece and the tool in order to avoid unnecessary heat

Environmental Friendly Chemistry

Disinfection / skin care hand wash

Vehicle care Aerosols technical cleaning product

tar dissolver
diesel additive
hubcap cleaner

Cooling Lubricants special cutting oils

Coagulation for paint particles in water in spray

coating plants

Industrial Cleaner paint remover, spray cleaner

Maintenance Cleaning Products moisture protection

rust remover
corrosion prevention

More than 100 products

A unique Pipe Concept

MULTITUBO is not only a pipe system, it is a highly motivated team as well.

Experienced managers from the fields of development, production and sales
have met on an international level and have realized a new idea. Success proves
that the committed team is right: The efficiency of the system has long been
confirmed and in each project the system proves its user-friendliness in the
installation: With the fitting concept, a sleeve technology with double pressing
jaw leaders, the tin-plated basic body, the sophisticated profile geometry and the
reliable test safety.

Blue Air

Blue Air Control is part of the Blue Ecopower system. It is an air and climate
control system that is based on water instead of treated air. It provides the most
healthy and comfortable living environment available today, allowing occupants
a hygienic, fungus, allergy and draft free existence.

Humidity will be increased or reduced to approximately 45% and providing ideal

conditions for the well being of the inhabitants. Particles causing allergies or
diseases will be filtered. An exchange rate of up to eight times of the volume per
hour can be achieved without experiencing any draft. Windows can be kept
close, resulting in a substantial reduction of energy costs. At the same time
security and comfort are improved.

Offering the possibility to create renewable energies in close touch with nature, is a gift
of Mother Earth and our sun; and should be used with the highest priority.

To succeed,
To succeed, you
you must
must try
try to
to square
square the
the circle

With focus on the environment

and the eye for details

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